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Alert Logic: 'Number Of Cloud Attacks Is Rising'

Grazed from CRN. Author: Meghan Ottolini.

Threats against the cloud are on the rise, according to Houston-based cloud security company Alert Logic's founder and chief strategy officer, Misha Govshteyn. Govshteyn sat down with CRNtv to talk about the security landscape for cloud computing. “This year the number of cloud attacks is rising,” Govshteyn said. That trend can be attributed to the growing number of cloud users.

Govshteyn said the numbers indicate that attacks on the cloud are not yet at the level of those on on-premise environments, but he expects threats to grow in 2016. Alert Logic specializes in helping customers move to the cloud “in the most secure way possible,” and the company has seen rapid growth as cloud adoption continues to explode...

Blind Runner Uses IBM Cloud To 'See' Mental Map Of The World

Grazed from Forbes. Author: Adrian Bridgwater.

Cloud computing is busy changing the world, we all know the hype. Industrial processes are being transformed with data analytics intelligence and firms are enjoying new agility on service-based clouds as they move from CapEx (capital expenditure) structures to leaner OpEx (operational expenditure) frameworks.

So where are the human touch points and good news stories? Simon Wheatcroft has run more consecutive miles than most people could imagine walking. But he is blind. Wheatcroft uses the GPS fitness-tracking app RunKeeper to gauge the world around him like anybody else. With some additional custom-built software application development and programming intelligence, here’s how he does it...

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Cloud Computing: 9 enterprise tech trends for 2016 and beyond

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: Eric Knorr.

InfoWorld’s David Linthicum recently suggested it was time to retire the phase “cloud computing” and simply say “computing.” That’s how essential cloud has become -- and why for the past couple of years cloud has framed my annual attempt to identify the nine key enterprise tech trends going forward.

In 2015, it became a lot clearer what cloud infrastructure in all its scalable, self-service glory will be best for: running applications composed of microservices outfitted with RESTful APIs. Most likely those services will run in containers, which give developers more control than ever in building, testing, and deploying applications...

Cloud Computing: The future of the data centre - Sustainability, the IoT, and downsizing

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: James Bourne.

The push is on to better streamline unused data centre capacity – and according to a missive from network provider Emerson Network Power, 2016 will see a greater emphasis on shared service distributed cloud computing models. According to the company’s five trends shaping the data centre landscape for 2016, enterprises which have data centres either as ‘comatose’ – buildings which have not delivered computing services for at least six months – or data centres with free room will be able to sell excess capacity on the open market as the evolution from basic software as a service to more hybrid environments intensifies.

Recent Stanford research found 30% of physical servers were comatose. This greater use of resources is seen elsewhere in Emerson Network Power’s predictions. No longer are companies focused on efficiency, but a greater emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility is key – and the company argues this trend will not just be limited to on-premise technology decisions...

Some advantages of cloud computing that today’s businesses cannot ignore

Grazed from Examiner. Author: Waqar Hassan.

In simple terms, cloud computing can be defined as computing that’s done on the internet. In the past, people would usually run their programs or applications from software that was downloaded on a physical server or computer in their building. Not anymore. Now, they can use cloud computing for getting access to the same kind of software via the internet.

Everyone takes advantage of cloud computing in their daily routine; we use it when we upload a status on Facebook or when we check our bank balance on our smartphone. Businesses also use cloud computing services for solving problems or overcoming challenges like using apps for workload management or sending emails while traveling. To sum up, cloud has become the new normal and there are lots of benefits that can be enjoyed. Some of them are highlighted below:...

Google Appoints VMware Cofounder And Former CEO Diane Greene To Lead The Charge In Enterprise Cloud Computing

 Grazed from TechTimes.  Author: Dave Calpito.

Google has just welcomed VMware cofounder and ex-boss Diane Greene as the person who will the charge in Google's goal to further expand its cloud business.  The tech company's chief executive Sundar Pichai reveals in a blog post on Thursday, Nov. 19 that Greene is going to head a freshly converged team of cloud businesses consisting of Google Cloud Platform, Google for Work and Google Apps.
"As a long-time industry veteran and co-founder and CEO of VMware, Diane needs no introduction," notes Pichai in his post. "Cloud computing is revolutionizing the way people live and work, and there is no better person to lead this important area."...

Commission To Congress Regarding The Cloud: Require Disclosure Of Server Locations

Grazed from Forbes.  Author: Lisa Brownlee.

The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) recommended Wednesday that “Congress evaluate existing consumer right-to-know laws to determine whether a cloud-based computing company has an affirmative duty to identify the physical location of its cloud based assets.

” This recommendation came in USCC’s 2015 Annual Report to Congress. USCC Commissioner Michael R. Wessel indicated in an email last night that the impetus behind this recommendation was to enable consumers to make informed choices about data storage/processing risks...

XO Communications receives 2015 Cloud Computing Backup and Disaster Recovery Award

 Grazed from BusinessWire.  Author: PR Announcement.

XO Communications (XO) has received a 2015 Cloud Computing Backup and Disaster Recovery Award presented by TMC’s Cloud Computing Magazine for its Fixed Wireless Access service. XO Fixed Wireless Access offers last-mile and metro-area network connections that are suitable for primary and backup use. The solution supports a wide range of voice and data services for businesses at bandwidths ranging from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps. XO Fixed Wireless Access was recognized by TMC for its use as a key network component in supporting connectivity to cloud services in the event of a disaster.
”Fixed Wireless Access leverages our licensed, carrier-grade LMDS spectrum that covers 74 major metropolitan markets across the nation,” said Jake Heinz, senior vice president, marketing and product, at XO Communications. “Customers are looking for alternative connectivity solutions they can rely on when traditional fiber connections may not be available. Our LMDS-based Fixed Wireless Access offers a true and diverse route from fiber connections that satisfies such requirements. XO is honored to receive this award from TMC.”...

Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere Receives 2015 Cloud Computing Storage Excellence Award

Grazed from PRNewsWire. Author: PR Announcement.

Hitachi Data Systems announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere as a 2015 Cloud Computing Storage Excellence Award winner, presented by TMC's Cloud Computing Magazine. The Cloud Storage Excellence Award recognizes companies that have introduced or improved cloud storage solutions. The award honors vendors who provide unsurpassed cloud storage, as well as storage efficiency for their customer base.

"Congratulations to Hitachi Data Systems for its ability to show maturity and expansion of the cloud storage market through innovation and product quality," said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. "We are pleased to present HCP Anywhere with a Cloud Storage Excellence Award for its commitment to advancing cloud storage solutions."...

Cloud Computing: How data centre investments are transforming IT industry - and why it won’t slow down

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: James Bourne.

As global spend on cloud infrastructure continues to rocket, leading cloud providers have to up their game and invest billions of dollars in expanding their network of hyperscale data centres. That’s according to the latest data released by Synergy Research. The company notes the top four cloud providers – Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google, and IBM – have approximately 110 data centres located in 20 different countries.

More than $25 billion has been spent in recent merger and acquisitions related to data centres, Synergy argues, with Equinix, Digital Realty, NTT and IBM at the head of operations. IBM’s $2bn acquisition of SoftLayer in 2013, while NTT’s spree of acquisitions over the past five years includes Dimension Data ($3.2bn), Raging Wire ($0.4bn) and e-shelter ($0.5bn)...