IBM introduces Watson Analytics, gives data science mass appeal

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IBM has launched Watson Analytics, offering what is claimed as instant access to powerful big data visualisation and analytics capabilities to anyone in the business. Instead of using programming languages or complex algorithms on the front end, Watson interacts with the user in natural language and comprehends key questions, including ‘What are the key drivers of my product sales?’, ‘Which benefits drive employee retention the most?’ and ‘Which deals are most likely to close?’

“Watson Analytics produces results that explain why things happened and what’s likely to happen, all in familiar business terms,” a press release explains. “And as business professionals interact with the results, they can continuously fine tune questions to get to the heart of the matter.”...

Harnessing the power of Google's cloud: Google BigQuery Analytics book extract

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When you run your queries via BigQuery, you put a giant cluster of machines to work for you. Although the BigQuery clusters represent only a small fraction of Google’s global fleet, each query cluster is measured in the thousands of cores. When BigQuery needs to grow, there are plenty of resources that can be harnessed to meet the demand.

If you want to, you could probably figure out the size of one of BigQuery’s compute clusters by carefully controlling the size of data being scanned in your queries. The number of processor cores involved is in the thousands, the number of disks in the hundreds of thousands. Most organizations don’t have the budget to build at that kind of scale just to run some queries over their data. The benefits of the Google cloud go beyond the amount of hardware that is used, however. A massive datacenter is useless unless you can keep it running...

Software Analytics Company New Relic Joins Cloud Security Alliance

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Software analytics company New Relic today announced that it has joined the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), a not-for-profit organization working to establish and promote best practices and education for security assurance in the cloud computing industry with industry leading members such as Google, Amazon Web Services, and Box among many others. As a pure SaaS application performance management (APM) solution provider, New Relic is promoting industry transparency and customer visibility into the security practices. Customers can download the CSA's STAR report that documents New Relic's network and application security controls.

The CSA membership is only the latest security advancement New Relic has taken to assure the security of its network and its service for its over 200,000 users. Not only is New Relic hosted in a secure tier 3 SSAE-16 certified data center, but it has also undergone and completed a comprehensive SOC 2 Type II audit for three consecutive years...

Zenoss Releases Analytics 4.4

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Zenoss Inc, the leading provider of unified monitoring and management solutions for physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT infrastructures, today announced the company has expanded the IT Operations Analytics capabilities of its Zenoss Service Dynamics solution.

As evidenced in the 2013 Forrester Consulting study, inadequate capacity continues to be the top reason for service performance and availability issues. With downtime costs often exceeding $100,000 per hour, there is immense focus on optimization of the capacity planning process. Unfortunately, because of the complexity and dynamic nature of today's datacenters, comprised of legacy, virtualized and cloud based infrastructure, effective capacity planning is both more challenging and more critical at the same time.

SAS expands data, analytics services to Amazon's 'cloud'

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SAS, the world's largest privately held software firm, already offers clients use of secure data housing and "cloud" computing services, but the company is expanding its global footprint in an agreement with Amazon.  The deal was announced Tuesday.  Financial terms were not disclosed.

However, one big customer was identified as using the new Amazon Web Service-SAS offering: Lenovo, the world's top PC manufacturer which operates its global executive headquarters in Morrisville.   SAS executives say that 'Deal will "absolutely not" affect SAS' own cloud and data hoisting services...

Big Data - The Latest Technological Phase and What IT Pros Should Do About It

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We are in a new technological phase spurring innovation and job creation. One job, the big data architect, offers IT pros great prospects in the growing field of big data analytics. In 2013, 65 percent of IT buyers indicated cloud computing as a top area of investment for 2013. In addition, it’s predicted that by 2015, 60 percent of information workers will access their content via mobile devices.

Aaron Levie, CEO of cloud-computing company Box, described the rapid adoption of mobile and cloud computing as the next phase in technology. For those in the IT space or just the business world in general, technological phases are nothing new. As first mainframes and then PCs were adopted, companies learned to adapt. They adapt their IT infrastructure they run their business off of. They change the way they interact with the consumer, and of course, new technology requires new skills and expertise introducing new job positions in the IT industry...

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Cloud analytics apps need solid data architecture

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In a presentation at the 2014 TDWI Executive Summit in Boston, consultant and author David Linthicum discussed the impact of cloud computing on business intelligence and data analytics -- and the opportunities it presents to organizations. Describing big data analytics in particular as "the killer app for cloud computing," Linthicum offered tips and advice on designing tiered data architecture for cloud analytics uses.

According to Linthicum, who is a senior vice president at Boston-based consultancy Cloud Technology Partners Inc., a solid architecture is the key to unlocking the potential benefits of cloud platforms. Linthicum said many cloud-based BI and analytics systems lack a well-grounded architecture, which he argued isn't the fault of IT architects, but rather a result of the corporate focus on short-term -- and often shortsighted -- plans...

RightScale Announces General Availability of Cloud Analytics

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RightScale® Inc., a demonstrated leader in enterprise cloud portfolio management, today announced the general availability of RightScale Cloud Analytics, the first multi-cloud cost management solution that integrates with a cloud management platform to enable users to take action on insights and implement budget controls.

RightScale Cloud Analytics, first announced in beta in November 2013, is an enterprise-grade cost management solution that provides sophisticated cloud usage and cost analysis as well as forecasting and scenario planning across major public and private clouds. Cloud Analytics is part of the RightScale Cloud Portfolio Management platform, which includes Cloud Analytics, Cloud Management, and Self-Service...

Datapipe's Cloud Analytics for AWS Recognized with 2014 Cloud Computing Excellence Award

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Datapipe, a global provider of managed hosting and cloud services, today announced that the Datapipe Cloud Analytics for Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform has been recognized with a 2014 Cloud Computing Excellence Award. The award honors companies who have effectively leveraged cloud computing capabilities while bringing forth new, innovative offerings to market. An advanced managed service offering, Datapipe Cloud Analytics for AWS utilizes data-mining and intelligence tools to track AWS patterns, providing in-depth analysis of areas such as usage, spending, security and governance.

Designed to assist global customers using AWS for both hybrid and public cloud deployments, Datapipe Cloud Analytics offers a cost-effective management approach from a single solution. The platform analyzes 100 percent of AWS usage to provide analysis of patterns and trends based on a single employee, company department(s) and/or overall organization...

Data Mining with Cloud Computing

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The latest information on using Cloud Computing in the field of Data Mining

Analysts see room for growth on Hadoop, other 'big data' technologies

Article by Alan R. Earls. Richard Winter, president of consulting firm Winter Corp. in Cambridge, Mass., says there are two principal development trends taking place in connection with “big data” and big-data technologies. First, traditional data warehouse vendors are investing in scalability improvements to better accommodate growing volumes of transaction data. And second, new open source technologies such as Hadoop, MapReduce and NoSQL databases are emerging for use primarily as data warehouse alternatives in tackling other forms of big data -- Web activity logs and sensor data, for example.