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ISO Compliance in the Cloud - why should you care?

Grazed from CCI. Author: Editorial Staff.

Issues around mobility and multi-tenancy, identity and access management, data protection and incident response and assessment all need to be addressed. And with multiple modes – SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, public, private, hybrid – creating added complexity in how security and compliance is carried out and by whom, this can lead IT leaders to think twice about leveraging cloud...

Organisations already in the processes of implementing ISO 27001 to audit and report on the state of controls within their environment will know the immense amount of work required. However, while addressing compliance in the cloud is undoubtedly tough, it doesn’t have to be an obstacle...

Smartphones to Cloud, world went through many revolutions, Internet of Things is next up

Grazed from FinancialExpress. Author: Sushila Ravindranath.

WebNMS, a division of Chennai headquartered Zoho Corporation was founded in 1996 to make software for monitoring telecommunications. In the late 90’s when the telecom boom happened WebNMS was remotely monitoring telecom equipment all over the world. By 2009, the IoT (Internet of things) started to pick up. IoT adds sensors and internet capability to manufacturing equipment, diesel generators and also to many everyday physical objects.

“Earlier communication was only between machine to machine. With IoT, the telecom platforms talk to the machines”says Prabhu Ramachandran, director, WebNMS. “It is a natural evolution.” “In recent times, there have been several revolutions. Smartphones have changed the way we do business. Then there is cloud. IoT will be the next”, says Ramachandran...

IoT solutions for the agriculture sector

Grazed from TheEdgeMarkets. Author: Fatimah Arshad.

The Internet of Things (IoT) could be a game changer for agriculture in this country. Supported by cloud computing and 3G, IoT has the potential to improve agricultural ventures, big and small. It is a relatively cheap technology, but it is smart, pervasive and transformative. In general, it is rare for people to think about the internet in connection with agriculture.

But IoT technology allows farmers to connect devices to the internet to improve management and operations to reduce waste, better control pests and disease, efficiently use farm inputs and streamline livestock management, thus, raising productivity. What is IoT? There is no universally agreed upon definition of IoT. In simple terms, it is a technology that connects any device to the internet...

WPC 2016: The Three Keys to Building a Cloud for Good

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: Nicole Henderson.

With cloud technology advancing at lightning speed, sometimes as an industry we fail to step back and look at everything that it helps us accomplish - not just at a technological level, but at a social level. Much like the three industrial revolutions before it, the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, is expected to change life as we know it, Microsoft president and chief legal officer Brad Smith said during his keynote on the final day of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC).

Smith says that this revolution will be defined by advances in the physical world (robotics, 3D printing, etc.), biological (testing, engineering, tech that will change human health), and the digital world (IoT, Blockchain, disruptive business models). “Each [revolution] is fundamentally fuelled by one or two enabling inventions,” Smith says. “They are all connected to and fuelled by the same thing – the cloud.”...

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The cloud switch is on: From migration to management

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: J. Peter Bruzzese.

At this week's Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, I saw a shift in vendor focus. Last year, the big focus was migration. Whether the product was Office 365, Azure, or Dynamics, the framing was how to migrate, so many vendors offered migration tools. This year, despite a continued strong presence of migration offerings, the buzz had shifted to cloud management, typically via managed services offerings.

Rocco Seyboth, vice president of product and marketing for BitTitan (a company traditionally focused on migration), said vendors seek to shift from offering a one-time set of project services to offering recurring managed services. Being able to offer a combination of services after migration is essential for businesses to remain relevant -- and keep making money...

China's largest server maker and Ericsson to tap cloud computing, IoT

Grazed from ChinaDaily. Author: Ma Si.

China's largest server maker Inspur Group Co Ltd teamed up with Ericsson AB on Wednesday, to tap into opportunities brought by cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT). Under the deal, the two sides will jointly design and build internet data centers and telecom equipment for countries along the "One Belt and One Road" initiative, which was proposed by China to promote trade and communications with Asian and European countries.

Inspur will combine its edge in cloud computing with Ericsson's 5G technology to help build smart city projects, with focus on smart parking, green energy, smart home and other areas. Sun Pishu, chairman of Inspur, said: "Our two companies' businesses are highly complementary and the tie-up will help deliver better technological solutions."...

Cloud Computing: What the Brexit vote will mean for data sovereignty

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: David Richards.

The only certainty about Brexit, the UK’s departure from the European Union, is that it is going to create uncertainty in terms of data sovereignty, particularly in the field of cloud computing. Data sovereignty refers to data being held in a country in adherence to the laws of that state. That is fine if your company is based in a single location and single market but it becomes trickier if you have diverse locations and lots of different laws with which you need to comply.

When the UK is part of the European Union it has the same data sovereignty laws as other countries in the EU but when the UK breaks away those laws could change. In time companies operating in Europe may have to manage one set of data laws for the UK and another for EU member countries. By voting to leave the European Union the UK fractured what was becoming a single digital market into potentially two or more jurisdictions for technology issues...

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Cloud Computing: Unexpected hardware limits on Microsoft’s Azure Stack vex some developers

Grazed from GeekWire. Author: Dan Richman.

Azure Stack, the important hybrid-cloud product that Microsoft announced in January, will be more limited than some developers hoped. Now in Technical Preview 1, Azure Stack is intended to help companies bridge on-premises and in-cloud computing — a challenge that many companies face as they move toward the cloud and assess which apps should run where.

Azure Stack’s promise is that developers can write a single application that runs unaltered on-premises or in Azure, and that management and automation tools will run equally well in both locations. Today, Microsoft VP Mike Neil wrote that Azure Stack’s general release, targeted for mid-2017, will combine software, hardware, support and services — and will be available only from Dell, HPE and Lenovo, at least initially...

Cloud Computing: How do I connect thee? Let me point the ways

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: Sanjiva Nath.

Following the thrill of quickly onboarding your team to a new cloud application, following the excitement of being able to experience instant productivity, comes the realization of an additional silo that is disconnected from everything else -- from other users, other business applications, and other processes. How will this new system work with all other existing applications?

How will your team share information and activities provided by this new application with others in your organization? And once again you start searching various marketplaces for point-to-point connectivity solutions. The rapid rise and adoption of cloud applications has amplified the silos within the enterprise, further disconnecting teams, processes, and information...

Bynet to Market and Implement Stratoscale Symphony to Bring Cloud Capabilities to the Data Center

Grazed from Bynet  Data Communications and Stratoscale

Bynet Data Communications Ltd. today announced a partnership with Stratoscale, the software company revolutionizing the data center, to deliver comprehensive, flexible and scalable data center cloud solutions to its customers in the organizational sector. As part of the agreement, Bynet will execute the marketing, sale, presale, assimilation and maintenance of Stratoscale’s solution. 

Stratoscale’s 360 degrees partner program, PartnerFirst, was created with an all-inclusive approach to maximize partner’s technology, products and services with the goal of bringing mutual benefits to customers and partners. By partnering with Stratoscale, Bynet is bringing new innovation to market and delivering value to its customers by leading them into the next generation of private cloud data centers. Bynet has already assimilated Stratoscale’s solution into the core of its own cloud platform.