October 2011

Fixing Internet ‘Potholes’ with Cloud Computing

Grazed from NewsWise.  Author: PR Announcement.

To avoid the congestion of the public internet, scientists, the military and the managers of huge “cloud computing” data centers have created private information superhighways – dedicated fiber-optic systems known as lambda networks. As it turns out, these private internet highways are riddled with potholes...

Web 2.0 Expo: Is This A Cloud Bubble?

Grazed from InformationWeek.  Author: David F. Carr.

Is cloud computing a revolution or merely the froth of a new technology bubble?

In a panel discussion at Web 2.0 Expo, a UBM TechWeb/O'Reilly Media event in New York, it was almost a foregone conclusion that the verdict would favor revolution--and yet the panelists acknowledged that it may be a bubble, too...

Citrix buys ShareFile cloud computing company

Grazed from South Florida Business Journal.  Author: Kevin Gale.

Citrix Systems has plunged further into cloud computing by acquiring ShareFile, a provider of cloud-based data storage, sharing and collaboration service.

Cloud computing, which allows remote access to data, is one of the hottest sectors in technology. Apple has just launched its iCloud service, which allows syncing of photos and music over multiple devices. Verizon Communications  acquired Miami's Terremark Worldwide  , partly as a cloud strategy, and then subsequently folded Vermont's Cloudswitch into the company...

X.Commerce Joins Cloud Computing Software, OpenStack

Grazed from MarketWatch.  Author:  Editorial Staff.

Ecommerce innovator eBay launched the first ever open commerce operating system yesterday. Joining eBay Inc., X.commerce is a completely open source platform where merchants and developers can get all the technologies necessary to launch an ecommerce solution. Coding is available for everything from shopping carts to payment services and inventory management. X.commerce hopes to provide the tools to encourage innovations among developers, which can then be distributed to hundreds of thousands currently in the Magento, eBay and PayPal merchant community...

Securing The Cloud: Questions and Answers

Grazed from Wired.  Author:  Nick Coleman.

While cloud computing is easily one of the biggest trends of the moment, a survey from the Institute of Business Value found, perhaps not surprisingly, that when asked about cloud computing, 77 percent of respondents believe that adopting cloud computing makes protecting privacy more difficult; 50 percent are concerned about a data breach or loss; and 23 percent indicate that weakening of corporate network security is a concern...

Synnex Unveils CloudSolv at National Conference

Grazed from ChannelInsider.  Author: Alison Diana.

IT distributor Synnex is getting into the cloud computing space with CloudSolv, a portal designed to simplify and streamline IT solution providers' efforts to create, build and grow their cloud businesses...

Cloud Computing: Sending the PBX into Extinction?

Grazed from TMC Net.  Author: Julianna Kenny.

Nothing is hotter than the cloud right now. No other topic in tech could possibly attract more attention aside from the recent death of Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple (News - Alert). From the big boys up at Microsoft down to the smallest start-up, cloud computing seems to be dominating the mouths and minds of technology’s forefront thinkers, and those at LiveVox (News - Alert) are no different...

Taking a Look at Dell's New IaaS Cloud-based Solutions

Grazed from Computer Technology Review.  Author: Kim Borg.

Dell continues to gain serious ground in its drive to move beyond PCs, thanks to its recently unveiled public and hybrid cloud-based computing offering – the first for the industry giant.

Based on VMware’s vCloud platform, which is designed for secure enterprise-grade public, private and hybrid clouds, Dell’s solutions promise scalability, security and automation – all of which, of course, are non-negotiables for discerning cloud customers...

Legislating the Cloud.

Grazed from Insurance News.  Author:  Kurt Schiller.

In January 2010, Microsoft's senior vice president and general counsel Brad Smith made an unusual request. While speaking on a panel about cloud computing at the Brookings Institution, Smith stressed the growing importance of cloud computing to the audience of legislators and businesspeople. But what made Smith's address unusual is that he was not calling for fewer regulations in an emerging market; Smith and Microsoft were calling for more...

Slogans vs. Substance--Finding Your Way Through the Cloud Computing Jungle

Grazed from ServerWatch.  Author: Paul Rubens.

Who'd have thought cloud computing would be such a rich source of sound bites? Like this one: Salesforce.com is "the Roach Motel of clouds." You just know what's coming next: "You can check in, but you can't check out."...

Picking out the right Cloud

Grazed from Patch.  Author: Jean Westcott.

Cloud computing can be a great resource if you are one of those people who never seems to have enough hard drive space to save all of the music, movies, software and photos on your computer.

Cloud computing lets people use and store files over the Internet, which keeps the hard drive clutter free. Your photos, documents, music and movies can be stored off the computer's hard drive so it can be accessed by any of your Internet-enabled devices or by logging in at any computer...

Endless possibilities: Cloud computing can transform business

Grazed from SiliconRepublic.  Author:  Laura O'Brien.

How can cloud computing make life easier for businesses? LAURA O'BRIEN looks at ways it could transform our work culture.

Cloud computing can offer brand new methods of working, if we take the opportunities it gives us. With the ability to connect to data and software from work no matter where you are, new work patterns can emerge, allowing for more flexible lifestyles without sacrificing productivity. Not only that, but the infrastructure can also help overcome unpredictable obstacles, such as the cold snap last winter that forced many of us to work from home, or the volcanic ash cloud in 2010. This connectivity can also improve efficiency immensely, potentially making it much quicker to do business...

Fabasoft's Folio Cloud Brings Secure Cloud Identity to Austria

Grazed from MarketWatch.  Author:  PR Announcement.

Folio Cloud, Fabasoft's European business Cloud opens up boundless new possibilities for secure collaboration with business partners in the Cloud via Cloud login using the Austrian citizen card with mobile signature.

"Cloud computing represents a challenge for IT security -- with the login using mobile signature, users benefit from the most secure identification currently available in the world wide web. The application possibility as "digital ID" for Folio Cloud is a further success for mobile signature. As one of the first companies to recognize the advantages of digital signature for the overcoming of security challenges through the integration of mobile and Cloud computing, we are happy to Fabasoft successfully implement this solution." -- Prof. Dr. Reinhard Posch, Federal Chief Information Officer...

Achieving scale through Cloud Computing

Grazed from Express Computer.  Author: Pupul Dutta.

Vserv.mobi, a leading mobile Ad network company that helps brands like Yahoo and Nike improve their visibility on mobile platforms, faced numerous challenges when it decided to scale up its network. The biggest problem was that of scraping up the capital that it needed in order to invest in software and in setting up a distributed architecture.

In an attempt to deal with its problems, the company launched a beta version of its software from a single server hosted out of India in June 2010. In August, it migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS)...

Why cloud computing is expanding the powers of Big Data analysis

Grazed from Wired.  Author: Dan Smith.

According to Werner Vogels, Amazon.com's chief technology officer, data analysis -- specifically "Big Data" analysis -- is the backbone of modern business. Without it, your survival chances are limited and, with the growth of cloud computing it's becoming easier than ever for startups and SMEs.

"There's a shift going on," Vogels says. "Five or ten years ago, when thinking about data analysis, you would think about the biggest companies in the world. Today, there's not a new business not thinking about data analysis."...

Evermore to Separate into Two Companies, Change Name to Cloud Carib Ltd.

Grazed from PR NewsWire.  Author: PR Announcement.

Following a period of sustained growth that has seen us move from strength to strength in the IT sector, Evermore New Media has announced an important development in the evolution of the company. Due to exponential growth in the demand for cloud computing services in the region, Evermore’s IT services will now be headquartered in Nassau, Bahamas, and operate under the name Cloud Carib Ltd.

This rationalization of Evermore's business will enable Evermore to go on providing high quality digital solutions such as web design and development, while also offering dedicated IT solutions and cloud computing services under the Cloud Carib Ltd. brand name, with both organizations offering mutual support and sharing resources...

Cloudification: Bringing cloud computing to the masses

Grazed from Computer World.  Author: Jean-Marc Seguin.

Cloud computing - everyone's talking about it, a good number of organizations want to adopt it, but how do you get there? We are on the cusp of "cloudification" -- cloud computing for the masses -- but to get to that state there are many things to consider, such as people, processes and technology, before cloud computing becomes as mainstream as virtualization technology...

VMWare's Maritz Shares Cloud Automation Vision

Grazed from InformationWeek.  Author:  Charles Babcock.

VMware CEO Paul Maritz, the gravelly-voiced South African native who has successfully led VMware to a new plateau, said the cloud era will prove equal in importance to the change represented by the advent of client/server computing. "The cloud era is the next really major iteration of consumer computing and enterprise scale computing," he said in talk on the second day of Dell World in Austin, Texas. (See our related coverage of Michael Dell's play to woo HP customers.) Maritz compared client server's break from a direct tie to the mainframe to the cloud's breakaway from tethered systems altogether...

Contact centres adapting to cloud and social media technology

Grazed from Computer World.  Author:  Karl flinders.

Technologies such as cloud computing and social media are transforming how contact centres do their business by enabling cost savings and improved service levels.

Nearly half of the 103 IT directors and contact centre managers interviewed at the Contact Centre Expo event by Siemens Enterprise Communications, said they are integration social media into the business while 71% were using or planning to use the cloud...

Cloud spending helps techs as PC sales stagger

Grazed from Reuters.  Author: Bill Rigby and Noel Randewich.

Big U.S. Internet computing companies should outshine their plainer PC cousins when earnings season kicks off next week, as corporations and fast-growing Web players dramatically accelerate their pace of hardware spending.

Corporations are increasingly turning to new technology to make themselves more productive in a downtrodden global economy. Meanwhile, a social networking and e-commerce boom is spurring massive outlays on the giant server factories that power Internet computing...