IT Staff Fearful Of Cloud? Try Cloud Whispering

Grazed from InformationWeek. Author: Jonathan Feldman.

Last week at Interop and Cloud Connect, I shared a bit about how my staff and I have worked through some very natural fears about our organization expanding the production use of cloud computing. The bottom line: It's all about communication, mutual flexibility, managing the real operating risks, dispelling irrational fears, and providing a career path forward.

As with many IT and leadership topics, the "how" matters just as much as the "what." The "how" we did it is what I focused on in my Cloud Connect slide deck, and what I explore here...

Consider Point Of View

Business leaders see the cloud in very different ways from IT workers. Business leaders see improved speed to market; the ability to rent instead of own, especially as things relate to new ventures that might not be permanent; and the ability to rent infrequently used assets (like those for disaster recovery). And, of course, business leaders read those annoying tech-light biz strategy magazines like all executives do, and they may have an overly inflated sense of what cloud computing can do for their organizations...

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