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Q&A: Fortanix Talks Funding, Protecting Cloud Data, and Cloud Security Trends

Earlier this week, Fortanix announced that it had closed a sizeable Series B round of funding, which will help the company execute on its bold vision of helping solve today's cloud security and data privacy problems.  To find out more about the funding news, the company, their technology and partnerships, CloudCow spoke with Ambuj Kumar, the company's CEO and co-founder.  Kumar also goes into detail about the major trends that he sees in cloud security for the remainder of 2019.

CloudCow:  Congratulations Ambuj on this week's funding!  Before we go into those details, can you give our readers a quick overview of Fortanix?

Ambuj Kumar:  I would be happy to. Fortanix was founded to solve cloud security and privacy challenges. We allow customers to securely operate even the most sensitive applications without having to trust the cloud. Fortanix provides unique deterministic security by encrypting applications and data everywhere - at rest, in motion, and in use with our Runtime Encryption® technology built upon Intel® Software Guard Extension (SGX). 

We were the first company to recognize the power of protected enclaves to secure enterprise applications and cloud data, and adoption has been growing rapidly ever since. In addition to many Fortune 100 customers around the globe, Fortanix is partnering with and enabling protections in the IBM Data Shield. We have also been working with Equinix to power its SmartKeyTM HSM-as-a-service, and we partnered with Alibaba Cloud to integrate with the Alibaba Cloud platform, enabling them to introduce new levels of security and privacy with our Self-Defending Key Management ServiceTM in the cloud. Those are just a few of the big names I can mention.


Fortanix Raises $23M Led by Intel Capital to Meet Growing Global Demand for Runtime Encryption Solutions Protecting Cloud Data

Fortanix Inc., the Runtime Encryption technology company, today announced that it has closed a $23 million Series B round of funding led by Intel Capital. Round participants included existing investors Foundation Capital and Neotribe. In addition, Sunil Kurkure, Director, Intel Capital, will join the Fortanix Board of Directors. The funding brings the company's total funding to $31 million.

Fortanix is executing on its bold vision of helping solve today's cloud security and data privacy problems. By helping to protect data in systems that might otherwise be experiencing vulnerabilities, Fortanix helps remove complex and intractable security challenges experienced with current solutions. Running applications in enclaves enables a new level of security on premise, in hybrid environments, and even on remote clouds, helping to protect data even when systems are compromised.


Data Privacy Day: A Reminder to Implement a Data Protection Plan


Data Privacy Day 

Cyberattacks, natural disasters and human error doesn't discriminate, and they can all have catastrophic effects for any organization in any industry. Everyday there are 6,080,122 records stolen, according to Breach Level Index. Shockingly, this means that every second, there are 70 records stolen.

Ensuring data privacy should be a top priority for every organization. Data Privacy Day was established to remind organizations that sensitive personal data and company information is always at risk on the internet-and a data protection plan is no longer a luxury.

We spoke to several security experts to find out why having a data protection plan in place is more important than ever, and the steps that organizations can take to safeguard their data.

Free Copy of Gartner's Market Guide for IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

With the onset of more modular and cloud-centric architectures, many organizations with disparate monitoring tools are reassessing their monitoring landscape. According to Gartner, "With the onset of more modular and cloud-centric architectures, many organizations with disparate monitoring tools are reassessing their monitoring landscape. I&O leaders must adopt more holistic IT infrastructure monitoring tools to gain visibility into their IT landscape."

A Gartner Market Guide defines an emerging market and explains what clients can expect it to do in the short term, outlining the attributes of representative vendor offerings and how those offerings are likely to evolve.

This free guide provides insight into the IT infrastructure monitoring tool market and providers as well as key findings and recommendations.

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Cloud-Based Technology Continuing To Positively Transform Legal Industry

Article Written by Sally Perkins

Enterprises can increase their revenue by 23% simply by relying on digital-first strategies that focus on achieving strategic business goals. Embracing digital transformation is an issue that has plagued companies in every single industry for over a decade now. One of the biggest aspects of this transformation is the shift to cloud-based enterprise solutions, and it's no different for the legal industry. As cybersecurity myths continue to be debunked and data privacy rules change for the better, law firms and tech-savvy clients alike are seeing the benefits of cloud-based technology and reaping the benefits of it, too.

Addressing Issues Of Data Security

Cybersecurity and data privacy are two of the most pressing concerns that companies in the legal industry have when choosing whether or not to adopt cloud-based technology. In fact, when asked about this problem, 66% of respondents said that security is their biggest concern regarding adopting an enterprise cloud computing platform. However, law firms all around the world currently operate under strict, often very specific data security processes developed to protect sensitive data. Seeing as this is one industry in which professionals are groomed, from the beginning, to protect data at all costs, it is becoming more and more recognized that firms that have transitioned to a cloud-based solution are becoming better equipped at mitigating the associated risks. From growth management to business continuity and even up-to-date compliance regulations, cybersecurity concerns are being toppled by numerous benefits to both lawyers and their clients. 

New Nirmata Study: More than Half of Kubernetes Users Cite Lack of Expertise Prevents Wider Adoption Across the Organization

Nirmata, an enterprise-wide composable platform based on Kubernetes, today announced that the results of a user survey taken at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America reveal that organizations are adopting microservices based applications but lack the subject matter expertise to mobilize it across their organization.

The study surveyed 152 IT professionals who are using Kubernetes and are at the forefront of managing their applications in today's digital age. The survey highlights that more than 50 percent of users are using Kubernetes in production, and nearly 40 percent are also using it in development and testing environments.

In addition, in today's always-on world, those responsible for managing customers digital experience want to increasingly take advantage of microservices and containers by using Kubernetes to stay innovative but cite other key adoption challenges:

Teradici and IGEL Announce Expanded Endpoint Support for Multicloud Environments

Teradici, the creator of industry-leading PCoIP technology and Cloud Access Software, today announced a new relationship with IGEL, a world leader in software-defined endpoint optimization and control for the secure enterprise, to extend PCoIP Software Client for Linux to the IGEL family of thin clients. For the first time ever, IGEL thin client users will be able to connect to Teradici Cloud Access Software and to Amazon WorkSpaces, a cloud desktop service that uses PCoIP protocol technology. With Teradici Cloud Access, IGEL customers will be able to connect to virtual workstations on any private, public, or hybrid cloud and visualize remotely hosted applications with the security and performance benefits of PCoIP technology.

"IGEL is delighted to be teaming with Teradici to provide support for our mutual customers who are accessing Amazon WorkSpaces or Teradici Cloud Access via the PCoIP Software Client for Linux," said Simon Clephan, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, IGEL. "Together, we are able to offer a secure and simple to manage solution for accessing remote workloads, through the Linux-based IGEL OS."

AWS Announces Amazon WorkLink

Today, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) announced the availability of Amazon WorkLink, a fully managed service that enables companies to provide their workforce with secure one-click access to internal websites and web applications from their mobile devices without connecting to VPNs or using custom browsers. End users simply download the Amazon WorkLink app to enable access to internal content through existing browsers on their mobile devices. IT administrators determine which internal content to make available, and Amazon WorkLink securely renders it behind the scenes using the compute and networking infrastructure of AWS, delivering a non-cached, fully functional, graphical representation of the web content to the user requesting it. Amazon WorkLink removes the need to build and maintain complicated infrastructure and software deployments to secure access to internal content on authorized mobile devices outside of the firewall. Amazon WorkLink also reduces the risk of information loss or theft because content is never stored or cached on devices. There are no up-front payments, per seat licensing costs, or long-term commitments, and customers pay only $5 per active user per month. To get started with Amazon WorkLink, visit:

SIOS Protection Suite for SAP Optimized on AWS Now Available in AWS Solution Space

SIOS Technology Corp., the industry pioneer in providing intelligent application availability for critical workloads, today announced its SIOS Protection Suite for SAP optimized on AWS is now available in AWS Solution Space. SIOS Protection Suite for SAP optimized on AWS provides high availability, data replication, and disaster recovery in an easy, cost-efficient solution on AWS. SIOS is also offering a special consultancy service.

"Businesses must ensure that the SAP applications that power their data and systems provide the same service levels that are achieved in their on-premises data," said Jerry Melnick, president and CEO, SIOS Technology. "Without high availability and disaster protection, they can suffer downtime should cloud services be interrupted. An enterprise must find the right HA solution to protect the critical components of their SAP environment, while efficiently managing resources and costs. AWS is partnering with SIOS to achieve the strictest levels of high availability for our customers and the SAP applications they are moving to the AWS cloud."

IGEL Revolutionizes Cloud Workspace Endpoint Management with IGEL OS 11

IGEL, a world leader in software-defined endpoint optimization and control solutions for the secure enterprise, today launched the IGEL Workspace Edition. Powered by the IGEL OS 11 operating system, the IGEL Workspace Edition demonstrates, once again, that IGEL is leading the industry in its software-first approach and ability to standardize, manage and secure any complex end user computing ecosystem. Being unveiled today at the 2019 IGEL DISRUPT End User Computing Forum event in Munich, Germany, the IGEL Workspace de-couples the hardware from the software through new, flexible and transferable software licensing options that are designed to increase the value of endpoints while simplifying their acquisition, control and management. 

"With the launch of the IGEL Workspace, we've made endpoint management and control even easier and more cost-effective than ever before," said Simon Townsend, IGEL Chief Marketing Officer for EMEA. "First, we revolutionized endpoint management, bringing simplicity and uniformity to complex VDI ecosystems. Now we're revolutionizing endpoint acquisition, ownership, and support, a move that we believe is going to be very exciting for both our partners and customers, and one that will make a tremendous impact on their ability to secure, optimize and control the endpoint."