Cloud Computing: The Top of a Trend or Beginning of an Opportunity

Grazed from ETFDB. Author: Justin Kuepper.

Dell Inc. agreed to buy EMC Corp. (EMC) in October for $67 billion in the largest technology acquisition in history. While some analysts attributed the deal to tech market froth, the acquisition also signifies the growing importance of cloud computing. The move is also just the latest in a trend of such acquisitions, including International Business Machine’s (IBM) acquisition of SoftLayer in 2013 for $2 billion after selling off its PC business. Investors looking to capitalize on these trends may want to take a look at the ISE Cloud Computing Index Fund (SKYY B), which is a $500 million exchange-traded fund (ETF) that provides them with exposure to cloud computing technology.

Massive Shift Spurs M&A

According to Cisco Systems Inc.’s (CSCO) Global Cloud Index white paper, more than three-quarters (78%) of workloads will be processed by cloud data centers by 2018 compared to just 22% processed by traditional data centers. The growth will be largely driven by software-as-a-service’s 33% CAGR, although infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service technologies are also expected to realize double-digit annual growth rates...

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