Connect with Industry Leaders within the Tech Field at AWS Summit Chicago 2017

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The AWS Summit Chicago will be taking place this upcoming July 26 & 27 at the McCormick Place Lakeside Center in downtown Chicago. Guests will be able to connect with individuals within the tech community to learn and network together. The event hosts a unique ‘Security Jam’ that provides a creative space for developers and engineers to explore new forms of security trends in cloud computing.

AWS Summit Chicago will host a wide range of workshops, meetings, keynotes and events to experience. Overall, everyone can learn something for AWS Summit Chicago, but they do help guide those with more work experience to different sections of the agenda...

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Europe's largest infrastructure networking and deal making event focuses on explosive cloud and datacentre transformation

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Datacloud 2015 creates the largest European platform for datacentre and cloud IT infrastructure end users and business leaders. The conference June 3 and 4, aims to explore the very latest in technologies and markets, to inspire through rich content and hosts 2,000 senior executives to meet, connect, collaborate and do deals.

Extensively covering data and cyber security, cost, application management and performance, scalability of cloud technologies, enterprise IT control, and energy management, the datacentre remains at the epicentre of both the event and today’s businesses, enabling and securing the applications and services that are critical to operations and poised to transform radically through the explosive levels of new demand...

Cloud Computing: Redefining Analytics based Marketing Activities at the 2nd Annual Smart Data Summit, Dubai

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The Middle East’s biggest Smart Data Summit, reopens its doors with an even more exciting second edition featuring stimulating presentations, roundtable sessions and case studies from an array of global experts, sharing their thoughts on enhancing customer experience across industries and sectors using smart data and analytics. This 2 day summit will be held at Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort and Spa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates during May 25-26, 2015.

 Over 300 delegates across the GCC and worldwide are expected to attend the Smart Data Summit, which will explore the future of data management and how smart data and analytics can drive revenue growth. Focusing on using analytics to ensure superior customer experience and loyalty, the summit’s topics explore the myriad ways in which predictive big data and analytics can have a very real impact on business performance in industries such as retail, telecom and services...

The one thing missing from Amazon's big cloud conference

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When Amazon Web Services has a big press or customer event, the company usually has one staple that it announces: Price cuts. Such was not the case earlier this month at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, the third-annual installation of the company’s big cloud conference. So what’s going on here? Have the prices in the cloud market stabilized?

Or is AWS attempting to be rise above the fray of other cloud providers who are undercutting the market leader on price? We asked AWS and they did not respond. But, analysts say while price is important, it’s not the end all for users deciding whether to use the cloud or not. About a year ago the cloud price wars in the IaaS cloud computing market were at their height...

Enterprise need for clearer regulation in cloud computing focus of Cloud Law Conference

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The inaugural Cloud Law event taking place in London November 25th with participating enterprise general counsel and professional advisors is set to address the regulatory complexity confronting cloud computing in Europe. With an extensive panel of experts, the event aims to navigate enterprises through the complex regulatory and legal issues arising from outsourcing and untangling the European Data Protection Directive.

“The long term interests of all stakeholders in the development of cloud computing are only served if those with shared values come together and agree clearer rules of the road than is currently the case,” commented Dervish Tayyip, Assistant General Counsel of Microsoft who will be speaking at the conference. “It is a solvable problem and in the interests of all those stakeholders that we start now. The event will throw a spotlight on the privacy and security concerns of capital markets seeking to outsource critical-business information in the cloud. It will also assess how cloud computing which could deliver significant cost efficiency and innovation for the healthcare system, nevertheless raises issues for compliance with patient confidentiality...

Cloud Computing: Salesforce Kicks Off Dreamforce with $1 Million Hackathon

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Before Salesforce kicks off its Dreamforce event in San Francisco on October 13, it's inviting developers to compete for $1 million in cash prizes by building innovative new mobile apps for sales, service and other uses. The $1 Million Hackathon is set to start at 6 p.m. Pacific Time on Friday, and will continue through noon Sunday.

Hackers will compete for prizes in three categories: mobile apps, Heroku mobile apps, and with Heroku mobile apps. The first-place hacker or hacker team in each category will win $100,000, with the three first-place winners then competing for an additional grand prize of $150,000...

Cloud Asia: Enterprise IT & Telco Cloud Market Expo

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Cloud Asia returns for the 5th year from the 24 – 26 November 2014 to Hong Kong, maintaining its place as the only content-led CONFERENCE AND EXPO for the Enterprise IT & Telco Cloud Market in the APAC region. 

Cloud Asia is a free to attend exhibition and conference streams are only available FREE of charge to Operators and Enterprises: to claim your free conference pass quote priority code:I8E5P/COW0TS at: 

Interop: The Future Of Cloud Computing

Grazed from InformationWeek.  Author: Charles Babcock.

Cloud computing is beginning to transform the way enterprises buy and use technology resources, and that was evident at the Interop 2014 conference and exhibition in New York this week. Cloud experts and practitioners of all stripes were in attendance and provided some insights -- positive and negative -- on where this trend is heading.

In a workshop on Designing Infrastructure for Private Clouds, Ivan Pepelnjak, the network architect for AG, a consulting company in Slovenia, hit upon one of the defining characteristics of cloud computing. "Cloud is all about self-service. … You need to be able to allow your [internal] customer to change the rules on the load balancer and firewall. When someone says, 'This will never fly in my organization,' just tell them, 'Your developers are already using Amazon.'"...

As Oracle's OpenWorld approaches and deck chairs shuffle, has Oracle finally figured out the cloud?

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Oracle’s OpenWorld is right around the corner and you can almost feel the collective frustration of the thousands in attendance who will more than likely be caught in horrible Bay Area traffic. But beyond the expectations of massive car pileups, I’m curious to see how Oracle attempts to position itself in the tech world as it continues to push its version of cloud computing, something it has been doing for the past couple of years to mixed results.

Last week’s surprise announcement that Oracle’s legendary co-founder Larry Ellison was transitioning from the role of CEO to CTO caused a stir when the news first came out, but for the most part, that’s not going to affect too much of Oracle’s technology direction, considering Ellison oversees over a quarter of the company’s shares and all of its engineers will continue to report to him...

Amazon Tutorial at ISC Cloud 2014

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For the first time, the ISC Cloud Conference is offering attendees an Amazon Web Services tutorial on launching high performance computing clusters in the AWS Cloud. The presenter, Dougal Ballantyne, is a HPC solutions architect at Amazon Web Services. This workshop is free-of-charge for attendees.

This AWS-sponsored workshop will held from 9am to 12pm on September 29, 2014, giving attendees a good introduction to cfncluster, a framework for launching HPC clusters on AWS...