3 misconceptions small business have about the cloud

 Grazed from CIO.  Author: Paul Mah.

Starting a small business, or trying to grow it is a daunting affair. Thankfully, cloud services have sprung up to help business owners better leverage technology.  However, the cloud can be confusing and surrounded by myths and misinformation. With this in mind, we take a closer look at some of those common misconceptions, specifically in the context of using the cloud to host websites, email services and online file storage.
1. Distrusting the security of the cloud
An age-old concern with cloud services is that security is poor compared to businesses that handle their own hardware. However, this misses the point. Few small businesses can even afford to set up their own IT department, much less hire dedicated security staffers with the skillset and experience to properly protect their organizations from the bad guys...
Cloud businesses have every incentive to not only defend their infrastructure against hackers, but have more resources to monitor for breaches and to handle any intrusion that occur. Because the cloud is about economies of scale, this is also achieved at a price point that is cheaper than similar arrangements such as an on-premises deployment handled under a managed services contract...

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