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Mirantis OpenStack Certification Enables Businesses With Private and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures to Utilize Violin Memory Flash

Grazed from Mirantis and Violin Memory

Violin Memory, Inc., a global pioneer of award-winning all flash storage platform solutions for primary storage and active workloads, today announced the company has obtained Mirantis Certification for OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) that will give businesses and service providers the ability to leverage Violin's Flash Storage Platform (FSP) in both private and hybrid cloud computing environments. The company's commitment to use of cloud by the enterprise is evidenced by this latest certification, which will impact and benefit the businesses that are part of one of the largest distributions of OpenStack in the market: the Mirantis user base.

NetEnrich Survey: Containers Going Mainstream but Still Challenging to Deploy

Grazed from NetEnrich

NetEnrich announces the results of a survey of 200 IT professionals. The survey, which ran online in June, focused on the use of containers and related technologies by US companies. The key takeaway from the survey was that companies appear to be moving quickly to deploy container technologies, with 70 percent of respondents using containers today and another 21 percent indicating they plan to do so soon.

Container technology represents an opportunity for developer and operations teams to increase efficiency and flexibility in the delivery of software applications. Containers enclose pieces of code in a layer of software that can be transported easily between computers. While not new, container technology is gaining steam as companies look for ways to speed software delivery and leverage emerging technologies such as public cloud infrastructure.

Asigra Survey Reveals MSPs Offering Cloud Backup Services Generate High Profitability and Customer Retention

Grazed from Asigra

Asigra, Inc., a leading cloud backup, recovery and restore software provider since 1986, released the results of an Asigra-driven global survey of more than 125 Managed Service Providers of all sizes, revealing that cloud backup services lead to increased business revenue opportunities and customer retention. Respondents also cited compliance-driven verticals, such as healthcare and financial services, as offering significant market opportunities for MSPs to grow their services. The patent-pending Asigra Recovery License Model supports the MSP profitability opportunity to maximize revenue, serve as trusted advisors and retain existing customers.

Survey Response Highlights

  • 89 percent of MSPs offering cloud backup services are profitable, and 87 percent expect growth to continue
  • Healthcare and financial services are top growth markets for cloud backup services
  • 67 percent of profitable MSPs are offering cloud backup as a bundled service
  • 50 percent of MSPs are recovering less than five percent of customer data in a typical year, and 75 percent are recovering less than 10 percent

CloudPhysics Adds Rightsizer Analytics to Its Public Cloud Cost Calculators

Grazed from CloudPhysics

CloudPhysics, provider of data-driven insights for smarter IT, today announced that it has added Cloud Planning Rightsizer analytics to its Public Cloud Cost Calculators for enterprises who want to move to the public cloud and their channel partners. CloudPhysics' Cloud Cost Calculators discover the configuration of every virtual machine (VM) in the data center and determine the cloud instance that best fits those discovered configurations. The Cloud Planning Rightsizer then examines the resource consumption patterns of those VMs and automatically identifies the on-premises VMs that are over-provisioned and have more resources than they need. The customer can then "rightsize" the VM and see what the costs would be to run the smaller, more appropriate VM in the public cloud.

"Today's IT administrators are constantly asked if the enterprise can save money by moving applications to the cloud. The answer can only emerge after rightsizing each and every on-premises VM to its appropriate public cloud instance," said Chris Schin, VP, Products at CloudPhysics. "Now IT teams can quickly and easily make data-supported decisions about the costs of running applications in the cloud -- based on the actual resource needs of their VMs. The savings are real. We've seen customers save more than 50 percent  of costs by rightsizing with CloudPhysics."

Why Online Gambling is a Private Cloud Early Adopter

Article Written by Mario Blandini, VP Product Marketing, SwiftStack

As the global online gambling market is expected to see a compound annual growth rate of nearly 11 percent between now and 2020 (Technavio), the amount of data associated with online gambling is also rapidly rising, entering the world of mind-boggling numbers.

This is an immediate problem for data-intensive companies like bet365 and others in the media and entertainment, life sciences and financial services industries. As data continues to grow worldwide in all facets of life and industry, organization as a whole are looking to these fast-moving companies as examples of how to solve their own data growth challenges.

Scientists are using cloud computing and AI to track these mysterious, beautiful whale sharks

Grazed from ZDNet. Author: Jo Best.

Someone grabbed my wrist and pointed sharply below us: 'Quick, look down!' I swam to face the seabed and gasped through my snorkel. A shark stretching some 8m long, as long as a bus, had moved silently underneath us -- and I hadn't noticed it at all. The whale shark, a beautiful creature, a filter-feeder whose giant mouth gives it a benign look, is good at escaping detection.

It's still not known how large the global population of whale sharks is, how they migrate across the oceans, and where they give birth, despite being the largest fish species alive today. For a few minutes off the coast of Ningaloo in Western Australia, I was able to swim with one such shark, before it disappeared off into the Indian Ocean, too deep and too fast for humans to follow...

Cloud Computing: Dell/EMC - Biggest Merger in IT History Approved by Shareholders

Grazed from TopTechNews. Author: Shirley Siluk.

Shareholders of EMC Corp. today overwhelmingly voted in favor of the company's planned merger with Dell Inc. -- a more than $60 billion transaction that's been described as the biggest tech deal in history. According to a preliminary tally, 98 percent of EMC shareholders who voted were in favor of the merger.

Final results are set to be filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission later this week. The shareholders casting votes represented about 74 percent of EMC's outstanding common stock. As part of the transaction, Dell, which ceased being a publicly traded company in 2013, must compensate EMC shareholders for taking the firm private...

Huawei Shared Practices at the First OpenStack Days China, Accelerating Cloud Computing Ecosystem

Grazed from Huawei. Author: Editorial Staff.

The first OpenStack Days China Conference was held on July 14th and 15th at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. In this event, Huawei participated and shared the practices of public cloud and private cloud with the China Telecom's Guangzhou Research Institute and Dongfeng Motor Corp. Huawei also introduced container deployment technology, cascading technology and data protection technology based on OpenStack.

By working with open-source entities, partners and customers, Huawei's goals are to jointly build a cloud ecosystem and to help enterprises achieve their digital transformation, moving them forward on the path to a fully cloudified IT enterprises. Jiang Xiaoli, OpenStack & Container Open Source Ecosystem General Manager of Huawei, introduced Huawei’s FusionCloud, an open, hybrid and integrated cloud architecture based on OpenStack...

Cloud computing turns into Microsoft’s sunny side

Grazed from Author: Editorial Staff.

In a world where there’s a smartphone app for everything, one company — — has long been the host for an outsized share of online software and computing services. Microsoft Corp. CEO Satya Nadella wants to change that. Nadella has poured billions of dollars into building new data centers around the world, hoping to position Microsoft as the leading alternative to Amazon in selling online computing power — housed in remote centers, or “clouds” — to Internet startups, big corporations and consumers.

As evidence the investment is paying off, Microsoft Corp. reported Tuesday that its Azure cloud-computing business more than doubled in sales last quarter, compared with a year earlier. That growth, combined with increases in revenue from Windows software licenses and other key segments, helped offset a big decline in revenue from the Nokia smartphone business that Microsoft largely shut down last year...

Eight VFX Produces High-End Visual Effects for Commercials With Avere Systems and Google Cloud Platform

Grazed from Eight VFX and Avere Systems

Avere Systems, a leading provider of enterprise storage for the hybrid cloud, announced today that Eight VFX, a visual effects studio known for its outstanding work in commercials, feature films and music videos, uses Avere's Virtual FXT Edge filers to speed up production times, remove rendering limitations and enhance its storage infrastructure.

Eight VFX, known in the industry for delivering high-end visual effects on tight timelines, was experiencing challenges when delivering on-demand render power to customer projects for BMW, Chevrolet, HP, Mars, Nike, Puma and Samsung. The studio initially turned to rental nodes to manage its fast-changing production pipeline and dynamic digital assets, however this process proved to be time and equipment intensive. Due to these issues, the studio explored a number of cloud-based rendering solutions with burst-compute capability, and found that Avere Systems was the only solution that did not require complex scripting or data management.