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Enterprises need consolidated approach to cloud, research suggests

Grazed from BusinessCloudNews. Author: Editorial Staff.

Research published this week by outsourcing and system integration specialist Infosys suggests four in five large enterprises plan to move mission-critical applications and workloads into the cloud over the next two years. Vishnu Bhat, the company’s senior vice president & global head, cloud & infrastructure services told BCN enterprises need to develop a consolidated approach to cloud service procurement and management if they are to overcome key inhibitors to adoption.

The research published this week suggests cloud has reached a tipping point in the enterprise. A survey of over 300 internationally-based senior IT decision makers administered by Forrester and Infosys suggests 81 per cent of large organisations plan to move mission critical apps over to the cloud in the next two years...

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Nimbix Aims High With Integrated Hybrid Cloud Solution

Grazed from MarketWire. Author: PR Announcement.

Taking its leadership in cloud-based High-Performance Computing (HPC) applications even higher, Nimbix today introduced the extension of JARVICE to support hybrid cloud implementations. The new solution extends on-demand big data and HPC applications to hybrid cloud deployments, allowing organizations to comply with data security and location requirements

JARVICE is a supercomputing architecture adcommodity web services platform not adept to running true HPC workloads. The architecture's new hybrid cloud extension is specifically designed for organizations that need more control over their physical big data and HPC application platforms, without compromising performance or ease-of-use. Unlike other cloud infrastructure solutions, JARVICE is purpose-built for high-performance computing applications...

Applied Micro Collaborates With Red Hat and Cirrascale to Deliver an Evaluation Platform for HPC Clusters to Lawrence Livermore

Grazed from GlobalNewsWire.  Author: PR Announcement.

Applied Micro Circuits Corporation, today announced collaboration with Red Hat® andCirrascale® to deliver a high performance computing (HPC) cluster based on the world's first ARM® 64-bit X-GeneTM Server on a ChipTM to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory®. This cluster will be tested and evaluated as a platform for HPC and Big Data technologies.

The X-Gene-based cluster delivered to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory comes in Cirrascale RM1905D chassis and is based on a software platform developed as a part of the Red Hat ARM Partner Early Access Program...

Cloud computing voted as fundamentally insecure

Grazed from Inquirer. Author: Carly Page.

That's the opinion of 83 percent of our readers, who voiced their distrust in cloud services during last week's INQUIRER debate. During the debate, Dr Lee Gillan, senior lecturer at the Department of Computing at the University of Surrey, argued for the statement that 'the cloud is fundamentally secure', while technology commentator Chris Merriman argued against it.

At the debate's close on Friday, it appears that the majority of INQUIRER readers agreed with Chris. A landslide 83 percent voted that the cloud is not fundamentally secure and were keen to say why. One reader said: "I'm sorry but there's no way on earth the cloud is more secure than traditional IT systems...

Cloud Computing: Fujitsu to drive business innovation through IoT platform

Grazed from EETimes.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Fujitsu has unleashed its "Human-Centric IoT" platform geared to ease the creation with customers of valuable and innovative businesses which, based on an understanding of customers and consumer needs, make use of all kinds of digital information. Aimed at fostering new business and social innovation, the company came up with the Human-Centric IoT by building a global ecosystem with business partners.

The IoT platform, which enables access to an easy-to-use cloud-based application development environment, is a comprehensive systems environment which, for IoT models whose feasibility has been validated, can bring together a variety of products from Fujitsu, including sensors and devices, networks, middleware and applications. The company also stated that the use of these resources makes it easy and inexpensive for customers to quickly create innovative business models...

Amazon’s Cloud Computing Digital Blind Spot

Grazed from SysConMedia.  Author: Jason Bloomberg.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud computing juggernaut, wrapped up its annual reInvent conference in Las Vegas last week. Host to many thousands of AWS devotees, hundreds of exhibiting partners, and dozens of press and analysts – but not myself. You see, I wasn’t invited.

Not for want of trying, mind you. It didn’t matter that I had attended last year as an analyst, or that I write about them regularly, or even that my opinion of them has generally been quite favorable. You’d think that with my new role as contributor to Forbes on the topic of digital transformation, I’d be a shoe-in for one of the coveted press/analyst passes. Didn’t happen...

Cloud computing makes for some strange bedfellows

Grazed from GigaOM.  Author: Barb Darrow.

Last week there was so much going on at AWS Re:invent, I missed a lot – even some eyebrow-raising stuff. Like for instance, that OpenStack-oriented Rackspace will now support and sell Microsoft Azure services. Second, Microsoft-oriented Apprenda private PaaS will now run on Amazon Web Services.

First Rackspace. It joined the Microsoft Cloud OS Network meaning it will run Windows Server, Hyper-V, System Center and Azure Pack in its U.S. data centers. That means it will provide service and support to its customers for all that infrastructure as well as Microsoft applications like Exchange, SharePoint and Lync running on that stack...

Google taps cloud, big data 'and satellites' to track overfishing

Grazed from  Author: Editorial Staff.

Google has helped launch an ambitious project combining cloud computing, big data and satellite networks to monitor global fishing activity with an eye to curb overfishing. Global Fishing Watch, formed with environmental groups Skytruth and Oceana, is described as the first global view of commercial fishing based on satellite data analysis.

It's intended to "give citizens a simple, online platform to visualize, track and share information about fishing activity worldwide," according to a release from Oceana. A prototype of the system was shown off Friday at the 2014 International Union for Conservation of Nature World Parks Congress in Sydney, Australia, where Google is hosting a mapping workshop. A public release version of the project is still in development...

Cloud Computing: How An Awful, Misspelled Presentation Launched The Most Important Startup You've Never Heard Of

Grazed from BusinessInsider.  Author: Julie Bort.

A tiny startup called Docker, which launched a mere 19 months ago and gives its software away for free, has become a huge industry phenom.  The biggest names in tech have been calling it up and asking it to be their partner.

In the past few months Dell, HP, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware and others have all asked to join forces with this 31-employee company.  On Thursday, Amazon got cheers at its customers when it announced it would be supporting Docker, too...

Cloud Computing: Start Up Zefflin Systems Launches

Grazed from Zefflin.  Author: PR Announcement.

 Systems integration startup Zefflin Systems, L.L.C. today announced its entry into the IT marketplace. Zefflin brings state-of-the-art data center automation and private cloud solutions to market using leading technologies like OpenStack, VMWare VCloud® Suite and Chef® software. Zefflins unique combination of tools, integration skills and experience brings affordable solutions designed to dramatically increase productivity of IT staff.

To support growing business units with flat or shrinking IT budgets, todays CIO has no choice but to increase IT staff productivity dramatically. At the same time, IT departments are faced with the need to improve the speed of service while maintaining a secure computing environment...