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A call for more cloud computing transparency

Grazed from ZDNet. Author: Larry Dignan.

The cloud needs to become more transparent especially since the industry is scaling to dominate enterprise technology. In a recent research note, Gartner argued that the revenue claims of cloud vendors are increasingly hard to digest. Gartner said enterprises shouldn't take vendor cloud revenue claims at face value and evaluate them based on strategy and services (naturally using tools from the research firm).

A week ago, I argued that Google should provide some kind of cloud run rate just so customers can get a feel for scale and how it compares to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft's Azure and IBM. Oh well. Unlike Gartner, I think the revenue figures matter somewhat, but are far from the deciding factor...

Cloud Computing: ‘White hat’ then, Red Hat now

 Grazed from ManilaTimes.  Author: KIM BERNARDO-LOKIN.

“From white hat to Red Hat,” was the joke a senior executive of Red Hat quipped to Alessandro Perilli, after hearing excerpts from The Manila Times interview with him, to which Perilli answered back with a wink, and a seemingly knowing smile.

In the vast world of technology, a “white hat” is an internet slang, which refers to an ethical computer hacker or a computer security expert who hacks with the intention of improving security systems.  Perilli is currently the general manager for Cloud Management Strategy for Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions. The technology company recently hosted a full-house Red Hat Forum Asia Pacific in Manila, where key senior executives were in attendance...

IBM Cloud Data Services Ready To Rock Enterprise With Power Features, Marketplace For Developers

Grazed from TechTimes.  Author: Horia Ungureanu.

IBM told the media that it is expanding its portfolio of Cloud Data Services with more than 25 services, and all can be accessed on the IBM Cloud.  At least two IT groups will benefit from the new services. Coders will be able to craft, deploy and manage apps for mobile gadgets and Web services, while marketing specialists can look at hidden trends in the online environment by consulting data analytics in the cloud.
A plus of IBM's hybrid cloud services is that it works on many cloud providers. What's more, the technology relies on open source ecosystems and architectures such as Apache Spark, which means that data can easily be transferred to and from various services...

Cloud now makes up one third of Microsoft revenues as Azure soars

Grazed from CorpNews.  Author: Tonya May.

 While revenue in the "Intelligent Cloud" segment grew 5 percent from the previous year to $6.3 billion. This figure was down two percent on the same period past year, but up three percent in "constant currency" figures when currency fluctuations are taken into account, Microsoft said.
On Thursday, the company said its revenue and profit fell in the last quarter, however, this doesn't make much of a difference as it made more from cloud computing with the stocks increasing by more than five percent after the release of the numbers...

Confidence in the Cloud Keeps Growing

Grazed from ChannelInsider.  Author: Gina Roos.

Moving to cloud-based services doesn't mean increased security risks and threats if the right policies are in place, concludes a new survey from Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), sponsored by Skyhigh Networks. "The Cloud Balancing Act for IT" survey report indicates that IT and security professionals across the globe are growing more confident in their cloud security measures and are moving more systems of record to the cloud.

This translates into a change in the role of IT and its relationship with line of businesses, said CSA. Chief information security officers (CISOs) play an important role in security, added CSA, with 60.8 percent of the companies surveyed having a CISO in place...

All Is Not Well In VMware's Cloudy World

Grazed from Forbes.  Author: Janakiram.

 VMware is facing an uphill battle in driving vCloud Air’s adoption among enterprise customers. Launched with much fanfare in 2013 as vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS), the platform failed to take off. It’s quickly turning into a liability for VMware. The recent developments in the company clearly indicate that all is not well with the vCloud Air business.  The first sign came in the form of departures of vCloud Air’s top executives. Some of the well-known faces that championed VMware’s hybrid cloud strategy are no more with the company.
Ben Fathi, CTO at VMware left the company in August last year to join CloudFlare, a startup that deals with security and web application delivery. Ben was directly responsible for vCloud Air technology roadmap among other initiatives including software-defined-data-center (SDDC) and end-user computing (EUC). He held technical leadership positions at Cisco and Microsoft before joining VMware. Ben defined the initial containerization strategy for VMware which has now evolved into Photon Controller...

Cloud Computing Becomes A Home For Data Analytics

 Grazed from Forbes.  Author: Joe McKendrick.

Analytics — with its massive quantities of data requiring plenty of processing juice and storage space — is a natural fit for the cloud. Organizations are still dipping their toes into the possibilities, but this is about to accelerate dramatically.
That’s the takeaway from a recent survey conducted by IDG and published by Informatica of the 200 IT and business decision makers in the survey say they have deployed one or more cloud analytics solutions. This may be growing over the months and years to come, with 68% of respondents saying they intend to investigate, analyze or actively plan to deploy cloud analytics solutions over the coming year. In addition, 74% said they expect to adopt a hybrid or cloud-only approach to analytics over the next three years...

AWS Remains Dominant Despite Microsoft and Google Growth Surges

Grazed from Synergy Research Group

New Q4 data from Synergy Research Group shows that Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to dominate the cloud infrastructure services market, achieving a worldwide market share of over 31% in the quarter. Microsoft and Google have by far the highest growth rates among the market leaders but are making little impact on AWS, which continues to grow strongly and to increase its market share. IBM meanwhile continues to lead within the private and hybrid services segment.

Software-as-a-Service driving ISV sector growth

Grazed from IT Europa - Annual Survey

The annual survey of the top 500 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in Europe shows some major changes due to substantial growth in some areas, consolidation and changing market conditions. After a slow rise of 5% in the previous year, it looks like ISV fortunes have turned around strongly in 2015, based on early figures. The latest database report by IT Europa, ISVs in Europe - the top 500, published today shows a shake-up at the top of the list of individual companies, with three newcomers to the top ten. There has also been a big jump in those reporting that they offer Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). In 2016, nearly 90% of ISVs said they offer SaaS, an increase of over 60% from 2014. But it is not all packages and cloud; bespoke software development is also on the rise with just under 60% offering it.

IBM Launches Cloud Data and Analytics Marketplace for Developers

Grazed from IBM

IBM today announced a broad expansion of its Cloud Data Services portfolio with more than 25 services now available on the IBM Cloud. They are designed to help developers build, deploy and manage web and mobile applications and enable data scientists to discover hidden trends using data and analytics in the cloud. The hybrid cloud services can be deployed across multiple cloud providers and are based on open source technologies, open ecosystems that include company and third-party data, and open architectures that allows data to easily flow amongst the different services.

In addition to self-service capabilities for everything from data preparation, migration, and integration, to tools for advanced data exploration and modeling, IBM introduced the following new cloud data services today: