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Cloud Computing: The State of Open Source Security in Commercial Applications

Grazed from CCI. Author: Editorial Staff.

Among other solutions to help customers manage and secure the open source software in their applications and containers, Black Duck conducts audits of customers’ software, both for companies on the “buy” or “sell” side in mergers or acquisitions. Typically, our audits are of commercial software that has been in the market for a number of years. During a six-month period from late 2015 through early 2016 Black Duck conducted a study of over 200 applications reviewed by our On-Demand team. Here are the highlights from the study…

You’re using open source more than you think

For all intents and purposes, everyone is using open source. Black Duck finds open source code in over 95% of the applications we analyze for clients. In our study, we found open source code comprised over 35% of the average commercial application we reviewed. If we were looking at code developed for internal use, the percentage was much higher… as high as 75%...

Oracle Unveils New Cloud Partner Platform

Grazed from TopTechNews. Author: Jeff Cozza.

A new enterprise offering introduced by Oracle today is designed to enable independent software vendors (ISVs) to transition their businesses to the cloud, the company said. The new platform, called the Oracle Cloud Platform Ready for Independent Software Vendors, will allow ISVs to quickly register and publish their Oracle Cloud-compatible applications on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, allowing them to fast-track new business opportunities in the cloud.

Oracle's new cloud platform is part of its Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), a partnership program designed to help market products through a tiered participation program. The new platform will provide PartnerNetwork members benefits at the Silver level or higher and allow them to create initial application listings in the platform and infrastructure sections of the Oracle Cloud Marketplace in minutes...

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The REAL State of Cloud

Grazed from Author: Greg Knieriemen

Private clouds are a waste of money and hybrid clouds are mistaken investments.

That's what Lydia Leong of Gartner says anyway.

With no published end-user research other than a conference straw poll, the Gartner cloud myth is that there is just one way to "cloud." If it's not a public cloud (and presumably an AWS public cloud) then you are just wasting your time and money drinking the Kool-Aid of legacy vendors.

Who's Leading the Storage Startup Landscape?

Article Written by David Marshall

Tape Storage

Just last week, Red Herring announced the winners of its 2016 Top 100 North America award, which recognizes the leading private companies in the region, celebrating startups' innovations and technologies across their respective industries.

It's interesting to see that many of the winners fall in the IT space, and three in particular fall specifically in the storage category: SwiftStackZadara and Igneous. Virtualization, public cloud and other relatively recent changes in the datacenter have turned the storage world upside down, creating a market for fresh, new, innovative solutions that save time, money and resources. Many new companies have formed over the past several years, jumping on the opportunity presented by the need for better, more modern storage. But what is it about certain solutions and vendors that make them stand out amongst the others?

Oracle Seen Ending String Of EPS Declines Amid Huge Cloud Transition

Grazed from Investors. Author: Brian Deagon.

Amid its major shift to cloud computing, longtime database leader Oracle (ORCL) is set to report quarterly earnings after the market close Thursday. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters expect Oracle to report a 4% year-over-year increase in earnings per share minus items, to 81 cents, for its fiscal Q4 ended on or near May 31.

That would reverse four straight quarters of EPS declines. Analyst expect revenue to fall 2%, to $10.47 billion, the fifth straight quarter of declines. Oracle is transitions to selling more of its business software on demand via the internet cloud, a huge change for a company built by selling billions of dollars of traditional, on-premise software that clients license for the long term...

Despite security and lock-in fears, public cloud adoption thrives among Fortune 500

Grazed from TechRepublic. Author: Matt Asay.

Enterprises are still wary of vendor lock-in and perceived security issues, and it's throttling their ambitions to run more workloads in the cloud. Or it would, if public cloud weren't so darn convenient and necessary for driving innovation. This is one strong conclusion that emerges from a new MongoDB survey of over 2,500 people.

Given MongoDB's new school NoSQL approach to data, it's not surprising that so many of its enterprise users would be increasingly comfortable running in the cloud. What is more surprising is that these same organizations keep talking about lock-in and security, even as they run ever larger percentages of their applications in the cloud...

TIG Selects Asigra and Zadara Storage to Power its Cloud Service Growth

Grazed from Asigra and Zadara Storage

Asigra Inc. a leading cloud backup, recovery and restore software provider, and Zadara Storage, enterprise-class storage-as-a-service (STaaS) provider, have been selected by TIG, provider of cloud, connectivity and transformational managed services in the UK, to enable it to deliver a high-performance file and block storage and comprehensive cloud backup solution to its customers. This is the first time a managed services provider has deployed Asigra and Zadara Storage together. The result is a highly complementary solution that enables Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to offer aggressive, agile services that meet changing customer requirements very quickly, in a pay-as-you-go model for faster revenue realization.

"We selected Asigra Cloud Backup and Zadara Storage because they each offer a powerful solution to meet our customers' most critical business needs. However, when used together, they have dramatically improved our cloud services business," said George Georgiou, sales director, TIG. "The combined Zadara and Asigra value propositions have elevated our business agility, improved our ability to scale very quickly as customer demands dictate, and enabled us to reach revenue faster - all without large, capital expense investments. The two services are extremely complementary - and the strongest in the marketplace - and will continue to allow us to expand our services, maximize operational efficiencies and provide our customers with the leading storage and backup solutions."

Superconverged Pioneer Cloudistics Raises $15M from Bain Capital Ventures

Grazed from Cloudistics

Cloudistics, a superconverged enterprise cloud platform, today announced that it has closed $15 million in Series A funding led by Bain Capital Ventures.  Cloudistics' groundbreaking infrastructure technology, which addresses the deployment and management challenges faced by today's IT departments as they wrestle with hyperconvergence as well as public and private cloud, holds the potential to radically revolutionize the datacenter. Series A funding will be used to invest in sales, customer support, marketing, and R&D, and will enable the Company to accelerate its vision of making superconverged infrastructures ubiquitous in enterprise datacenters.

"The superconvergence of network, storage, compute, virtualization, and management in the enterprise datacenter is a $100 billion business opportunity in infrastructure technology today with Cloudistics squarely in the epicenter of this third wave of datacenter innovation," said Najaf Husain, co-founder and CEO of Cloudistics. "Our platform is completely self-contained and businesses can deploy applications and native containers within minutes. Bain Capital Ventures has a very successful track record in the infrastructure software space and we are honored to welcome them as our partner to drive the long-term success of our company."

Skytap Advances Container Modernization with Introduction of Skytap Driver for Docker Machine

Grazed from Skytap

Skytap, Inc., a popular cloud service for application modernization, is announcing a driver for Docker Machine. The Skytap Driver extends the native functionality of Docker Machine to Skytap Cloud. With this new feature, enterprises can safely modernize traditional on-premises application architectures to container architectures within Skytap Cloud, without impacting any currently in-use environments.

Enterprises are in the evaluation stage of adopting container technologies while concurrently trying to modernize traditional applications. "Some legacy vendors experiment with running their applications in containers. Elsewhere, enterprise software architects increasingly turn their attention to breaking monolithic legacy apps into their constituent parts, each running in scalable, portable containers," wrote Paul Miller, senior analyst serving CIOs at Forrester, in a May 2016 brief titled, "Brief: Why The CIO Must Care About Containers."


VMblog's Expert Interviews: Infinio Talks About Accelerator 3.0

Grazed from Author: David Marshall

Yesterday, Infinio announced the General Availability of version 3.0 of Infinio Accelerator, which helps to bring unprecedented storage performance to VMware environments.  VMblog followers and VMware community members may already be quite familiar with Infinio, but from what I've already witnessed in a recent briefing, this 3.0 release is set to further Infinio’s reputation for delivering high performance storage acceleration for VMware environments.  I was amazed at the raw performance improvements coming out of this release.  VMware datacenters will be quite pleased. 

The solution is certified as VMware Ready and operates with VMware Storage Policy-Based Management.  And Accelerator 3.0 will serve the needs of organizations looking to deliver never before seen storage performance for next-generation applications supporting financial, healthcare, and scientific industries; as well as help IT departments with more traditional needs of back-office databases, enterprise applications, and virtual desktops dramatically reduce storage costs.

After the announcement, I reached out to Sheryl Koenigsberg, head of marketing at Infinio, to find out more.