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Cloud SLAs: What Everyone Should Know

Grazed from DarkReading. Author: Jamie Tischart.

13 questions to ask your service providers to better understand their service offerings and your risks. When you sign up with a cloud provider for computing, storage, or application functionality, you should get a service level agreement that describes what the provider promises to deliver. An SLA should be fully transparent to customers and published on the provider’s website for prospective customers to review.

Unfortunately, SLAs are often difficult to find and can be even more difficult to decipher. SLAs are not really there to protect you, the customer. While they may provide some customer protection as a byproduct, they are really a marketing tool and a method to limit service provider responsibility in the event of an outage...

Talligent releases Fuel Plugin for Openbook v3, certifies with Mirantis #OpenStack

Grazed from Talligent

Talligent, the leading provider of billing and capacity management solutions for OpenStack and hybrid clouds, has released Unlocked certified Fuel Plugins for Mirantis OpenStack 6.1 and 7.0, with Mirantis OpenStack 8 expected soon.  Openbook is cloud management software that simplifies the tasks of planning, charging, and predicting capacity requirements for cloud services on OpenStack.  Talligent gives the administrator and tenant real-time visibility of cloud capacity and accrued costs, as well as the ability to scale up or down according to budget and resource requirements.

Talligent is excited to be the first reporting solution to achieve Mirantis Unlocked certification and be packaged for easy deployment as a Fuel Plugin.  Mirantis Unlocked means that a solution has been tested by Mirantis, confirmed to work with Mirantis OpenStack, and offered to customers with validated deployment tooling through Fuel.  Fuel is an open source deployment and management tool for OpenStack, recently accepted as an OpenStack project.

Safe Computing launches its international expansion plan from Interoute’s London Data Centre

Grazed from Interoute and Safe Computing

Safe Computing, a Spanish cloud computing and virtualisation solutions provider, has selected the London Data Centre of Interoute, owner-operator of a global cloud services platform and one of Europe's largest networks, as the launch pad for its international expansion plan in Europe.

Safe Computing started operating as a provider of specialised IT support for Andalusian SMEs with particular focus on the implementation of on-premise virtualised environments. The company is now launching an ambitious growth and evolution programme aimed at setting up a professional cloud-based environment and continuing to offer the same virtualisation services, but as an outsourced activity.

Top 4 indications that your enterprise needs a cloud platform upgrade

Grazed from EconomicTimes. Author: Bino George.

Organisations have reached an inflection point in their IT strategy. On one hand they are battling with legacy hardware and software implemented, while on the other end they are expecting IT to play strategic role in enabling digital transformation. Modern businesses need technology to play a pivotal role to seamlessly ride the growth to tap new growth opportunities, respond to market scenarios and meet customer demands.

Cloud computing has certainly caught everyone’s attention and over the past few years has become the focal point of CXO discussion. It has gathered this momentum due the strong conviction in the on the adoption that will streamline processes, and free up capital, while giving the necessary flexibility to meet evolving operational needs...

Cloud Deal Tracker - Adoption of Hybrid Cloud Computing is Increasing - Research and Markets

Grazed from Research and Markets

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Cloud Deal Tracker 2014 - 2015" report to their offering.

Cloud computing is based on the concept of virtualization. Cloud computing is on-demand network access of shared computing resources. Changing business landscape and evolving technology gave rise to cloud adoption. The main characteristics of cloud computing is provision of computing capabilities without any human interaction with a service provider.

Cloud computing technology is maturing to the point of becoming a prime source of technology for military and civilian agencies, and state and local governments. Most of the large as well as small companies have adopted cloud computing or in the process of adopting it for at least some of its applications or processes. The deals in cloud deal tracker identifies leading vendors and their distinct competencies in the cloud market.

Tintri Unveils Scale-out Storage Platform to Enable Enterprises and CSPs to Build Their Own Amazon-like Cloud Infrastructure

Grazed from Tintri

Tintri Inc., a leading producer of VM-aware storage (VAS) for virtualisation and cloud environments, today announced a new scale-out storage platform to enable enterprises and cloud service providers (CSPs) to build their own Amazon-like cloud infrastructure for diverse virtualised workloads. The new platform forms the foundation for the industry's largest all-flash scale-out, with support for up to 160,000 VMs, 10 petabytes of capacity, and 6.4 million IOPS, for less than $1/GB. 

Today's announcement includes nine new Tintri VMstore T5000 all flash models with capacity expansion capabilities, VM Scale-out software, Tintri Analytics for predictive capacity and performance planning, and two new Tintri Cloud offerings. The simplicity of VAS enables organisations to scale from 17TB to 10PB with a common platform and less than one full time employee dedicated to storage management. 

Cloud Computing: IBM Shutters Somers, New York, Campus

Grazed from WSJ. Author: Robert McMillan.

International Business Machines Corp. is closing its Somers, New York, campus, home to approximately 2,000 employees in the company’s systems and software divisions. Workers will be relocated by March 2017 to an IBM facility in nearby North Castle, New York, which is being modernized, said IBM spokesman Edward Barbini, Big Blue plans to sell the 700-acre Somers property, he said.

The Somers campus was built to accommodate 2,700 workers. It was designed by architect I.M. Pei and completed in 1989. IBM is struggling with the contraction of its traditional software and services businesses and trying to reinvent itself as a seller of cloud computing and artificial intelligence services...

How to Unleash the Full Potential of Cloud Computing

Grazed from DZone. Author: Rick Delgado.

You may have already made the switch to cloud computing for your business and think you’re on the right track for optimal performance. However, most businesses are not harnessing the true potential of the cloud. In a survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit and IBM, it was found that only 38% of companies use cloud computing as a leading resource for their businesses. Those who have made it a priority have been able to tap into otherwise unreachable and unaffordable markets, appealing to new audiences and taking part in the latest technology. What more can the cloud do for you, and how are others already taking advantage? Here’s what the cloud provides:

1. Data Analytics For Even Smaller Companies

Budgets have always been the bane of creativity and innovation, especially for smaller companies who wish to take advantage of the tools heavy-hitters are using but are held back because of funds. The cloud offers flexibility to suit smaller companies and their smaller budgets without taking away any of the advantages...

Amazon Introduces a Dash Button for Cloud Services Because Why Not?

Grazed from Fortune. Author: Barb Darrow.

This is one we should have seen coming: Last week, Amazon Web Services announced a version of the Dash button specifically to enable software developers to trigger cloud computing services. Some background: Last year AWS parent company Amazon started offering programmed Dash buttons that consumers can stick around the house, near supplies they need to buy often.

If they see that they’re running low on paper towels, for example, they hit the Wi-Fi-connected button, and the order is conveyed to the great Amazon store in the sky and slated for delivery. Now AWS is applying that same Internet of things facility to its cloud computing services. The $19.95 AWS Dash button targets software developers who may want to use it to connect to AWS Internet of things services, announced last year...

Where does IBM fit in the cloud market?

Grazed from NetworkWorld. Author: Brandon Butler.

Recently released reports from two investment research firms call into question just exactly where IBM fits in the cloud computing market. Deutsche Bank’s Markets Research team issued a note titled “Why IBM Won’t Catch AWS,” which argues that IBM’s focus on hybrid cloud computing puts the company in a different, and smaller, market than Amazon Web Services.

Another report from UBS Global Research focused more broadly on the cloud computing market and said IBM should be considered among the “Big 4” providers in cloud: AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. The conflicting reports show IBM is sitting on the fringe of the cloud market...

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