Top 10 cloud trends for 2016

Grazed from MobileComputingToday. Author: Editorial Staff.

Just like any other area of technological innovation, cloud is a massive industry which has developed in ways few would predict a couple of years ago. As more individuals and enterprises embrace cloud technologies, the security and usability questions become a central focus of many providers. But consumer expectations aren’t the only factor shaping the state of cloud. Here are 10 key cloud trends to watch in 2016.

1) The cloud will figure in Europe’s data legislation

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) recently invalidated the Safe Harbor Principles. This essentially means that any US company wanting to move user data across the Atlantic will need to declare their standards of data privacy. That’s why major cloud providers are bound to get more interested in the subject this year...

Most have already issued statements about their dedication to data privacy, but many still haven’t developed a dedicated infrastructure in Europe. For them, 2016 will be an important year. They’ll need to decide whether to continue their operation only in the US or commit to European data standards by taking part in the privacy debate...

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