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Tool detects elusive cause of unexplained DDR3 memory errors in Cloud Computing Servers

Grazed from BusinessWire. Author: PR Announcement.

FuturePlus Systems today announced the shipping of its latest tool to help Data Centers and Cloud Computing Server validation engineers find elusive and unexplained memory failures. DDR3 memory is pervasive and used in nearly all cloud server systems today. This identified problem occurs when the memory controller under command of the software causes an ACTIVATE command to a single row address repetitively.

If the physically adjacent rows have not been ACTIVATED or refreshed recently the charge from the over ACTIVATED row leaks into the dormant adjacent rows and causes corruption. This failure mechanism has been coined ‘Row Hammer’ as a row of memory cells are being ‘hammered’ with ACTIVATE commands. Current understanding is that the charge leakage does not damage the physical memory cell which makes repeated memory tests to try to find the failing device useless...

The four tenets of cloud computing

Grazed from ThoughtsOnCloud. Author: Thanh Lam.

I develop technical training course content for IBM Lab Services and Training cloud computing curriculum. In the beginning level courses, I assume attendees have no previous background in cloud computing. It helps to talk about simple things that students can memorize and use as the base to learn more complex concepts of cloud computing. I have found the following four concepts helpful to know when thinking about cloud computing:

1. Web based: A key selling point of cloud computing is its ability to provide services in the form of user interfaces for broader user bases. The Internet provides so many tools to present what the cloud has to offer. These offerings are mostly services for the use of the resources in the virtualization environment. Depending on the demands of the users, the web-based interface may be a graphical user interface that can be accessed from a web browser. Other users may prefer to use different application programming interfaces (APIs) to communicate directly with resource components or a resource manager. You need to be sure that the user interface or API is available from the cloud service offerings...

Seattle Takes Oracle's Cloud

Grazed from NYTimes. Author: Quentin Hardy.

Score another one for Seattle. On Tuesday, Oracle kicked off its new cloud computing technology center in Seattle. On hand were several recruiting executives; initially designed for 100 cloud engineers, the facility is expected to hire a lot more and serve as an education and training facility as well.

“We expect this to be a big deal,” said Prashant Ketkar, the head of products for Oracle’s public cloud business. “We intend to hire more and more.” This is the biggest move by an established software applications company into Seattle, an important development if Seattle is to continue as the center of the cloud computing industry...

A Survey on Privacy Preservation in Cloud Computing

Grazed from IJETAE. Author: Gurudayal Singh Bhandari and Abhishek Chauhan.

By integrating multiple private and public cloud services, hybrid clouds can effectively provide dynamic scalability of service and data migration. Security plays a vital during the transmission of data from the sender to the receiver in any environment. The challenge in privacy preserving Back-Propagation Neural Network Learning is avoiding the attack of personal data privacy.

Due to the enlargement of distributed computing environment. In such distributed scenarios, privacy concerns often become a big concern. Secure computation provides a solution to this problem. With the invention of new technologies, Computing, it has been more convenient than ever for users across the Internet, who may not even know each other, whether it is data mining, in databases or in any networks, resolving privacy problems has become very important...

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Cloud Computing: NIGHTMARE - Man Claims Dropbox Quietly Deleted More Than 8,000 Of His Personal Files

Grazed from BusinessInsider. Author: Lisa Eadiciccio

Jan Curn, co-founder and CTO at photogprahy software platform VirtualRig Studio, has been using Dropbox since 2009. After using the service for about five years, Curn has come across one of the most terrifying, stomach-churning scenarios one could imagine when relying on cloud storage.

More than 8,000 of his personal files had mysteriously disappeared. To be exact, 8,343 of his files were missing. Curn detailed his experience on Medium, complete with his entire correspondence with Dropbox discussing the problem. In his post, Curn writes that he had decided to use Dropbox's Selective Sync feature when the hard drive in his laptop was running low on space...

What really is "The Cloud"? And how does it work - A simple explainer

Grazed from HeraldSun. Author: Rod Chester.

No, not “will you marry me?”. That’s another story. This is the story of “It’s in the cloud”. Cloud computing is something most people do but often with little comprehension of what they are actually doing. When the US government started to get confused about the term “cloud computing” and what it meant, it ordered the National Institute of Standards and Technology to define it.

It came up with this: “cloud computing can and does mean different things to different people.” Well, that clears things up then, in a cloudy way. “Cloud computing” is something we say everyday. A lot. In fact, there are about 48 million times someone has said it on the web, according to Google...

The "No-Compromise Cloud"

Grazed from SysCon Media. Author: Mark Cravotta.

The public cloud computing model is rapidly becoming the world's most prolific IT deployment architecture, yet it leaves many promises unfulfilled. While offering scale, flexibility, and potential cost savings, the public cloud often lacks the isolation, computing power, and control advantages of bare metal servers.

Recent feedback suggests that people who adopted public cloud solutions for their elasticity and convenience are now lamenting their "simple" solution's complexity. To deploy enterprise solutions with the public cloud, one must consider redundancies as a safety net for outages and other disasters, as well as more intricate network architecture for true interoperability...

Microsoft, Amazon target climate change with cloud computing grants

Grazed from GigaOM. Author: Derrick Harris.

Cloud computing providers Microsoft and AmazonWeb Services are opening up their pools of virtual servers to climate researchers via two new grant programs announced on Tuesday. Microsoft is offering a year’s worth of Azure cloud resources (180,000 computing hours and 20 terabytes of storage) to 20 recipients submitting proposals related to food resilience. According to a Microsoft Research blog post announcing the grants, “The overarching goal is to encourage data providers, scientists, farmers, food producers and the public to discover the food supply’s key vulnerabilities and inherent resiliency.” Proposals are due Sept. 15, 2014.

The food resilience grants will focus on a handful of USDA datasets, and are part of a broader mission Microsoft says it’s pursuing to address the issue. These efforts include “workshops, webinars, and ‘appathons’ to demonstrate the value of open access data and to promote the development of tools for understanding these datasets,” and the addition of additional datasets over the next year...

Cloud Computing: Rackspace chugs along amid takeover speculation

Grazed from CNBC. Ari Levy.

In the cloud-computing market, Google and have been embroiled in a brutal pricing war. So when news broke in May that smaller rival Rackspace had hired Morgan Stanley to explore strategic options amid such stiff competition, Rackspace’s president, Taylor Rhodes, expected a six-month parade of discussions with customers concerned about his company's future.

Instead, Rackspace has been signing up clients at an accelerated pace even as its status remains unresolved, Rhodes said. The company’s pitch has long been that the raw computing power and storage in the cloud is becoming commoditized and that there's money to be made selling services and support on top of it to the many businesses that need the help...

Reputation of Cloud Industry in the Gutter Post-NSA, Report Claims

Grazed from ChannelNomics. Author: Hannah Breeze.

The U.S. government must clean up the act of its National Security Agency (NSA) if trust in cloud providers is to be restored, according to a think tank. In its Surveillance Costs: The NSA’s Impact on the Economy, Internet Freedom and Cybersecurity report, the New America Foundation (NAF) claims U.S. cloud firms have borne the brunt of the NSA scandal.

“Trust in American businesses has decreased since the initial reports on the PRISM programme suggested that the NSA was directly tapping into the servers of nine U.S. companies to obtain customer data for national security investigations,” the report said. “Given heightened concern about the NSA’s ability to access data stored by U.S. companies, American companies that offer cloud computing and web-hosting services are experiencing the most acute economic fallout.”...