How Cloud Computing Could Be the Future of Education

Grazed from The Huffinton Post. Author: Naibo Yu.

In a Chinese classroom, a teacher needs to face more than 20 students and sometimes up to 60. These students, and their parents, will always want to get the most attention from the teacher.
This is an educational challenge faced by schools the world over, which in China, we're turning to technology to tackle.

In 2008, with a start up loan from Youth Business China (a member of the global charity network), Youth Business International, I founded HowLang Group - part of a new wave of educational tools, social learning, where technology is used to help break down the barriers of the school walls and improve learning. At this time, our product was just in the design phase, struggling for investment, so the loan was crucial to helping us progress...

Our new solution to the challenges of modern teaching in China was to use cloud computing. Students can access lesson plans on their PC or tablet (like an iPad), and work through the lesson. These lessons can be accessed at any location and anyone can use the resources freely. The teachers use the platform for teaching, the students use the platform for learning, and parents can use it to see how their child is doing at school and share their feedback with the teachers. At the same time, participants can ask and answer questions and share knowledge to help others...

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