What The Future Holds For Cloud Computing

Grazed from MBTMag. Author: Ranga Bodla.

While companies have been relying on hosted software and third-party tools for decades, it has been roughly six years since clouds entered the enterprise IT psyche. Here are some insights into the opportunities and limitations of service in the cloud, as well as what the future brings for cloud computing.

What types of tools typically exist in "the cloud" today?

Today the cloud is not just an option when it comes to selecting software applications and IT tools — it’s the default option. Applications like NetSuite were the beginning of true multi-tenant cloud infrastructure, moving beyond simple third-party hosting and passing along economies of scale to customers by pooling computing resources...

Now, many organizations have cloud tools for such business applications as CRM, SFA, ERP, PSA, HR, payroll, ecommerce, PLM and design. They use cloud tools for office productivity solutions such as collaborative document management, word processing, email and video-conferencing. On the IT side, cloud-based software development tools are increasingly in use, while organizations are downsizing costly data center servers and backup systems. Even phone systems have moved to the cloud...

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