Cloud Transformation

FireEye and Oracle Collaborate on Cloud Transformation

Grazed from FireEye, Inc. and Oracle

FireEye, Inc., the intelligence-led security company, a Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today announced a relationship with Oracle to offer additional security services for customers migrating to the cloud. FireEye Email Security has achieved Powered by Oracle Cloud status and is now available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Additionally, customers can now evaluate FireEye Email Security running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure via the Oracle Cloud Jump Start demo lab.

"Based on our extensive frontline experience and global telemetry, we know email is one of the most prevalent and successful attack vectors today," said Jason Martin, EVP of global engineering and security products, FireEye. "Email attack campaigns by their very nature are controlled by the adversary and can scale in volume and composition. Customers who deploy FireEye's email security capabilities utilizing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will be able to benefit from the scalability of the infrastructure to more rapidly respond to changes in the email threat landscape."

Citrix and Google Align to Help Businesses Fully Embrace Secure Cloud Transformation

Grazed from Citrix and Google

Businesses today must quickly adapt to the demands of a global economy and workforce. Success is increasingly defined by the ability to optimize and protect the information surrounding people, organizations and devices. To help businesses tackle these challenges and fully embrace the benefits of flexibility and scale that cloud delivers, Citrix today announced extensions to its long-term strategic relationship with Google. Customers will be able to use Citrix Cloud to provision and manage secure digital workspaces, including Citrix Workspace Service, on Google Cloud Platform. Citrix and Google are working together to bring cloud delivery of applications and desktops, and secure cloud-optimized endpoints to their enterprise customers who are increasingly looking to both public and hybrid clouds to solve their business requirements for secure digital workspaces.

Cloud Transformation: Are you Ready? What about your Team?

Grazed from VMware.  Author: David Rosenberg

Are you ready for cloud transformation?

As the CIO, you know cloud is good for you. Capacity on demand! Independence from hardware… IT as a service, even as self-service… In other words, you know why you are doing it. You fought for, and got the budget allocated, you acquired the best technology, and your trusted consultant has proven to you in a nicely-done POC that the technology works. But you know, it’s not just the technology. Will your cloud fly high and deliver the expected benefits, or fall rock-hard on the shoulders of your IT team? Will your consumers use it, or see it as an additional burden? Will everyone be happy, including those whose job description changes, or worse? So, let’s talk about cloud transformation.

How cloud assurance is at the heart of digital transformation

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: Michael Segal.

Cloud computing is transforming modern business. Through the cloud, new digital-centric businesses are emerging that are more agile and innovative than anything seen before. Whether a new, ‘upstart’ business like Uber, with its compelling approach to city transport; or an established company breaking into new markets, like General Motors with its investment into Lyft, businesses are pioneering new customer services and business models that are disrupting entire industries and changing the way we work and play.

This digital transformation (DX) will affect all businesses. According to IDC, one third of the top 20 companies in every industry will have been disrupted by such digitally transformed companies by 2018. The message to businesses is clear: disrupt or be disrupted...

Enterprises Look to Hybrid Cloud for Transforming Operations

Grazed from TopTechNews. Authjor: Shirley Siluk.

A growing number of enterprises believe hybrid cloud strategies will help bring their operations and customer service into the digital business era. However, many of them haven't yet mapped out their plans for achieving those goals, according to a recent analysis by EMC and VMware.

Released last week, "The State of IT Transformation" report draws on comments from more than 660 EMC and VMware customers across 18 industries. The analysis found that more than 90 percent of those enterprises believe it's important to have plans for IT transformation, although 55 percent have not yet documented their own roadmaps for change...

IBM cloud transition keeps showing growing pains

Grazed from MarketWatch. Author: Robert McMillan.

International Business Machines Corp. spent much of 2015 lowering investor expectations, but the company closed the year with financial results that, while not sterling, contained a few bright spots. Revenue at the 104-year-old computer maker fell 8.5% to $22.06 billion in the fourth quarter of 2015, making for 15 straight quarters of declining sales. Still, the top line came in better than the $22.02 billion Wall Street expected.

The cloud computing, data analytics, security and mobile computing products on which IBM has bet its future grew at a strong pace. Those businesses accounted for about 35% of IBM's full-year 2015 revenue, or $28.9 billion, said IBM Chief Financial Officer Martin Schroeter. "We're transforming a big company," Mr. Schroeter said in an interview on Tuesday. "We've always said that this was going to take time."...

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Cloud Computing: How data centre investments are transforming IT industry - and why it won’t slow down

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: James Bourne.

As global spend on cloud infrastructure continues to rocket, leading cloud providers have to up their game and invest billions of dollars in expanding their network of hyperscale data centres. That’s according to the latest data released by Synergy Research. The company notes the top four cloud providers – Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google, and IBM – have approximately 110 data centres located in 20 different countries.

More than $25 billion has been spent in recent merger and acquisitions related to data centres, Synergy argues, with Equinix, Digital Realty, NTT and IBM at the head of operations. IBM’s $2bn acquisition of SoftLayer in 2013, while NTT’s spree of acquisitions over the past five years includes Dimension Data ($3.2bn), Raging Wire ($0.4bn) and e-shelter ($0.5bn)...

IT departments must transform in the face of the cloud revolution

Grazed from ComputerWorld. Author: Editorial Staff.

During the week of October 5th I had an opportunity to attend the AWS re:Invent 2015 conference in Las Vegas, of all places. As someone who has built an entire career on putting together custom application server software, I should be the last one to get excited about server-less applications. Just like Salesforce’s “no software,” Amazon’s “server-less software” mantra is about a world where application development is not limited by IT, software to install and servers to manage.

Traditionally, in an on-premise environment, putting together an enterprise application involved building out three pieces: the data store, the server and the client. Between the hardware, the software and the infrastructure associated with the aforementioned on-premise application, there were hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of up-front capital expense...

Cloud Computing: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on IT transformation, Amazon, and being a 'Windows company'

Grazed from Fortune. Author: Barb Darrow.

We live in strange times. Companies are increasingly running applications on computers owned and operated by another company. Employees tend to look upon their colleagues in information technology as more of a nuisance than an asset. Satya Nadella thinks his company can help make sense of it all.

On Monday, at Microsoft’s Ignite conference in Chicago, the chief executive will directly address those tech professionals who make sure email gets where it needs to go and that corporate databases keep chugging along. To them Nadella will issue a reminder that even though many dollars budgeted for technology are now flowing to marketing or other corporate departments, that doesn’t mean IT spending is down overall or that the need for tech specialists has evaporated. Quite the contrary...

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Digital Transformation Drives Cloud Computing Demand

Grazed from SysCon Media. Author: David H. Deans.

Digital Business Transformation projects gained momentum in 2014, as more companies moved their legacy IT workloads to cloud computing platforms and launched a variety of new cloud-native applications. This pervasive trend will continue and accelerate for the duration of 2015.

Total cloud IT infrastructure investment (server, disk storage, and ethernet switch) is forecast to grow by 21 percent year-over-year to reach $32 billion in 2015 -- accounting for about 33 percent of all IT infrastructure spending this year, which will be up from about 28 percent in 2014...