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Cloud Computing: NTT Building its Largest Datacenter in Mumbai

Grazed from TeleAnalysis.  Author: Editorial Staff.

NTT Communications Company, the ICT solutions and international business within NTT is building its largest datacenter in Mumbai.  NTT is building 3 lakh square feet datacentre in Chandivali, Mumbai which is planned to be operational by 3rd quarter of CY 2015.

Sharad Sanghi, CEO & Managing Director – Netmagic, an NTT Communications Company said, “Netmagic continues to innovate and create Intellectual Property through R&D whether it is in the area of improving PuE, automation in cloud, business processes or new products. The company is building its largest ever datacenter in Mumbai and will be operational from 3rd quarter of CY2015. We continue to intensify our product roadmaps, and plan to augment our cloud offerings and invest in building compatibility and skillsets for supporting diverse technology platforms.”...

Startups take cloud-based tech savvy to legal realm

Grazed from IBJ.  Author: Editorial Staff.

To some, the phrase “legal challenges” means lawsuits.   For a few Indianapolis tech startups, it has an entirely different meaning: attorney pain points and business opportunities.  At least three emerging tech firms are targeting the legal space with subscription-based software, confident they can bring efficiencies to an industry heavy with clients, data and documents.

The three companies are Pact Safe Inc., Express Software & Services LLC and IP Software. Their plays underscore an increasingly diverse startup cohort in a city traditionally known for marketing technology upstarts...

Cloud Computing: Patent Trolls A Costly Problem For Tech Industry

Grazed from CBS.  Author: Editorial Staff.

The same week that Alex Haro and Chris Hulls raised $50 million for their mobile app, Life360, the business partners got a letter. It said they had three days to pay licensing fees to a company they had never heard of because their app violated its patented technology.

Haro and Hulls traced the company, Advanced Ground Information Systems, to a coastal home in Jupiter, Florida, with a phone number that initially went to an anonymous voicemail. They couldn’t find any employees on LinkedIn. To Haro, it was “a punch in the gut,” he said...

MSP Guide: How to Grow Top Line in The Cloud

Grazed from Business2Community.  Author: Brock Spradling.

The cloud is here to stay. Enterprises both small and large are moving to cloud-based services en masse. This migration to the public cloud has created additional revenue pressures on Managed Service Providers (MSPs) as they look for new ways to add value on top of commoditized infrastructure. To add this value, MSPs must differentiate their offerings by providing additional services, including the assessment, design, automation and optimization of their clients’ applications and services.

Consuming IT infrastructure as software has never been easier. The hosted Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) marketplace has become crowded and confusing, with many new entrants and services during the last few years, offering a dizzying array of new choices for customers...

Cloud Computing: Growing technology ‘sprawl’ puts security professionals on edge

Grazed from ITProPortal.  Author: Ian Barker.

A new study of nearly 14,000 information security professionals worldwide shows that two-thirds of respondents are concerned about the addition of multiple security technologies, often referred to as sprawl.

The Global Information Security Workforce Study (GISWS) produced by (ISC)² a not-for-profit membership body of certified information and software security professionals worldwide, is largest study of the information security profession ever conducted...

Hybrid Clouds, End-User Computing, SDN To Boost VMware’s Q1 Earnings

Grazed from Trefis.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Virtualization and cloud computing provider VMware is scheduled to announce its first quarter earnings on Tuesday, April 21st. VMware has been one of the fastest growing companies in its domain, with a 16% year over year growth in net revenues to $6 billion in 2014.

The company reported a 14% increase in product license revenues over the prior year period to $2.6 billion. On the other hand, services revenues were up by 17% year over year  to over $3.4 billion...

When it comes to cloud technology, don’t lose your head!

Grazed from Lexology.  Author: Jason Dixon.

In the era of the cloud, it has been an advantage to be an early mover, but when you get into the clouds you don’t want to lose your head.  About five years ago “cloud” was the IT industry buzz word and heralded as the new revolution in IT. But while the cloud is becoming an integral part of the IT infrastructure of a growing number of companies – especially in the mid-market – the challenge now moves to how much or how little of the “cloud” we need.

It is the ability to buy as much – or as little – as is required that makes cloud computing a powerful option for mid-sized firms.” (Ian Grayson – The Australian, Wed 6 August 2014)

However, Jason Dixon, IT and IP law specialist at Ash Street, and former regional counsel for IBM Australia and New Zealand, urges a “buyer-beware” approach to businesses looking for their cloud solutions...

Amazon and Microsoft take aim at new workloads with souped-up cloud services

Grazed from InfoWorld.  Author: Mikael Ricknäs.

Hoping to move new applications to the cloud, Amazon has launched a new virtual server with four high-end GPUs, while Microsoft has made its SSD-based storage offering generally available.

Amazon and Microsoft have methodically been launching new services and adding features to EC2 and Azure, respectively, to make the platforms more competitive and a better fit for different applications...

5 Reasons the Cloud and Mobile Are Inevitable

Grazed from SmartDataCollective.  Author: Kyle Cebull.

A lot of people think that, like the internet, the cloud is just a fad. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this so-called fad is gaining some serious momentum. According to a recent article, throughout the next five years, a 44% annual growth in workloads for the public cloud is expected. With Millennials demanding that small businesses revolutionize their processes and workflows, more and more companies are jumping into the cloud to help streamline workflows and bring mobility to their workforce.

But it’s not for nothing, because the same article reports that 80% of cloud adopters saw improvements within 6 months of moving to the cloud. If you’re questioning the way things are moving or just aren’t on board with the cloud, here are a few reasons that we’re saying that the cloud and mobile are inevitable...

Data integration rises to the top of the cloud service stack

Grazed from ZDNet.  Author: Joe McKindreck.

David Linthicum, sage of sages of the IT world, has some advice for those hoping their vendors will come to the rescue to untangle their ever-growing hairballs of big data and services: don't hold your breath. "Those who think they can sit on the sidelines and wait for their data integration technology provider to create the solutions they require will be very disappointed," he cautions.

Instead of waiting on new releases of products, look to a rising breed of cloud-based services, David continues. As he explains in a new report (Sponsor: SnapLogic.), "everything you currently understand about data integration is changing. Assume that your traditional technology provider will soon be dead...