The Cloud in Emerging Markets - How Cloud Tech Is Making Computing More Accessible

Grazed from Business2Community. Author: Matt Smith.

Cloud computing is rapidly transforming business processes both domestically and in international emerging markets. Information technology is projected to be based more than 50 percent in the cloud within the next few years and it may be an ideal environment for many developing markets. This shift will allow emerging international markets to move past costly technology barriers and drastically increase productivity and growth. Cloud services are becoming more readily available in a variety of regions, which has fueled a strong desire for increased capacity.

Although the use of cloud services is still in its formative years in many emerging markets, the adoption of the cloud is becoming more prevalent. This steadily increasing switch to the cloud by an assorted range of organizations has fueled the need for providers to invest in new data centers and cloud infrastructures as well as related offerings such as security and management services...

Increasing Popularity of the Cloud

Worldwide spending on the cloud is anticipated to increase rapidly as emerging markets adopt the new technology. Developing areas may have a simpler task when it comes to switching to the cloud since they do not have to transition from older systems like many American businesses. These smaller markets have the advantage of a swifter move to the cloud to experience benefits such as scalability, flexibility and customized pricing...