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Cirba Announces Hybrid Cloud Routing Analytics

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Cirba Inc., the leading provider of software-defined infrastructure control solutions, today announced workload routing and management support for hybrid cloud environments that include Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM SoftLayer.

"Cirba provides the necessary decision control point for automatically determining where applications can safely run in hybrid environments. It is only through detailed analysis of application requirements against the security, cost, and technical capabilities of available public clouds and internal infrastructures that the best hosting environment can be chosen," said Andrew Hillier, co-founder and CTO of Cirba. "Without analytics, organizations cannot automate the process nor can they effectively determine how to meet application requirements without risk or excessive cost."

Rackspace Announces Private Cloud Powered by Red Hat

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Rackspace today announced the release of Rackspace Private Cloud powered by Red Hat, which delivers OpenStack private clouds as-a-service using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. The new offering expands the Rackspace OpenStack-as-a-Service product portfolio, further extending the company's strategy to deliver the most reliable and easy-to-use OpenStack private and hybrid clouds in the world.

"As the leading operator of OpenStack clouds with the most comprehensive OpenStack product portfolio in the industry, Rackspace is excited to expand our managed services and expertise to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform," said Darrin Hanson, vice president and general manager of OpenStack Private Cloud at Rackspace. "We help make OpenStack simple by eliminating the complexity and delivering it as-a-service to customers in their data center, a Rackspace data center or in a colocation facility."

ContainerX Enables Any VMware vCenter Admin to Be a Docker Admin

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ContainerX today announced a new, seamless integration with VMware's vSphere, the leading server virtualization platform for virtual data centers, into its ready-to-go, all-inclusive container infrastructure platform designed for enterprise IT admins, now available for beta customers. ContainerX will discuss the new integration at Container World 2016, a three-day event dedicated to container technology in practice, taking place February 16-18, 2016 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

ContainerX eliminates the container landscape confusion by offering enterprise IT a ready-to-go, enterprise-class solution for multi-tenant container management, including orchestration, compute, network and storage management. The first beta released at DockerCon Barcelona in November 2015 included support for both bare-metal & AWS clusters. Now VMware vCenter admins have access to ContainerX's unique patented technology approach, Elastic Container Clusters and Container Pools, which provide multi-tenancy and high levels of resiliency, elasticity and horizontal scalability not offered by other container solutions, while using on-premise virtual machine-based clusters.

2nd Watch Survey: Enterprise IT Procurement Patterns Favor Cloud Technologies

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2nd Watch has completed a survey of more than 400 IT executives in the United States. The survey ran online the last week in January and sought to understand the organizational emphasis and strategic focus of modern enterprise IT departments based on the tech services they're consuming and how much they're spending.

The survey, Public Cloud Procurement: Packaging, Consumption and Management, began with the premise that many enterprise IT organizations today are "bimodal," meaning their focus is split between stability, which Gartner refers to as a Mode 1 approach, and agility, which Gartner calls Mode 2. Mode 1 organizations are traditional and sequential, emphasizing safety and accuracy. Mode 2 organizations are exploratory and nonlinear, emphasizing agility and speed.

nGenx Joins With Technology Assurance Group in Strategic Partnership to Expand Workspace as a Service (WaaS) Adoption

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nGenx, a cloud services pioneer in the delivery of hosted workspaces, including applications, desktops, and data, announced today that it is now an Elite Sponsor in partnership with Technology Assurance Group (TAG), an organization of leading unified communications companies in North America representing $350 million in products and services. With this partnership, TAG members have a vetted workspace as a service platform, nFinity nWorkspace, to deploy to support the transition of their customers to the cloud.

TAG evaluates technologies so that Elite sponsor vendors can bring their qualified solutions to TAG members. Its mission is to provide members with the competitive advantages necessary to achieve a foremost position in their respective areas of business. TAG selects only strategic partners who are dedicated to providing superior quality, service, and customer satisfaction. By doing so, TAG aids in increasing its members' sales and profits through education, in addition to supporting the introduction of new technologies into the marketplace by leveraging the combined intellect and purchasing power of its members.

WANdisco Announces Record-Breaking Results for Its New Cloud Migration Solution

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WANdisco, the leading provider of continuous-availability software enabling global enterprises to meet today's data challenges of secure storage, scalability and availability, both behind the firewall and in the cloud, today announced that it had successfully completed tests of its Fusion S3 Active Migrator in which just over a billion files were transferred from servers running in its Fremont, California data center to an Amazon data center in Northern California and scanned for consistency as the data continued to change at both locations.

Platform9 Introduces Multi-Region Support for VMware and KVM Private Clouds

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Platform9, the company making private clouds easy, today announced that Platform9 Managed OpenStack now gives enterprise IT the ability to segment and manage distributed datacenter "regions" from a single pane of glass. With this release, customers can define their own regions to reflect physical or logical boundaries. For example, data centers that are located in different geographical locations, support different teams, or run different hypervisors such as KVM and VMware, can be managed seamlessly within the same private cloud user interface.

"To ensure the performance of our solution, IDenTV has multiple data centers across the country, situated to optimize connectivity with media production sites. Managing this distributed infrastructure is challenging and puts a drain on our productivity," said Amro Shihadah, COO of IDenTV, maker of real-time video detection and analytics technology used in the advertising and intelligence sectors. "With its ability to define and manage distinct regions, Platform9 makes it seamless to manage our distributed infrastructure from a single interface, driving greater IT efficiency and supporting better service delivery for our business."

Cloud merits acknowledged but adoption concerns linger - Oracle report

Grazed from BCN. Author: Editorial Staff.

Cloud technology is almost universally acknowledged for its catalysing effect on invention and customer retention, according to new research from Oracle. However, there are still major barriers to adoption. In Oracle’s study 92% of its sample group of industry leaders testified that the cloud enables them to innovate faster.

It also helps companies keep afloat better, with nearly three quarters (73%) reporting that using cloud technology has helped them to retain existing customers more effectively. The cloud also comes out well as a strategic weapon, with 76% of enterprises saying that the newer, more flexible model for handling information helps them to win new customers...

VMware Updates Horizon and Unveils Cloud Management Suite

Grazed from VirtualizationReview. Author: Keith Ward.

Attempting to capitalize on the twin trends of cloud computing and end-user computing, VMware has announced an upgraded version of Horizon and taken the wraps off of what was known as "Project Enzo," and officially dubbed it "Horizon Air." Horizon 7 adds three important new capabilities, which are focused around speedier creation of desktops, and faster delivery of those desktops along with their associated apps.

Now called "Just in Time Delivery," Horizon 7 leverages Instant Clone Technology to create "full-featured, personalized digital workspaces" (i.e., desktops) in seconds, or even faster. Formerly known as "Project Fargo," it creates a new virtual machine (VM) from an existing one (the "Parent"), and uses that VM's disk and memory, allowing the near-instantaneous creation...

Read more from the source @ https://virtualizationreview.com/articles/2016/02/10/vmware-updates-horizon-and-unveils-cloud-management-suite.aspx

Network Virtualization Is VMware's Next Frontier

Grazed from Fortune. Author: Barb Darrow.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger is banking that network virtualization will be a bigger deal for the company than its bread-and-butter vSphere server virtualization lineup in the not-so-distant future. He’d better hope so. As Gelsinger himself put it Wednesday, vSphere has 80% market share in corporate data centers, so there’s not that much room for growth there.

Network virtualization pools networking hardware—routers and switches—and configures and manages it as needed with software. Basically, the smarts of the system comes from the software, not the individual hardware components. “NSX is the next ESX,” Gelsinger told attendees of the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday...