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Overcoming File Sharing, Healthcare App Cloud Security Concerns

Grazed from HealthITSecurity. Author: Editorial Staff.

Potential file sharing and healthcare cloud security risks must be addressed in covered entities’ and business associates’ risk analyses, according to the latest OCR cybersecurity newsletter. These collaboration tools can greatly benefit organizations, but the possible privacy and security risks cannot be ignored.

Risk management policies and business associate agreements (BAAs) should also review any file sharing or cloud computing options to ensure PHI security, OCR maintained. “Misconfigurations of file sharing and collaboration tools, as well as cloud computing services, are common issues that can result in the disclosure of sensitive data, including ePHI,” the newsletter stated...

Healthcare technology is booming thanks to cloud computing and wearables

Grazed from SiliconAngle. Author: Duncan Riley.

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers partner and longtime tech analyst Mary Meeker released her annual Internet Trends Report Wednesday, and more than anything else, she pointed to a transformation of health thanks to big data and cloud computing. The report, which is highly regarded in the tech community for its insights into trends and predictions, dedicated 31 pages to “Healthcare @ The Digital Inflection Point” and came up with some amazing stats about how technology and the Internet are transforming the sector.

At the top of the list, and perhaps the most remarkable number, is the way data is helping develop new medicines. Meeker said the digitization of medical data means that medical knowledge now doubles every 3.5 years versus doubling only every 50 years in 1950. Meeker added that the increased availability of health data is helping to accelerate clinical trials and encouraging collaboration with the scientific community as well...

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Cloud Standards Customer Council Publishes Version 2.0 of Impact of Cloud Computing on Healthcare Whitepaper

Grazed from Yahoo Finance. Author: Editorial Staff.

The Cloud Standards Customer Council™ (CSCC™) has published a much-anticipated update to the highly read Impact of Cloud Computing on Healthcare whitepaper. The paper was written to help enterprise IT and business decision makers in the healthcare industry analyze and consider the implications of cloud computing on their businesses.

This whitepaper offers guidance and strategies to help decision makers evaluate and compare cloud computing offerings from different providers, taking into account requirements from medical practices, hospitals, research facilities, insurance companies and governments. It is available for free download at:

Cloud Computing: Computing Cancer, Microsoft Uses Computer Science to Find Cure

Grazed from: Author: Kay Soliven.

The Microsoft research labs, dedicated to creating solutions to problems of the computer industry, will use algorithms and computers to find a cure for cancer - the deadly challenge for humans today. According to Mircosoft, the company is conducting research in Microsoft Labs, Cambridge, UK to try and merge biology with computer science, in hopes of finding a solution for the disease.

According to corporate Vice-President in charge of the labs Jeannete Wing, "The collaboration between biologists and computer scientists is actually key to making this work." However, the tech giant found two approaches to the problem: first is taking biological processes as information processing systems where tools are developed and used to model computational processes, and second approach is using data to formulate analysis tools that may comprehend the complexity of cancer and its treatments...

Empowering the health industry with trusted cloud solutions

Grazed from OnWindows. Author: Lindsay James.

A new blog post by Elena Bonfiglioli, senior director of the EMEA health industry in Microsoft’s Public Sector division, has highlighted how cloud computing can help the European healthcare sector improve medical care in powerful ways. “It empowers 3,600 mobile caregivers working in the field of mental health in Arkin to be more productive and deliver better care,” she explains.

“It opens up new ways of engagement for mental health patients in Finland through the Health Village. It optimises care processes with remote support and post stroke management in the NHS. It provides a digital identity and a resilient future proof infrastructure for all care givers in the HSE ensuring doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers have access to the real-time information they need – when they need it...

Fusion's Single Source Cloud Solutions Help Drive Primary Healthcare Organization's Expansion

Grazed from MarketWatch.  Author: Editorial Staff.

 Fusion, a leading provider of cloud services, announced today that Fidelity, a Fusion company, has secured a three year, $150,000 agreement to initially connect three of its twelve primary care health centers to the Fusion cloud. Citing Fusion's fully integrated suite of cloud solutions as a primary reason for the selection, this practice of more than fifty physicians has been growing at a rapid pace, and anticipates expanding the company's integrated cloud solutions to all of its locations.

The practice was intent on choosing a provider to deliver the full complement of communications services it needs to deliver a consistently high quality of care to its patients and the broader community.  Fusion replaces a complex multi-vendor communications environment with an optimized cloud-based solution that converges the organization's burgeoning voice and data requirements. The practice delivers personalized care with a strong commitment to providing the information patients need to get and stay healthy...

GE Healthcare to Connect 500,000 Imaging Machines with Announcement of GE Health Cloud and Apps

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 The GE Health Cloud was unveiled today at the 101st annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting in Chicago. Designed exclusively for the healthcare industry, the new cloud ecosystem and its applications will connect radiologists and clinicians to speed, efficiency and collaboration across care pathways and multidisciplinary teams – both inside and outside the hospital setting.
"Our ultimate goal is to help improve patient care and drive superior clinical, financial and operational outcomes alongside healthcare providers," said Jeff Immelt, Chairman and CEO of GE. "As the digital industrial leader, we are betting big on the GE Health Cloud. By connecting clinicians with the insights needed, when and where they need them, clinicians can take action to improve healthcare outcomes and delivery around the globe."...

Intel's Cancer Cloud Shows Promise for Agencies

Grazed from FedTech. Author: David Stegon.

The growth of cloud computing continues to create new opportunities for technology companies to offer better access to information. This summer, Intel, in a collaborative effort with Oregon Health & Science University, launched the Collaborative Cancer Cloud, which, as it grows out, will provide medical researchers and practitioners with a wealth of data on all aspects of cancer that can be used to better serve patients.

At its core, the Collaborative Cancer Cloud allows doctors and researchers to share patient data, the goal being to further critical discoveries about the disease. However, instead of placing that data in a consolidated single cloud architecture — as some organizations already do — Intel’s project allows each organization to continue to host its own data but lets others use it behind a firewall. Intel’s Eric Dishman described it earlier this year:...

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CIO, analyst say cloud computing in healthcare meets HIPAA

Grazed from TechTarget. Author: Kristen Lee.

Creative Solutions in Healthcare may be the only health organization at present that completely operates in the cloud. "We are the first healthcare company, to my knowledge, that is 100% in the cloud," said Shawn Wiora, CIO at Creative Solutions, based in Fort Worth, Texas. The company was founded in 2000 and currently owns and operates dozens of skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities.

Wiora explained that Creative Solutions currently has 43 different applications in the cloud, including its EHR, accounting applications and maintenance software. He said Creative Solutions' HR office system is currently being hosted with Ceridian Dayforce, and its EHR is being hosted with PointClickCare. The company has been 100% in the cloud since the beginning of 2015...

Salesforce Health Cloud Aims to Make Patient Data More Accessible

Grazed from eWeek. Author: David Needle.

Can hospitals and other medical providers tap cloud computing to get a better picture of patient’s needs? That’s the promise of Salesforce Health Cloud, a new service that’s been developed with the help of several leading care provides including Centura Health, DJO Global, Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

With Health Cloud, patients will also be able to access their medical community via mobile and desktop devices via the Salesforce Community Cloud that works on iOS and Android devices. Bringing cloud services to healthcare providers is a natural progression for, which pioneered cloud-based Customer Relationship Management, says Joshua Newman, a physician who heads the Health Cloud product as chief medical officer and general manager of Salesforce Health Care and Life Sciences...

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