Cloud Computing Services That Are Bringing Something New to the Table

Grazed from CloudWards. Author: Ritika Tiwari.

According to a research done by CompTIA, more than 90 percent of businesses are now using cloud technology. Another research paper done by IBM reveals that by the end of 2015, half of the world’s video games will be played on the cloud. While most of the businesses are moving towards the cloud mainly to cut costs, there are certain companies which are trying to bring something new to the table with the help of cloud technology.

In fact, “The Power of Cloud,” an IBM Institute of Business Value, found in a survey that 16 percent of organizations are using cloud tech to innovate and come up with something new. Cloud technology has undoubtedly become a major part of the IT industry today and more and more companies are embracing it. Yes, there are concerns about:..

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