December 2013

New Blancco vCloud Eraser Securely Removes Virtual Server Data from VMware Platforms

Grazed from ITNewsOnline. Author: PR Announcement.

To help enterprises and cloud computing service providers achieve tighter data security, Blancco, the global leader in data erasure and computer reuse solutions, has introduced Blancco vCloud Eraser. The new software provides complete erasure and auditable reporting capabilities for virtualized data center environments that use the popular VMware vCloud Director tool.

Designed in conjunction with the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program, Blancco vCloud Eraser adds an extra dimension to vCloud Director's security foundation. With seamless integration and access through the vCloud Director user interface, Blancco vCloud Eraser automatically destroys all data when a virtual server?vApp? is deleted and provides a detailed report as proof...

5 Questions About The Industry's Latest Cloud Platform

Grazed from Forbes. Author: John Foley.

Cloud computing aims for simplicity. Service providers try to mask whatever back-end complexity may exist—a factor of the cloud’s multitenant architecture, security infrastructure, virtualization, or other technologies—while delivering easy-to-use services to their customers.

It’s a compelling model, but much harder than it sounds. is finding out just how difficult with its new Salesforce1. recently introduced Salesforce1 as “the first CRM platform for developers, ISVs, end users, admins, and customers moving to the new social, mobile, and connected cloud.”...

OS33 Named a 2013 UP-START Cloud Awards Finalist

Grazed from ITBusinessNet. Author: PR Announcement.

OS33, a leading provider of virtual hosted desktops and unified cloud IT, today announced that it was named as one of three finalists for the 2013 UP-START Cloud Award for Best Cloud Automation Platform. The company was recognized for its groundbreaking approach to integrating a limitless range of proven and emerging cloud resources into a single, unified, and easy to use portal.

The UP-START Award finalists who are disruptive and next-generation cloud computing companies defining cloud technology - were selected by cloud industry experts during a 2-stage open vote. The final round of voting will be take place at the UP Cloud Computing Conference in Santa Clara on December 3, 2013. Winners will be announced after on-site attendees vote for the most outstanding cloud solution, measured by technical innovation, marketability and likelihood to be a market leader...

Google makes play for lucrative cloud computing business

Grazed from The Globe and Mail. Author: Quentin Hardy.

Google already runs much of the digital lives of consumers through e-mail, Internet searches and YouTube videos. Now it wants the corporations, too. The search giant has for years been evasive about its plans for a so-called public cloud of computers and data storage that is rented to individuals and businesses. On Tuesday, however, it will announce pricing, features and performance guarantees aimed at companies ranging from startups to multinationals.

It is the latest salvo in an escalating battle among some of the most influential companies in technology to control corporate and government computing through public clouds. That battle, which is expected to last years and cost the competitors billions of dollars annually in material and talent, already includes Microsoft, IBM and Amazon...

Autodesk First to Bring Computer-Aided Manufacturing to the Cloud

Grazed from MarketWatch. Author: PR Announcement.

Autodesk, Inc. today unveiled Autodesk CAM 360--the industry's first cloud-based solution for computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). By tapping into the near infinite computing power of the cloud, CAM 360 allows users to take advantage of collaboration tools and shared data storage, and provides users with unparalleled ease-of-use and flexibility. CAM 360 allows users to rapidly engage with co-workers and customers, and turn around the most demanding machining projects much faster than ever before. Additionally, CAM 360 is the multi-platform CNC programming solution that transcends the normal limitations associated with traditional desktop workflows.

Since a difference of mere hours in the manufacturing process can impact delivery time, CAM 360 is built upon Autodesk's proven HSM technology, which greatly improves efficiency and effectiveness for the entire supply chain. Companies gain the flexibility to proactively address any manufacturing problems or irregularities that might occur during the design to manufacture process...

Cloud may be slow but its going to be big

Grazed from WashingtonTechnology. Author: Steve Charles.

True: Cloud computing has not yet come on like gangbusters in the federal government. More like footsteps of a steady series of app-by-app deals. But the cloud computing model as a federal service is still maturing, as is the government’s ability to craft the business cases and service level agreements it needs for cloud computing.

So before writing off cloud as just another fad, think again. It’s a mistake to conclude, from the past three years or so, that cloud is passé. The buzz has to move to the next fascination before procurements actually start to ramp. Feds often talk and dabble a few years before moving markets...

2013: The Year of Mass Cloud Computing Extinctions

Grazed from CMSWire. Author: Tom Petrocelli.

Cloud computing provides tremendous value for businesses of all types. But as we can see from the number of products that shut down in 2013, it isn't all a silver lining. Cloud applications, platforms and infrastructure offers a more flexible and agile IT environment, whether a large enterprise or a company that falls into the small-medium enterprise category.

Cloud computing allows companies to use their capital for creating business value rather than having it tied up in expensive data centers. Another way to look at cloud computing is that it doesn't force an organization to be in the business of data centers unless that is its actual business...

Cloud Computing: Joyent polishes Node.js with commercial support package

Grazed from ITWorld. Author: Joab Jackson.

Recognizing the growing popularity of Node.js for building distributed Web applications, cloud provider Joyent will soon offer a commercial support package for managing the platform, wherever it is run. Priced at US$990 a month, Node.js Core Support is aimed at heavy commercial users of Node.js. The service will inspect Node.js systems and provide data to troubleshoot issues.

The service can work with the Node.js deployments that Joyent itself runs as part of its PaaS (platform-as-a-service) collection of hosted technologies. It can also work with hosted Node.js deployments from other providers, such as Heroku, Microsoft Windows Azure, and Engine Yard...

Why BYOD Is Boosting Business Cloud Computing Adoption

Grazed from CloudTweaks. Author: Tom McShane.

The popularity of BYOD (or ‘Bring Your Own Device’) has surged in recent years, with around 67% of employees bringing their own computing tech into the office for work – whether that’s something large like a laptop to function as your ‘office computer’, or something smaller like a smartphone or tablet which is used for pulling up data and accessing records while in the boardroom and away from your desk.

With the cloud computing market value expected to reach hundreds of billions of dollars within the next years, it comes as no surprise to learn that these two rapidly rising forms of technology are intrinsically linked and are both self-perpetuating. This guest post, written by UK-based cloud infrastructure suppliers GCC Innova, looks at how BYOD-days in business settings are giving the cloud an even bigger boost...

VMware vets raise cash for stealthy cloud startup Nurego, grab support from Paul Maritz

Grazed from GeekWire. Author: John Cook.

A new Seattle area cloud computing startup called Nurego just scored $2 million in fresh funding with support from some heavy hitters in the tech industry, according to a SEC filing today. The company is led by Harel Kodesh, a former Microsoft vice president who previously served as group president of Amdocs and CEO of Mozy.

Among the directors listed in the filing are Paul Maritz, the former Microsoft VP and VMware CEO who now leads Pivotal, and Sumant Mandal, a managing director at Clearstone Venture Partners and an early backer of PayPal, NetZero and Others listed in the filing include Nurego co-founders Harinderpal Hanspal, who previously worked at VMware and Mozy, and Ilia Gilderman, who previously worked at EMC and VMware...

Counting down the top cloud computing vendors of 2013

Grazed from TechTarget. Author: Editorial Staff.

Rackspace is a familiar name on lists of top cloud computing providers, but that doesn't mean that the company is content in its place. Listening to the needs of its customers, Rackspace Inc. had made moves this year to enhance its public cloud's performance and features to better compete with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In the company's second quarter of 2013, Rackspace's public cloud business reportedly grew by 36.4% to $99 million -- tripling its revenue growth for its dedicated hosting business. "Recently, [Rackspace] has really started to step up their game building out other cloud services," said Aaron Rankin, chief technology officer of Chicago-based Sprout Social Inc., which mostly uses Rackspace, though it has some AWS components...

How Cloud Is the Zipcar of Computing

Grazed from Sys Con Media. Author: Cloud Ventures.

At a pre-conference Meetup recently, one of the organizers waxed poetic about how the cloud is changing how companies do business. His big example was ZipCar, the car sharing company. His example was how Zipcar uses cloud to deal with data.  But, I think he missed the bigger analogy there: how cloud is changing IT the way Zip car forever changed car ownership.

Before Zipcar, a few large firms dominated the car buying market. If you wanted a car you went to a dealership and negotiated a long term contract. You took on the responsibility for owning, maintaining, and paying down the costs for the life of your vehicle. Your car selection was also limited by what the local dealership had on the lot that day. The cost to buy, own, and maintain a car kept many people from having the mobility of a car...

StrikeIron IronCloud Launches at Gartner Summit

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: Chris Talbot.

API management and cloud-based data solutions vendor StrikeIron has launched a fully-hosted API management platform in the cloud. Dubbed IronCloud, the cloud-based platform was previously only available to StrikeIron's partners and early adopters, but now the cloud service is available more generally.

With the launch of the GA version of IronCloud, StrikeIron has added a new front-end user interface, as well as new management console support. The purpose of the software is to enable partners and customers to monetize their data and digital assets through APIs. That, according to the company, is done through enabling clients to host digital assets and software, and then access them across any system, including web, mobile apps, customer relationship management software, SaaS apps and on-premise solutions...

Fog Computing Is A New Concept Of Data Distribution

Grazed from CloudTweaks. Author: Eugene Rudenko.

For the last couple of years there have hardly been any new concepts in cloud computing. But hardly doesn’t mean never. Since the summer of 2013 you might have noticed the appearance of a new trend that has been called Fog Computing. The main purpose of fog computing is to gather services, applications, large data volumes in one place and unite them with the networks of a new generation. The aim is to offer data, computing power, memory and services at a really distributed level.

The thing is that today’s data is extremely dispersed and delivered continuously, in large volumes and to a large number of users with different devices. In order to make an effective cloud model, businesses need to learn how to deliver the content to their users via geographically distributed platforms and not via the cloud which is placed in one place. Thus, the idea of fog computing is to distribute all data and place it closer to a user, remove network delays and other possible obstacles connected with data transfer. Users need all their data and apps at any time in any place – this is the essence of cloud services. And fog computing may take this service to the next level...

Cloud hurts: Server sales continue to slump

Grazed from ZDNet. Author: Larry Dignan.

The latest server sales tally indicates that higher end systems are increasingly looking like glorified PCs that will experience the same slowing growth picture in the future. And the cloud is increasingly getting the blame. Cloud computing is to server sales what tablets are to the PC market.

IDC said that server sales fell 3.7 percent in the third quarter to $12.1 billion. Gartner pegged server sales at $12.34 billion, down 2.1 percent from a year ago. Both research firms indicated that HP was the market share leader. HP and Cisco were the only server vendors to show growth in the third quarter...

Addressing Cloud Computing Security Risks

Grazed from AwesomeCloud. Author: Dan Farrell.

If you’re considering offering cloud services to your clients, or you already are, you’ve likely heard of the benefits (reduced CAPEX, on-demand access, metered service, etc.) that go along with cloud computing. Those benefits can be a huge win for your clients and also create a recurring revenue stream for your business. What about the perceived risks of cloud computing?

In this blog post, we’ll review some of the most common cloud computing security risks expressed to our channel partners and cloud resellers by their clients(end-users) when they are considering a move to the cloud. After reading this blog, you’ll be more prepared to answer common questions posed from your existing clients and potential clients...

Cloud Security Alliance Releases Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) Framework Details

Grazed from PRNewsWire. Author: PR Announcement.

CSA Congress 2013 – The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), a not-for-profit organization which promotes the use of best practices for providing security assurance within cloud computing, today announced the release of the Software Defined Perimeter Report, a new white paper report that explains the Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) security framework and how it can be deployed to protect application infrastructures from network-based attacks. Bob Flores, former CTO of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), will unveil further details of the SDP initiative at a fireside chat keynote this afternoon, at 4:00 pm ET, hosted by CSA Executive Director Jim Reavis.

The Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) Initiative is a new CSA project aimed at developing an architecture for securing the "Internet of Things" by using the cloud to create highly secure and trusted end-to-end networks between any IP addressable entities, allowing for systems that are highly resilient to network attacks...

Cloud Computing: Forgotten but not gone - why mainframes remain the power behind tech's throne

Grazed from ZDNet. Author: Steve Ranger.

These behemoths of computing might not be as exciting to young developers as cloud and mobile projects, but mainframes are still the power behind many business applications. According to a survey of CIOs more than half (55 percent) of enterprise applications call upon the mainframe to complete transactions. And that shows little sign of decline – nine out of ten of the CIOs surveyed said their mainframe workloads are increasing, and distributed applications have caused a 44 percent increase in workload over the past five years.

Nine out of ten said new customer-facing applications are accessing the mainframe; however this combination of old and new technologies is adding to the CIOs' headaches - three quarters of CIOs said the complexity of applications working across distributed and mainframe environments is making problem resolution take longer...

IBM to Create Cloud Applications for Specific Vertical Industries

Grazed from IT Business Edge. Author: Michael Vizard.

IBM is looking to jumpstart cloud adoption by launching a catalog of applications aimed at specific vertical industry segments as part of its larger effort to deeply embed IBM services inside business processes. The expansion of the IBM Cloud Consulting portfolio announced today represents a concerted effort to help organizations make the shift to the cloud using turnkey application solutions that can be quickly deployed on top of the SoftLayer cloud platform that IBM acquired earlier this year.

According to Sanjay Rishi, global leader for IBM cloud consulting services, organizations of all sizes are looking for help in moving to the cloud because they lack the internal expertise required to build, deploy and manage cloud applications. IBM plans to address that need via a series of applications developed by its consulting group that customers can then customize as needed. In particular, Rishi says IBM has developed a massive amount of analytics expertise that will increasingly be delivered as a service within social networking and mobile computing applications. Rishi says the convergence of social networking, mobile computing, analytics and cloud computing, which IBM collectively refers to as SMAC, is requiring organizations to look for external help to capture the millions of dollars in value that those applications can represent to the enterprise...

Cloud Computing: DigitalOcean Expands in Europe, Adds Shared Private Networking

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: Editorial Staff.

Cloud hosting platform provider DigitalOcean has unveiled a new Amsterdam data center to expand its footprint in Europe and offer its shared private networking technology to the region. With DigitalOcean's shared private networking feature, previously only available in the company's NYC2 datacenter, customers gain "the ability to create a virtual server containing both a public and private address, where any communication that happens over the private address happens over a private network," DigitalOcean CEO Ben Uretsky told Talkin' Cloud.

The company's expansion throughout Europe remains a top priority for Digital Ocean, Uretsky said. "We’ll continue to invest heavily in our infrastructure as more datacenters are added throughout the world," he said. "We are looking to add capacity throughout Europe...