Datapipe's Cloud Analytics for AWS Recognized with 2014 Cloud Computing Excellence Award

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Datapipe, a global provider of managed hosting and cloud services, today announced that the Datapipe Cloud Analytics for Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform has been recognized with a 2014 Cloud Computing Excellence Award. The award honors companies who have effectively leveraged cloud computing capabilities while bringing forth new, innovative offerings to market. An advanced managed service offering, Datapipe Cloud Analytics for AWS utilizes data-mining and intelligence tools to track AWS patterns, providing in-depth analysis of areas such as usage, spending, security and governance.

Designed to assist global customers using AWS for both hybrid and public cloud deployments, Datapipe Cloud Analytics offers a cost-effective management approach from a single solution. The platform analyzes 100 percent of AWS usage to provide analysis of patterns and trends based on a single employee, company department(s) and/or overall organization...

Data Mining with Cloud Computing

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The latest information on using Cloud Computing in the field of Data Mining

Analysts see room for growth on Hadoop, other 'big data' technologies

Article by Alan R. Earls. Richard Winter, president of consulting firm Winter Corp. in Cambridge, Mass., says there are two principal development trends taking place in connection with “big data” and big-data technologies. First, traditional data warehouse vendors are investing in scalability improvements to better accommodate growing volumes of transaction data. And second, new open source technologies such as Hadoop, MapReduce and NoSQL databases are emerging for use primarily as data warehouse alternatives in tackling other forms of big data -- Web activity logs and sensor data, for example.

Cloud Computing: PredictionIO Raises $2.5M For Open Source Machine Learning Server For Predictive Analytics

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PredictionIO today announces the finalization of $2.5M in funding in a capital raise whose investors include Azure Capital QuestVP, CrunchFund, Stanford StartX-Fund, Kima Ventures, IronFire, Sood Venture and XG Ventures. The funding will be used to accelerate product development and marketing and sales and operations for the company’s open source machine learning server for predictive analytics.

PredictionIO aspires to fill the role in the predictive analytics space played by MySQL in the relational database space by delivering an open source platform that empowers data scientists to both leverage a pre-defined library of predictive algorithms as well as create new algorithms that they can either choose to contribute to the platform, or keep to themselves. Built using Scala, the PredictionIO platform supports JVM and Java-based code as well as backend Hadoop-based data. Typical use cases for PredictionIO’s technology include the production of personalized content and recommendation engines, as well as algorithms that predict the behavior of users and industries based on historical trends...

Itron Selects Microsoft Azure as Preferred Cloud Platform

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Itron, Inc. announced today its intent to use Microsoft Azure as its preferred cloud platform for Itron Analytics. The cloud computing and infrastructure platform will provide a secure, reliable and cost-effective option for hosting Itron Analytics, Itron's analytic application that harnesses the value of the data generated by utility smart grid and smart distribution investments.

With Microsoft Azure, Itron will have access to highly-available, scalable and durable cloud storage, backup and recovery capabilities. Microsoft Azure maintains the infrastructure and performs routine maintenance, patching, load balancing and health monitoring for continuous availability. This will allow Itron and its customers to focus on running Itron Analytics rather than upgrading and maintaining hardware. Itron Analytics can either be installed locally, run by the utility in the cloud environment or operated and managed by Itron as a part of its Itron(R) Total Services...

Big data in the cloud a plus for SellPoints

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Emeryville, California-based SellPoints used the cloud to create a completely new line of business based on the market insights it was generating from customers' data. Driven by performance marketing and analytics vice president Benny Blum, the company adopted a cloud computing solution to crunch their own big data product in 2012 using Hadoop as a service from provider Altiscale.

SellPoints delivers rich media to online and in-store point of sale systems and social media. With 251 retail partners including Wal-Mart, Costco, Best Buy, and Office Depot, and 130 million unique customers a month, that's a lot of customer behaviour. With so much data collected from those partners, the company realised there was a business opportunity in higher-value services delivering market intelligence to its clients...

AWS big data shops turn cloud infrastructure into insights

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Whether it's human genome data or restaurant recommendations, the world is inundated with data, and huge swaths of that information have entered the public cloud through AWS big data customers. Business intelligence and data analytics are among the most popular uses for cloud computing, according to a survey conducted by TechTarget last fall. Out of 456 total respondents, 36.2% said they use the cloud for these workloads.

Big companies choose to put big data into Amazon Web Service's (AWS) cloud because massive machine resources from compute to networking and storage are instantly available, and its many data centers worldwide offer a place for collaborators -- from researchers to programmers and data scientists -- to meet...

Cloud Computing: Transforming Raw Data Into Meaningful Useful Information

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Advanced multimedia devices, social media services, sensor networks, and corporate information systems create continuously huge amounts of structured and unstructured data which are called big data. Transforming collected masses of raw data into meaningful and useful information is important for organizations. This knowledge helps managers to make smarter decisions and improve organization’s performance.

The four dimensions of big data (volume, velocity, variety and value) present challenges to businesses such as how to store and manage data, how to effectively analyse data and gain value from big data. Recently, cloud computing has been recognized as a useful technology in handling big data for many of the organizations...

MemSQL, GoGrid Partner on High-Performance Big Data Cloud Analytics

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Public cloud computing and Big Data analytics have converged in a new partnership between MemSQL and GoGrid designed to simplify the orchestration of MemSQL's in-memory distributed database system for business intelligence. MemSQL and GoGrid are both invested in high-performance Big Data computing.

MemSQL's platform leverages in-memory storage to speed both real-time and historical data analytics, while GoGrid tailors to customers interested in Big Data-oriented hosting solutions that include SSD storage, large amounts of RAM memory and dedicated servers. The new partnership between the companies, which they announced June 17, adds ease of use to the high-end services that each provides, they said...

SAS Analytics Empowers Researchers to Easily Manage Data in the Cloud

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Analytics leader SAS has developed software to help clinical researchers instantly query and analyze data in the cloud. With the new offering, biopharmaceutical organizations can improve the efficiency and productivity of clinical research and speed lifesaving therapies and devices to market.

SAS Life Science Analytics Framework combines features of SAS Drug Development and SAS Clinical Data Integration to provide a single, integrated analytics foundation for clinical research. The solution delivers three key efficiencies:

  • Provides a repository optimized for data standards management.
  • Eases the burden of project management through easier workflows.
  • Streamlines access to analytics...

Gartner Names BIME Analytics a 2014 ‘Cool Vendor’ in PaaS

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BIME Analytics, the pioneer in true cloud business intelligence (BI), today announced that Gartner, Inc. named BIME Analytics as one of five ‘Cool Vendors’ in the Gartner Cool Vendors in PaaS report by Yefim V. Natis, Joao Tapadinhas and others, published April 28, 2014.

Each year, Gartner identifies new Cool Vendors in key technology areas and publishes a series of research reports highlighting the products and services that have the potential to exploit digitalization and radically alter competitive dynamics across many industries...