Private Clouds

Private cloud computing - some impeccable benefits

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Advances in virtualization and distributed computing have allowed corporate network and data centre administrators to effectively become service providers that meet the needs of their "customers" within the corporation. Marketing media that uses the words "private cloud" is designed to appeal to an organization that needs or wants more control over their data than they can get by using a third-party hosted service such as Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud or Simple Storage Service. Private cloud computing, offers a number of significant advantages, which includes lower costs, faster server deployments and higher levels of resiliency. What is often over looked is how the Private Cloud can dramatically changes the game for IT disaster recovery in terms of significantly lower costs, faster recovery times, and enhanced testability.

Before we talk about the private cloud, let's explore the challenges of IT disaster recovery for traditional server systems. Most legacy IT systems are comprised of a heterogeneous set of hardware platforms - added to the system over time - with different processors, memory, drives, BIOS, and I/O systems. In a production environment, these heterogeneous systems work as designed, and the applications are loaded onto the servers and maintained and patched over time. Offsite backups of these heterogeneous systems can be performed and safely stored at an offsite location. There are really 2 options for backing up and restoring the systems:...

Application Developers Readify demystify Cloud and Windows Azure

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Cloud computing is a very popular phrase that is used extensively, yet a lot of people struggle to be able to define what it is. According to Gartner:

“Cloud is a style of computing where scalable and elastic IT-related capabilities are provided as a service to external customers using Internet technologies. This is a very deliberate choice of words and can be broken down further by looking at the five attributes of cloud computing as identified by Gartner:

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Emerson’s Trellis platform plays integral role in public and private clouds

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Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) and a global leader in maximizing availability, capacity, and efficiency of critical infrastructure, today announced a strategic partnership with high-performance cloud infrastructure provider Joyent to transform and optimize how physical and logical data center resources are packaged and delivered for public and private clouds.

“We selected Emerson as our partner because the Trellis™ platform is the only DCIM solution available today that can provide holistic, real-time visibility from service processor to power grid and enable the dynamic optimization of data center physical resources,” said Jason Hoffman, founder and CTO of Joyent. “Our partnership will enable us to offer a unique, tightly integrated, modular, highly efficient solution that optimizes the entire infrastructure based on the energy consumption of application workloads.”...

Apprenda seeks to make private PaaS more practical

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Apprenda, hopes to make private PaaSes more attractive to companies by giving developers access to a public instance of its Paas to experiment with, then pull in house, according to company CEO Sinclair Schuller.

Many corporate developers have tried a platform as a service — Heroku, Engine Yard, Cloud Foundry — to develop and test applications. But when it comes time to deploy those applications, it’s hard to get their companies to approve running those applications on PaaSes that themselves run atop Amazon Web Services or other public cloud infrastructure...

Five things that the private cloud is not

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Ongoing hype around private cloud computing is creating misperceptions about private cloud, according to Gartner, Inc. To help reduce the hype and identify the real value of private cloud computing for IT leaders, Gartner explains five common misconceptions about private cloud.

"The growth of private cloud computing is being driven by the rapid penetration of virtualization and virtualization management, the growth of cloud computing offerings and pressure to deliver IT faster and cheaper," said Tom Bittman, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. "However, in the rush to respond to these pressures, IT organizations need to be careful to avoid the hype, and, instead, should focus on a private cloud computing effort that makes the most business sense."...

Public, Private Cloud Markets Set to Soar as Enterprise Adoption Grows

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With enterprises continuing to adopt cloud computing, analysts see continued growth in both public and private cloud investment—with worldwide spending on public IT cloud services set to exceed $40 billion in 2012 and reach nearly $100 billion by 2016, according to IDC.

The research firm forecasts that from 2012 to 2016, public IT cloud services will see gains at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.4 percent—five times that of the IT industry overall, as companies accelerate their shift to the cloud services model for IT consumption...

Study Reveals AT&T as Most Popular Private Cloud Networking Provider in the U.S.

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AT&T* is the leading choice among U.S. businesses for connecting their private clouds according to a study by industry analyst firm Frost & Sullivan. “Based on Frost & Sullivan’s independent research, AT&T emerges as the most widely used networking provider for connecting private clouds, demonstrating its early strength in this emerging area,” said Lynda Stadtmueller, Program Director, Cloud Computing Services, Frost & Sullivan.

“The Frost & Sullivan research highlights business customer reliance on virtual private networks (VPN) for connecting clouds,” said John Potter, Vice President, Hosting, Applications and Cloud Solutions, AT&T Business Solutions. “Using our VPN capabilities, customers are able to easily and seamlessly connect their private networks directly to virtual machines, the engines of the cloud. This can reduce time and costs associated with provisioning.”...

Nebula Raises $25M From Comcast, Kleiner Perkins To Help Companies Deploy On-Premise, Private Clouds

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Nebula, a company that allows businesses to deploy large private cloud computing infrastructures has raised $25 million in Series B funding led by Comcast Ventures and Highland Capital Partners with Kleiner Perkins, William Hearts II, Maynard Webb, Scott McNealy, and Innovation Endeavors participating. Also joining the round are Google’s first three investors, Andy Bechtolsheim, David Cheriton and Ram Shriram.

Founded by Chris Kemp, the former CTO of NASA and OpenStack co-founder; Nebula allows businesses to create a private infrastructure and data systems. As Kemp explained to TechCrunch’s Semil Shah earlier this year, Nebula’s infrastructure is similar to Amazon Web Services and runs behind your own firewall in your own data center environment...

Unisys Delivers Breakthrough Combination of Cloud Security & Management with Release of Secure Private Cloud Solution

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Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced release 2.2 of the Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution. The new release strengthens the solution's automated cloud management capabilities with an exceptional level of protection to help clients address a persistent concern: how to secure critical business information in a cloud environment.

The new release of Unisys Secure Private Cloud integrates a virtualized version of Unisys Stealth Solution for Network cybersecurity software to automate and simplify implementation of security while provisioning virtual resources in the cloud. This capability enables automated creation of an integrated security infrastructure for each virtual machine provisioned through the Secure Private Cloud Solution...

Dell offers dedicated servers to build private clouds

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: Agam Shah.

Dell on Thursday said it will offer dedicated servers in its data centers and off-premises application and storage services for companies looking to establish private clouds.

Dell's Cloud Dedicated program intends to reduce the stress of companies hosting servers locally by moving workloads off premises to Dell's data centers. Dell will deliver IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) offerings through the private cloud, which could reduce the costs involved in deploying servers and managing services locally.

The program helps companies move applications into the cloud, and the service levels can meet security and compliance requirements, Dell said. The service bundles storage and networking, and can handle large or small workloads. A number of managed service options are offered with the program...