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Webinar: What's New With Zenoss Cloud


It's official - Zenoss Cloud, the new SaaS-based intelligent IT operations management platform designed for hybrid IT infrastructures and built on Google Cloud Platform - is now available.  

Discover how Zenoss Cloud leverages the most powerful machine learning and real-time analytics of streaming data to give you the ability to more effectively scale and adapt to the changing needs of your business.

WHEN?  Tuesday, August 21, 2018 @ 11:00 AM Central Daylight Time

During this webinar, product marketing manager, Anirban Chatterjee, and Kent Erickson, Zenoss Cloud product manager, will share Zenoss Cloud's new key features, including:

  • Smart View - troubleshooting technology with a brand new user interface and collaboration features
  • Streaming and ad hoc metric collection - leveraging open-source agents
  • Massive scalability to handle the largest enterprise, service provider and IoT use cases with industry-leading security for your data
  • Container support for Kubernetes and Docker
  • AI-guided anomaly detection using machine learning
  • Cloud monitoring of all major public and private cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google, OpenStack)
  • Extensive and comprehensive coverage for all major server, network, storage and virtualization technologies

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Careers in Health Informatics & the Cloud

Article Written by Avery Phillips

Thanks to big data, the cloud, and the ever-advancing march of technology, the face of healthcare is changing. With that comes the need for additional staff trained in how to use technology to its fullest in order to better serve patients. From treating chronic diseases through research, management, and prevention, to trying to combat SIDS in infants, let's look at at what these new careers do, and how they use the cloud to do their job.

Agenda for OpenStack Summit Berlin Is Now Live

Grazed from OpenStack

Open infrastructure builders and users from a diverse swath of industries and open source technologies will meet in Berlin November 13-15 at the OpenStack Summit where they will share their work on integration of open infrastructure technologies and offer an inside look at their deployments and use cases. The agenda for the event is now live and features 100+ sessions addressing more than 35 open source projects, including new projects hosted at the OpenStack Foundation: Kata Containers, Zuul, Airship and StarlingX.

The Summit agenda is organized into nine tracks covering open infrastructure use cases including container infrastructure, private and hybrid cloud, continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD), edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and NFV.

Sessions and topics of note include:

Green Cloud Announces Partnership with AVANT, A Premier Distributor of Next Generation IT Technologies

Grazed from Green Cloud

Green Cloud Technologies ("Green Cloud"), a cloud technology solutions provider, has partnered with AVANT, a leader of channel sales enablement of next-generation IT solutions. In this new strategic partnership, Green Cloud will become an AVANT cloud provider, expanding AVANT's product portfolio for cloud-based IT solutions. 

AVANT partners will now be able to sell Green Cloud's IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), VMware powered DaaS (Desktop as a Service), DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) and Veeam Powered BaaS (Backup-as-a-Service). Green Cloud is one of the largest independent channel-only cloud IaaS providers in the country, with data centers in Atlanta, GA, Greenville, SC, Houston, TX, Minneapolis, MN, Nashville, TN and Phoenix, AZ.


Datrium Introduces CloudShift to Transform DR Simplicity and Reliability

Grazed from Datrium

Datrium, the leader in Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, today announced Datrium CloudShift, the first SaaS-based DR orchestration service for VMware to combine radically simple operation, low recovery point objectives (RPO), low AWS cloud cost, and end-to-end readiness assurance. The combination of Datrium's single data stack design, which is inclusive of both primary and backup data, together with its SaaS platform for hybrid clouds, ensures enterprises can finally handle the challenge plaguing most real or tested disaster recovery (DR) events: predictable success. Datrium will demonstrate CloudShift at the VMworld 2018 U.S., Aug. 26-30, Booth #1350. 

Enterprises are continually seeking new economic models for IT practices, including public cloud leverage. However, due to data volume constraints created by on-premises to cloud communications, few large organizations embrace cloud-based DR due to bandwidth/latency limitations or costs. This is especially the case when using primary infrastructure replication. While modern backup products claim reduced bandwidth and cloud DR storage costs, backups are intrusive, and their restore points are typically too far apart for DR SLAs. Above either, DR orchestration software requires ongoing multi-vendor compatibility and software maintenance, leading to complexity and frequent failures in DR tests.

BAE Systems and Flexera Make Moving to the Cloud Easier Than Ever for U.S. Government Agencies

Grazed from BAE Systems and Flexera

BAE Systems announced a new strategic partnership with Flexera to help government agencies moving to the cloud better manage their software licenses and more accurately plan and budget for their future information technology (IT) needs.

Under the partnership, BAE Systems, a company with unparalleled experience managing the cloud complexities that arise during cloud migrations, will integrate Flexera's leading asset and license management tools into its scalable, hybrid cloud environment for government. The federated secure cloud, developed by BAE Systems and Dell EMC, is designed from the ground up to meet mission needs and security requirements for any U.S. Intelligence Community, Department of Defense (DoD), or federal/civilian government organization.

MapR Academy Offers New Course on Application Containers and Kubernetes - Free, On-Demand

Grazed from MapR Technologies

MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the industry's leading data platform for AI and Analytics, today announced a new, free on-demand course from MapR Academy on application containers and Kubernetes.  Application Containers and Kubernetes explains how Kubernetes enhances application containers and makes them a viable solution for deployment on an enterprise level. This course is ideal for business decision-makers and administrators who want to more fully understand how to use application containers in a production environment.

"Application containers and Kubernetes are two relatively new technologies used to improve efficiency of creating and deploying applications in an enterprise environment. Even users who are comfortable with application containers may not understand how Kubernetes can ease their transition into using application containers on a production environment," said Suzanne Ferry, vice president, global training and enablement, MapR Technologies.  "This course explains how Kubernetes enhances application containers and makes them a viable solution for deployment on an enterprise level."

Portworx Expands Container Data Management Options for Amazon Web Services Customers

Grazed from Portworx

Portworx, the cloud native storage company modern enterprises trust to manage data in containers, today announced that Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) has integrated with its flagship product PX-Enterprise, enabling mission critical stateful workloads to run in Docker containers with dynamic provisioning, cross-Availability Zone high availability, application consistent snapshots, auto-scaling and encryption functionality. Following Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) integration with PX-Enterprise earlier this year, Amazon customers have unparalleled choice when it comes radically simplified operations of containerized stateful services running anywhere on the Amazon Web Services platform.

Containers have redefined how today's leading enterprises build and deploy applications, automate operations and cut costs through improved resource utilization. As container adoption accelerates, however, to include mission critical stateful services like databases, enterprises have discovered a need for a cloud native storage solution that provides HA, backups, snapshots, encryption, auto-scaling and monitoring integration to successfully manage stateful containerized applications. The combination Amazon ECS scaleable container platform and Portworx persistent storage provides enterprises with an easy-to-manage container environment no matter what their scale.


Cloud-Based Apps Can Make Your Life As a Landlord Easier

Article Written by Sally Perkins

Not so long ago, cloud computing seemed like something out of a science fiction storyline. Instead of dedicating space for information, programs, and applications on your own hard drive, you can just pop onto the internet and access all of the data from any place. These days, more applications and programs are moving to the cloud for greater accessibility and flexibility.

As a landlord, you have a job that requires 24/7 diligence. You never know when a water heater could start leaking or a tenant could have a security emergency. Thankfully, cloud-based applications can actually make your job easier and your tenants' experience in your units better.

How To Be A Better IT Manager

Working in IT is a tough job because it’s a complex industry and you need to have specific knowledge that’s going to help advance the company where you work. Part of your responsibility in a leadership role is to be a good manager and help the employees who are under you succeed. 
Not only will you enjoy your job more when you learn how to become a better IT manager, but your department will likely thrive as well. People will start to notice all your hard work,and you’ll have a better chance at being in the running for the next promotion. 
Educate Yourself  

As a manager, you can’t always expect to depend on other people for answers and solutions. You have to want to take the initiative to educate yourself on all that’s going on in the IT world and be ready to propose your ideas to management. Become a better IT manager when you not only have the skill, but also the knowledge to excel at your job. Attend conferences, read up on various publications and take online courses to help you gain new information and stay on top of the latest trends. Keep in mind that the more you know the better suggestions you can make and the more people will trust you to do a good job.