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Infosys invests in cloud, health monitoring market

Grazed from CIO.  Author: John Ribiero.

Indian outsourcer Infosys has made an acquisition in the area of cloud computing and invested in a personal health monitoring company as it tries to move into high value products and services.

The transition is, however, taking time and in the financial results the company reported Friday its revenue and profit grew only slightly. The company said it faced pricing pressure in its core outsourcing business, which still largely prices its services around the number of people deployed on a customer’s project...

MSP Consortium Forms as ‘Cloud Changes Everything’

Grazed from ChannelPartners.  Author: Edward Gately.

The rapidly growing “cloud tsunami" is forcing the MSP industry to completely transform itself, embracing consumption economics, and focusing on sales, marketing and training.  The new MSP Consortium aims to bring together the industry to address challenges and ensure members not only survive, but thrive in this rapidly changing environment. Membership is free.

Amy Rutt, consortium board president and CEO of Ciracom, tells Channel Partners the consortium is moving ahead “with an enormous sense of urgency" and is quickly gaining members...

Amazon, Microsoft - 2 Big Bets On Cloud Computing Paying Off

Grazed from 2Paragraphs. Author: Editorial Staff.

Amazon (AMZN) is surging Friday because it finally let investors see big earnings. The stock is up 15% on the day as of 1pm. Amazon Web Services, the company's cloud computing business that's supposed to be in a "race to zero", is racing the other way instead. It's making money, even in the competition-heavy cloud sector.

Speaking of cloud computing, last year Microsoft selected its cloud computing chief Satya Nadella to run the entire company. Today the stock market is showing its love for Nadella's vision and Microsoft's execution. (Positive notes for Microsoft include commercial cloud revenue up 106% and even much-maligned search advertising revenue up 21% over last year.) Microsoft shares were up 10% by Wall Street lunchtime on Friday. Google's shares were up 3% too. All blue skies for cloud computing...

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Research: What do users want from the hybrid cloud?

Grazed from Computing. Author: John Leonard.

A recent Computing survey of 130 IT decision-makers in companies with 100 to over 5,000 employees, found that organisations using cloud services are now in a large majority. Given that “cloud” covers services as diverse as online storage of personal photos and big data analytics-as-a-service this is perhaps not surprising.

What is unexpected though, is that as many said that they have deployed some sort of private cloud set-up as are using public SaaS, PaaS and IaaS combined. With as many private clouds as public ones, hybrid cloud architectures (currently in 19 per cent of firms surveyed) have emerged as pressures grow to make the platform fit the business rather than the other way round...

Agility is king for cloud value, but ROI is harder to measure

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: David Linthicum.

A few years ago, we defined the value of cloud computing in terms of opex versus capex. These days, most people define the value of cloud around agility. Why the change? Because if you define the value of cloud as the ability to avoid buying hardware and software -- the capex-versus-opex view -- you can't make cloud computing compelling from a cost standpoint.

However, if you define the value of cloud as the ability to make your business more agile, you quickly get to the value numbers you need. I've been shouting about the value of agility and the cloud for years, but I didn't see the view become common in the IT or vendor community until recently. Now, cloud providers are all about agility, and they use it to sell the public cloud to enterprises...

Revisiting Compliance in the Cloud: Is it Risky Business? (Part 3)

Grazed from CloudComputingAdmin.  Author: Deb Shinder.

In this, Part 3, we’ll talk about data classification responsibilities in a cloud environment and then move into some specifics of how to develop your data classification scheme.

How Cloud Computing Has Created A Productivity Software Storm

Grazed from CCI. Author: John O'Keefe.

Wave after wave of technological innovation has crashed over businesses in the last few decades. Gone are the days when having a PC and an up-to-date office suite was the cutting-edge of corporate IT. Of course, some innovations have had bigger impacts than other. Cloud technology is the latest trend reaching the threshold of widespread adoption. The recent IPO of Box attests to the success of cloud storage companies. Much of the excitement around cloud technology is based on the door it opens to the quick adoption of other business intelligence tools. It is clearly one of the main forces driving the explosive growth of productivity software.

The growth of workplace communications

Collaborative software tools, like Slack and Join.Me, which facilitate workplace communications are experiencing unprecedented growth. More established players like Salesforce and Evernote are rapidly growing the services they offer enterprises, such as Salesforce’s analytics cloud Wave...

1 Reason IBM May Fail to Deliver on Cloud Computing Profits

Grazed from Fool. Author: Jeremy Bowman.

International Business Machines Corp. suffered another setback on Monday after the tech titan registered its 12th straight quarterly sales decline as investors continue to wait for the company turnaround strategy to bear fruit. Shares traded down just 1% the day after the earnings release as the report was not all bad news. Management said adjusted operating profits rose 4%, and currency-neutral revenues in strategic imperatives rose 30%.

As IBM transforms itself from a hardware manufacturer to a 21st century tech-services provider, the company has staked its future on core offerings that it believes will eventually drive sales and profits consistently higher. Those are cloud computing, business analytics, growth markets, and smarter planet, according to its 2011 Road Map to the Future...

No Linux, no Docker, no cloud OS? Think again

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: Serdar Yegulalp.

Operating systems like CoreOS and Joyent's SmartOS/Triton have worked to redefine, in radically different ways, what an OS needs to be to run applications at scale in the cloud. Now another OS is set to join the ranks of those trying to do the cloud-OS thing in a maverick way: OSv, an open source, hypervisor-optimized OS "designed to run an application stack without getting in the way."

OSv runs existing Linux applications, but is not itself Linux; it's an entirely new OS written from the ground up in C/C++. It can run on a slew of hypervisors and virtual-machine systems, or in cloud environments like Amazon EC2 or Google Compute Engine. The company claims significant performance gains for apps running on OSv, saying the boost comes from various design choices that rely on the hypervisor, rather than separate user and kernel address spaces, for keeping things isolated...

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'We Go To Cloud Computing To Magnify And Amplify Our Talents, Not Just To Make Things Simpler'

Grazed from Forbes. Author: Joe McKendrick.

Cloud computing has many variations and nuances, and everyone is doing something different with it. However, there appear to be four distinct phases to the cloud evolution (or revolution?). We’re still early in the process (working our way through the second phase), but ultimately, it will bring organizations to the point in which decision-making is pushed down through the ranks, and traditional business models are cast aside in favor of more entrepreneurial ventures — even within large corporations.

That’s the word from Don Rippert, IBM general manager of cloud strategy, who discussed where the world is at in the progression in a recently released video. Speaking at the company’s InterConnect event, Rippert started off by reminding attendees that the purpose of cloud wasn’t to make things simpler, but rather, “magnify and amplify” the talents of employees...