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Microsoft Partner Bolsters Cloud With Acquisition

Grazed from PYMNTS. Author: Editorial Staff.

Microsoft has been on a quest to bolster its enterprise solutions, with CEO Satya Nadella declaring the dawn of SaaS – a sign that Microsoft is now turning to the cloud to provide companies with the technology they need to better manage money and operations. The technology giant’s partners appear to be responding to Nadella’s declaration.

Reports published late last week said Microsoft cloud computing partner Champion Solutions, which works closely with Microsoft for small business cloud services, is looking to strengthen its SaaS offerings through a strategic acquisition. Reports said Champion Solutions will acquire cloud and mobile technology service provider allAware, a deal that will boost Champion Solutions’ existing Microsoft Business Unit, MessageOps...

Dealing With Data Privacy in the Cloud

Grazed from CIO. Author: Paul Trotter.

Data has become a buzzword that means different things to different people, but all organisations agree that understanding customer behaviour, sales performance, and information processes can build a platform for achieving business success. However, our reliance on data and the potential pitfalls associated with managing it have given rise to the need for safeguards for the protection of information, particularly in Europe where the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will soon come into force.

GDPR is designed to harmonise the current data protection regulations across EU member states, with strict data compliance stipulations and the possibility of huge financial penalties for those who breach of the rules. While the regulation doesn’t deal specifically with cloud service providers, it does have implications for organisations that use cloud services to store data...

Will the cloud automate operations out of existence?

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: Eric Knorr.

Jeffrey Snover, a 16-year Microsoft veteran and brilliant technologist, clearly identifies with the IT operations side of the house. "That's my tribe," he says. "I'm very optimistic about their future." Despite that tribal affiliation, Snover may be helping to automate many operations folks out of a job, though I'm sure he would dispute that suggestion.

A distinguished engineer and the lead architect for Microsoft's Enterprise Cloud Group, Snover has been working closely with Azure CTO Mark Russinovitch to develop the automated infrastructure behind the Azure public cloud. That sophisticated technology is also winding its way into Windows Server, System Center, and other on-premises Microsoft solutions...

Supply chain management in the cloud

Grazed from Accenture. Author: Editorial Staff.

New cloud computing technologies are enabling breakthrough innovations in supply chain management (SCM) applications delivered via software as a service (SaaS) models. As a key enabler in this new digital world, cloud computing can have a transformational impact on the business and the supply chain operating model by enabling data and analytics, mobility and social media functions.

Cloud computing helps organizations realize major benefits from key marketplace trends that are redefining traditional supply chain networks, including volatility as the new normal, surging data volumes, industrial-grade digital technologies and the arrival of end-to-end visibility. Most supply chain strategies date back to when the business environment was more stable...

AZUR Group unleashes the power of Cloud and revolutionizes Agile software with its Factory as a Service (FaaS) solution

Grazed from PRWeb. Author: PR Announcement.

Countless organizations are reaching for the Cloud. They want to replace antiquated in-house legacy systems with Cloud-based technology that reduces the effort for ongoing support so they can save on data center and personnel costs. In Boosting Agile Velocity with Factory as a Service on Azure, AZUR Group President & CEO Jean Louis Lalonde delves into the reasons behind the move to Cloud computing, the evolution of software methodology and answers some of the more burning questions around the upgrade to the Cloud, like: How can we become faster at building new software for the Cloud to keep up with the exploding worldwide demand?

The White Paper also explores the evolution of Cloud Computing, and how Factory as a Service can deliver a superior Agile development cycle, one that brings higher productivity, consistency, quality, efficiency and unparalleled speed. Now, AZUR Group is partnering with other software developers so they can enable their clients to benefit from the extraordinary efficiency of FaaS. AZUR Group partners undergo extensive training on the XI-Factory™ Factory as a Service platform’s automation functionality...

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Pressure from all sides to adopt the cloud: CIOs

Grazed from DNA.  Author: Edwin Yapp.

SENIOR technology executives are being increasingly pressured both by vendor pitches and internal management requirements to cut cost in their journey to adopt cloud computing, a group of chief information officers (CIOs) said last week.

Speaking at a panel session entitled Making the Most of the Cloud at the Malaysian leg of the CIO Leaders Summit, Hood Abu Bakar, general manager of ICT for MISC Corp, said vendors introduce something new every now and then, after which they market and push their solutions onto users.   MISC is Malaysia’s leading international shipping organisation and is listed on the Bursa Malaysia bourse...

Cloud Computing: What is Inc Doing With Pop-up Lofts

Grazed from Fool.  Author: Jeremy Bowman.

In its quest for cloud computing dominance, is doing something no other company in the industry has done: opening physical spaces. This week, Amazon Web Services unveiled its second Pop-up Loft, this one in Manhattan.
The space, which follows the first Pop-up Loft in San Francisco opened last year, is designed to promote AWS by offering free sessions and tutorials that allow current and potential customers to meet with architects, as well as experience hands-on lab exercises known as bootcamps. Though the space is called a pop-up, there is no set end date, and the one in San Francisco opened temporarily a year ago, before reopening for what now seems to be an indefinite period of time...

Cloud data warehouse race heats up

 Grazed from ZDNet.  Author: Andrew Brust.

The notion of running a data warehouse in the cloud was a pretty novel thing when Amazon Web Services launched its Redshift service in November of 2012. Most on-premises data warehouse (DW) platforms are appliance-based, which makes them difficult to expand, and the resulting need to leave room for growth also makes them expensive to acquire.

In the cloud though, economics are better, elasticity is realistic and logistics are streamlined. Combine that with the ability to handle "big data" volumes with the familiar SQL/relational model that Redshift uses and it's hardly surprising that the service has been one of Amazon's fastest growing since its launch...

Google quietly launches GitHub cloud rival

 Grazed from ZDNet.  Author: Charlie Osbourne.

Google has launched a code repository supported by cloud technology with little fanfare.  The Mountain View, CA-based firm's quiet project, the Cloud Code Repository, offers users private code repositories hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. Currently in the beta stage of development and offering free signups, the repository can be set up as a Git remote, and operations including push, pull, clone and log are offered, among others.
A source code editor is also on the table, where repository files can be viewed by branch, commit and tag -- and quick edits can be made through the Google Developers Console. Every project created through the console has an associated Cloud Source repository, which can be used for the collaborative development of applications and services...

Cloud computing may make IT compliance auditing even cloudier

 Grazed from ZDNet.  Author: Joe McKendrick.

Compliance is one of those thankless activities that add a lot more pain than gain to IT managers' and professionals' worklives. It's a matter of doing the minimum that needs to get done and be done with it, so one can get back to the good things, like building commerce and analytics systems.

Accordingly, most IT departments are ill-prepared for any audits that may come their way. A new survey finds three out of five IT professionals say they're not ready for compliance audits...