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Cloud Computing: Social innovation in action - Collaboration, shared value and a new business model

Grazed from ITProPortal. Author: Klaus Dieter Rennert.

A recent report from Chatham House, the international affairs think tank, noted the vital importance of cities to the global economy, calling them motors for growth. The report stated that cities produce innovation, and will increasingly do so with interconnected technologies coming to the fore.

However, they face enormous and increasingly common challenges – gridlock; insufficient housing; poor waste management; lack of clean water and safety. This chimed with new research we conducted with Frost & Sullivan on the topic of social innovation. In it, Frost & Sullivan defined social innovation as ‘the deployment of technology and new business models to bring positive change to the lives of individuals and societies.’...

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How to see the social side of cloud computing

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As companies continue to migrate toward cloud computing on a variety of enterprise fronts, it's important for business leaders to make sure they're getting the most out of the experience. There are constantly new tools and dynamic strategies rolling out that are meant to boost productivity and increase corporate success, but not all of these are as successful as others. What matters most is keeping clear lines of communication both within and among outward-facing channels, tasks that are best established and maintained through social media.

A social world

The presence of social media is becoming proliferate both in the cloud and on mobile devices. Consumers already make ample use of this technology, so it behooves companies to keep up with the trend. After all, who buys retail products, determines what's trendy or influences the flow of enterprise investments if not consumers?...

GitHub, Openness In The Cloud Era

Grazed from Forbes. Author: Reuven Cohen.

Cloud computing is quickly becoming, or possibly has already become, the de facto way new applications are developed and deployed. The days of on-premises, device specific software for the most part, has come to end. Data and its related API’s is now the platform of choice for developers. At the forefront of this transition are online tools like the free open source hosting platform GitHub, which has become the key method for where and how developers contribute and collaborate in 2013. In many ways, GitHub is the very definition of “openness” with-in the development world with millions of hackers around the globe actively and openly collaborating with one another.

A recent post describes GitHub as “the largest online storage space of collaborative works that exists in the world. Whether you’re interested in participating in this global mind meld or in researching this massive file dump of human knowledge, you need to be here.”...

eXo Cloud Brings eXo Platform 4 Online: Full Featured, Open Source Enterprise Social Platform

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eXo, the Enterprise Social Platform company, today opened access to eXo Cloud. Built on the experience acquired with its previous SaaS offering, Cloud Workspaces, eXo Cloud offers online, instant access to all the features of eXo Platform 4. It integrates social and enterprise collaboration features in a single on-demand offering. This release of eXo Cloud is offered free of charge, and users can sign up for accounts at

A year and a half after launching Cloud Workspaces in beta, eXo launches its production-ready social intranet SaaS: eXo Cloud. The beta campaign of Cloud Workspaces enabled eXo to acquire valuable feedback on both its product and its cloud service, leading to visible improvements on eXo Platform 4 and its SaaS counterpart, eXo Cloud. These improvements include a design overhaul, an easier user experience and a more robust and flexible multi-tenant platform...

First Social Cloud Management Tool Aims to Lessen Impact of Cloud Silos

Grazed from Huffington Post. Author: Kevin Ducoff.

While plenty of enterprises have now stored their information in the cloud, data silos still loom as a major problem. According to a recent Oracle survey, 54 percent of IT executives have experienced downtime in the past six months after being forced to stop working when cloud applications were not properly integrated with other apps across the enterprise.

Cloud silos emerge when data is stored in separate servers or data centers and can't interact with other systems. The reduction in efficiency means enterprises may be failing to meet their potential, but a new cloud management tool aims to change that...

Tips on Using the Cloud for Mobile, Social, and Games

Grazed from RightScale.  Author: Lee Schlesinger.

"IaaS is the most appropriate infrastructure solution for social games, web-based games, mobile applications — any applications or products that can have a short lifespan — because you don't need to worry about the upfront infrastructure costs of hosting applications or back-end infrastructure. You're able to use what's appropriate for you at the time, iterate quickly, and if your game isn't a success, you can easily scrap what's been done."

So says Ronnie Regev, an enterprise product manager at RightScale. Before he joined RightScale, Regev spent nine years at Ubisoft, where he was senior manager of online game operations and architecture at the prominent gaming company. He shared some of the lessons he learned about using the cloud for mobile, social, and games at the recent RightScale Compute conference...

Cloud Computing: Demand Grows for Social B2B Data

Grazed from DestinationCRM. Author: Kelly Liyakasa.

While the social Web is the next frontier in understanding and predicting future consumer buying patterns, B2B sales and marketing are reaping benefits as well. New solutions are emerging to help companies harness the power of social identity data to add context and color to customer account records in order to improve lead generation efforts by marketing, and ultimately, shape follow-up actions made by salespeople.

"Social media gives you a whole new dimension on leads," says Amnon Mishor, cofounder and vice president of products of Leadspace, makers of a SaaS B2B social lead targeting solution. "You can understand the true story about who this person is, what [his] role is in an organization, and what [he's] interested in."...

Cloud Computing: Salesforce takes the wraps off

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: Jane McCallion., the software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider best known for its CRM platform, has unveiled what it is terming the third pillar of its Marketing Cloud offering, The new service, which joins Radian6 and Buddy Media to make up Marketing Cloud, will allow brands and advertising agencies to build social ad campaigns for Facebook and Twitter that are both proactive and reactive, the company claims.

Gordon Evans, global senior director of product marketing at Salesforce, told Cloud Pro: “We believe this is the first truly social marketing platform. As well as offering campaign creation, optimisation and automation, also has two features we believe are unique: listening integration and CRM integration.”...

Cloud Computing: New Social Inspiration Start-Up Company Formed

Grazed from the Wall Street Journal.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Kamere, a new social inspiration start-up company focused on the power of inspiration, today announced the formation of the company, its executive management team and advisory board. Kamere is developing a cloud-computing platform and mobile application that enriches people's lives by connecting people and organizations with personalized, meaningful inspirational content that can be shared across major social networking platforms.

Kamere was co-founded by former Hewlett Packard Vice President, Kim Box, and John Kunhart, Managing Director for American River Ventures, a $100 million venture capital fund targeting early-stage technology companies. Box and Kunhart joined forces with a distinct purpose in mind -- to build a purpose-driven company that amplifies the power of inspiration to uplift humanity...

Social Networking, Cloud Computing, Smartphones and Tablets will Take Center Stage in 2013

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To stay on top in the computer forensics game, the quality which must be embraced above all others is adaptability to constant change. Every day there are new computers and devices, new applications, new fads and new offerings, and as technology continues to encroach on almost every aspect of doing business today, staying on top of the newest trends and technologies is essential for any professionals who will be relied on to “save the day” when problems and/or questions lie in the digital world.

Global Digital Forensics founder and CEO/CTO has lived on that cutting edge of the cyber world for over two decades and is once again getting Global Digital Forensics geared up for the challenges and technologies he expects will crowd more into the spotlight in 2013 and answers some questions to share some of his insight on what he believes clients can expect and how GDF will be positioned to respond...