10 Traits Of Highly Effective Cloud Leaders

Grazed from Forbes. Author: Joe MCKendrick.

With the growing adoption of cloud computing comes a new class of leaders. They come from both IT and the business side of their organizations. They understand and are comfortable with the notion of bringing in new types of solutions to address business problems, as well as to super-charge innovation. At the same time, they understand the needs of the business, and are capable of communicating with and listening to business users from across the spectrum.

What does it take to bring about these special traits? The move to cloud is fraught with potential cost overruns, dashed expectations, data loss, and ham-handed attempts to quash “unsanctioned” projects. Highly effective cloud leaders need to know how to deftly navigate these shoals, and move cloud efforts forward. Here are 10 qualities that help define highly effective cloud leaders in this new era, who are moving their organizations forward. Highly effective cloud leaders:..

1) Prioritize business first, technology second. Cloud leaders will first sit down with business counterparts and map out requirements, and help decide if cloud is the best approach to requirements. They never recommend cloud for cloud’s sake...

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