New Relic Insights Beta Open; Brings Cloud-Based Analytics

Grazed from IntegrationDeveloper News. Author: Vance McCarthy.

New Relic is bringing the power of its cloud-based analytics platform to business users, letting companies gain real-time deep insights into many core business operations. New Relic Insights, now in beta, is designed to be an easy-to-adopt SaaS service that can deliver real-time software analytics to non-IT stakeholders.

New Relic Insights is powered by the company’s cloud data platform and query tools developed to let IT operations and application owners track and diagnose app and network performances in real-time. Reaching business users with New Relic Insights is what Jim Gochee, New Relic’s senior vice president of products, calls the company’s “Second Act.” ...

Putting business analytics in the Cloud

Grazed from CloudComputingIntelligence. Author: Editorial Staff.

Ever heard of data scientists? Well the Harvard Business Review named it the sexiest job of the 21st Century and it is has quickly risen to prominence in a number of industries including retail, oil and gas, telecommunications and financial services. So what has this got to do with cloud? Should we all be packing up our RESTful APIs and retraining? Not at all. Before looking at what the cloud has to offer the data scientist and IT departments that work with them, lets have a quick dash through history and give an explanation of the role.

Analysing data with computers has gone through a number of significant changes over the years, from looking at raw numbers by hand, to spreadsheets, Business Intelligence and, more recently, visualisations and complex real-time predictive analytics. One thing that has largely been consistent throughout that period has been the data and analysis taking place on-premise. For a long time this was down to technical reasons, but now that has been overcome with many vendors offering PaaS and SaaS versions of their tools and platforms, which means most of the barrier can be put down to the commercial sensitivity of data and it going outside the firewall. Will the service be reliable, safe from hackers, and adequately protected with encryption etc?...

Cloud Computing: Facial Analytics - What Are You Smiling At?

Grazed from InformationWeek.  Author: Michael Steinhart.

Some of us have our feelings written all over our faces. Others may pride themselves on being inscrutable. However, when a computer is analyzing our features frame by frame, it can glean insight from even the slightest quirk.

At last week's Sentiment Analysis Symposium in New York, Jacob Whitehill, a research scientist with Emotient, demonstrated the company's emotion recognition products. He showed how they isolate the faces in a video stream and track their expressions, from joyful to angry to sad. "It has many commercial applications," he said...

Cloud Computing: Real Time Big Data or Data in Motion

Grazed from SWTrends. Author: Editorial Staff.

Most of the discussions on Big Data begins and ends with Hadoop. It is the commercial version of HPC (High Performance Computing), whose underlying technologies have been around for years: clustering, parallel processing, and distributed file system. In today’s parlance you can read Hadoop clusters on commodity hardware, map-reduce algorithm, and HDFS in that order.

There is no doubt that Hadoop has taken off in a big way, but it does not address one big emerging area called real time query and analysis on data that is moving all the time. Data can be categorized into three buckets – transactional data, analytics on data at rest, and analytics on data in flight (streaming, real time). We are talking about the last one here...

Joyent Partners With Clustrix to Deliver Real-Time Analytics in the Cloud

Grazed from Clustrix. Author: PR Announcement.

Clustrix, provider of the leading scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud, today announced a partnership with Joyent Inc., the high-performance cloud infrastructure and big data analytics company. As a result of the partnership, ClustrixDB, the industry's first and only scale-out database for real-time analytics on live operational data, will be available to Joyent customers who need scale-out SQL and real-time analytics.

New cloud-scale applications have unpredictable workloads with rapidly growing and varied data. Poor application performance can result in the loss of customers, reduced employee productivity and a decrease in revenue. Joyent's public cloud ensures companies can create and deploy dynamic applications that scale effortlessly for millions of users. With the introduction of ClustrixDB, Joyent's high-performance computing platform will further increase and maintain application performance in cloud computing environments...

IBM buys NoSQL cloud database startup Cloudant

Grazed from GigaOM. Author: Derrick Harris.

IBM is at it again in the cloud computing space, this time acquiring Boston-based cloud database startup Cloudant. The company, which runs a distributed cloud document store based on the Apache CouchDB technology, was founded in 2008 and has raised about $16 million in venture capital to date.

Cloudant has made a name for itself handling distributed database and even big data processing for a number of large users. Recently, the company announced a new sync feature for Android and iOS apps that aren't always connected, so consumers can still use apps offline and then sync data when they're online again...

Cloud Computing: Big Data Enlisted to Fight California Drought

Grazed from MidSize Insider.  Author: Rick Robinson.

As California faces its worst drought on record, communities, agencies and firms are calling on the latest generation of technology to aid in the effort to conserve precious water. From cloud computing to the Internet of Things (IoT), technologies that were purely speculative just a few years ago are now being implemented, and at the very center of the water awareness revolution is big data analytics.

Natural disasters such as droughts can provide a dramatic and instructive test of emerging technologies since they are often called on to work in new and expanded ways under urgent conditions. The California water crisis is testing not only specific technologies but also the agility of midsize IT operations in adopting new technologies and putting them to work...

MicroStrategy Reveals New Generation of Analytics for Cloud and Mobile Computing

Grazed from Information-Management.

At its recent MicroStrategy World 2014 conference, the enterprise software company introduced a portfolio of products to make it easier to perform analytics and make them easier to access through the cloud and mobile forms of computing. These announcements accelerate MicroStrategy’s transition to approaching corporate business users of analytics from its past focus on business intelligence, which typically is purchased by IT. This is a subtle but strategic shift that recognizes where growth opportunities lie and that analytics must be available on any device at any time. MicroStrategy made it clear that advances in the cloud, mobility and big data were integral to its product releases last year and is continuing in this direction in 2014 with the products in its MicroStrategy 9.4 suite.

A little recap from the end of 2013 will illustrate the trend. MicroStrategy launched a product called Analytics Desktop that is freely available to download and use. The product runs locally and provides capabilities for data and visual discovery, the building of dashboards and standard business intelligence...

New IBM Programs Focus on Cloud, Data, Analytics

Grazed from The Var Guy. Author: Michael Cusanelli.

IBM has introduced a host of development capabilities, training and benefits programs to help its business partners succeed in cloud computing, data analytics, mobile computing, social business and security. The news came as part of IBM’s PartnerWorld Leadership Conference held this week in Las Vegas. Some of the most important announcements at today’s conference were:

  • The introduction of the Power Development Program, which will allow developers access to IBM Power System Servers to build, port and test applications for free.
  • Partner access to pre-built Business Partner solutions with validated cloud integration and mobile and social capabilities.
  • A new massive open online course (MOOC) education platform called ThinkAcademy, designed to help business partners develop skills around cloud delivery services and solutions...

SAS brings Visual Analytics data exploration to the cloud

Grazed from CloudComputingIntelligence. Author: Marcus Austin.

SAS Visual Analytics on-premise data exploration tools are now available in the cloud with five different versions for public, private, and hybrid clouds SAS has launched a new cloud version of their Visual Analytics data exploration product, allowing anyone in a business to get access to SAS data visualisation on any device, with the ability to analyse over a billion rows of data in seconds.

The tool which combines data exploration and visualisation with advanced analytics was first unveiled in March 2012 and is designed to address big data challenges and use the scalability of industry-standard blade computing systems, as well as database appliances from EMC Greenplum and Teradata. SAS Visual Analytics now comes in five operational environments: an internal cloud, SAS-hosted systems, public cloud, single server on-premise, and powerful on-premise grid architectures...