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Citrix Unveils Roadmap to the Cloud and Secure Mobility for Partners and Customers at Citrix Summit

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In the growing migration to the cloud, the transition journey varies between each organization. In fact, a Forrester Global Business Technographics Infrastructure Survey found that 38 percent of enterprises have not adopted any cloud infrastructure, while 23 percent of respondents have adopted one cloud, and 38 percent are using two or more clouds. There is a clear need for an architecture and a management platform that enables customers to manage workloads on the infrastructure they use today, while giving them the ability to migrate to one or more clouds. That's why Citrix is announcing new offerings at Citrix Summit 2017 in Anaheim, Calif. that provide the solution packages, tools and support to help customers, regardless of where they are in the cloud adoption process.

Citrix is introducing new packages to transition from on-premises licenses to Citrix Cloud for existing customers, services that enable Citrix and Microsoft customers to deploy Windows 10 desktops on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, services to deploy apps directly on Azure, and Smart Tools to simplify the deployment of new workspaces. In addition, Citrix is announcing a new Citrix Ready partner initiative targeting the mid-market along with mobility and network management products and services that complement Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) and provide comprehensive security and value for Citrix and Microsoft customers.

"With these products and services, Citrix and Microsoft are meeting partners and customers wherever they are on their journey to the cloud, whether they continue to keep IT infrastructure on-premises, or they are moving to hybrid cloud or public cloud deployments," said PJ Hough, senior vice president, Product, Citrix. "Whether they are ready to go all-in on the cloud, or they want to deploy a single app in the cloud, we have the management platform and the services they need."

NIST’s Cloud Roadmap Now Available

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The National Institute of Standards and Technology has released its final edition of its report entitled US Government Cloud Computing Technology Roadmap Volumes I and II. The report goes into detail about cloud computing and touches on many of the objectives of the federal government’s Cloud First initiative.

A press release highlighting the reports public release says that the “Final document reflects the input from more than 200 comments on the initial draft received from around the world.” NIST also adds that “The roadmap leverage’s the strengths and resources of government, industry, academia and standards development organizations to support technology innovation in cloud computing.”...

Oracle unveils cloud computing plans

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Oracle has revealed details of its planned products for private and public cloud computing.

Rex Wang, Oracle vice president of infrastructure and management, explained that businesses are looking to save money in regards to their data centres and stated that his company believes they can be encouraged to move from silo models to the cloud.

He said that clients will want to switch between public and private clouds, with Oracle offering the option to do this, reports Reseller News.