Cloud Services

AWS 101: Amazon's cloud service, in detail

Grazed from ZDNet. Author: Colin Barker.

I recently attended a discussion of the key components of the phenomenon known as Amazon Web Services (AWS), which I've turned into a basic walkthrough for anyone considering making a first move into cloud computing. AWS is Amazon's fast growing cloud service: each day AWS adds server capacity equivalent to what Amazon had when it was a $5bn company back in 2003.

In 2006 Amazon servers handled 2.9 billion requests and in 2010 that hit 262 billion. This year the company expects its servers to handle 2 trillion, which works out at a million requests per second. That's some pretty heavy computational lifting, and at these volumes Amazon benefits from great economy of scale...

What are midmarket companies seeking when they look to cloud services?

Grazed from ZDNet. Author: Dan Kusnetzky.

I recently attended a Cloud Forum sponsored by IBM that focused on the needs of the midmarket, what companies were likely to do and tried to look five years into the future. IBM gathered together an impressive group of made up of members of the analyst, journalist and developer communities. A few executives of midmarket companies were also attending. All-in-all, it was a fantastic exchange of views. One of the segments focused on what midmaket companies were hoping to find when looking at cloud computing products and service. Although the conversation moved back and forth across the room very rapidly, I'll do my best to summarize the key points.

Software integration

Midmarket companies often have neither the resource nor the staff to construct their own complete solutions even though they have similar operational issues as the largest of companies. They are seeking complete solutions that address their own unique operational needs rather than having to find and integrate services from many suppliers...

Marketing Managed Services: Are the 4Ps still Relevant in the Cloud Era?

Grazed from MSPMentor. Author: Editorial Staff.

The 4Ps – Product, Place, Price, and Promotion – are well known by marketers as the fundamental building blocks of marketing mix. While the 4Ps have served consumer marketing well, some have said that a new model is required for marketing B2B services.

Harvard Business Review published the results of comprehensive study and suggested that SAVE – Solution, Access, Value, and Education – is a more appropriate approach for B2B. But in today’s competitive environment, marketing cloud services is challenging, no matter what terms you use...

Comparing Cloud Services for Manufacturers

Grazed from AutomationWorld. Author: Dave Greenfield.

The reliability and low cost of cloud computing is no longer in doubt. When you have providers such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft offering 99.99 percent uptime and some of the biggest companies in the world using their services, questions of robustness and dependability can be easily answered. Cloud services also offer the bonus of only paying for what you use, easy and low-cost scalability, improved collaboration possibilities, and huge savings on IT support costs.

But concerns about the cloud do still exist for many manufacturers, especially around security and availability. When using public cloud services, all information sent through those networks can be a target for hackers simply because it is on such a network. In addition, the government can access your information on a public cloud without a search warrant, and there can be concerns with bandwidth overload or problems accessing your applications when you have no Internet access. Beyond these issues, there are also concerns about latency and connection failures compared to a direct network connection...

Oracle Finally Takes Full Plunge Into Cloud Computing Services

Grazed from eWeek. Author: Eric Lunquist.

The red cloud has finally fully enveloped Oracle. After years of an off-again, on-again relation with the cloud computing concept, Oracle acknowledged the necessity of being a full-service player in the cloud and is offering its entire range of database, compute and applications in cloud configurations.

While Oracle is offering up its support for cloud capabilities, it is not yet discussing prices or delivery dates for the full range of cloud services. The cloud announcements were scheduled to be made by Larry Ellison at the company’s OpenWorld customer conference. However, when Ellison had to decide between appearing on stage to make the announcements or watching his team’s boat compete in the final rounds of the America’s Cup races, the boat won...

Oracle Adds 10 New Services to Oracle Cloud, Expanding the Industry's Most Comprehensive Cloud Portfolio

Grazed from MarketWatch. Author: PR Announcement.

Oracle is expanding the number of Oracle Cloud services to strengthen its position as the industry's most comprehensive public cloud. Oracle Cloud offers a broad range of modern, functionally rich and integrated services running in a secure, enterprise and standards-based cloud platform. With new Application, Platform, and Infrastructure Services announced today, Oracle is helping customers and partners further capitalize on the power of cloud computing.

News Facts

-- Extending the industry's broadest and most advanced cloud portfolio, Oracle today introduced 10 new Oracle Cloud services for its customers and partners.
-- The new services expand Oracle's comprehensive portfolio of Application, Social, Platform and Infrastructure Services and are all available on a subscription basis...

HP launches new cloud-based analytics service

Grazed from ZDNet. Author: Charlie Osbourne.

Hewlett Packard has launched a new cloud-based analytics service based on HP's HAVEn Big Data analytics platform. Announced on Monday, the new service will help clients solve business problems and create new revenue opportunities, according to the firm. By leveraging HP HAVEn, clients can more effectively analyze and derive value from their information, such as increasing sales with targeted client offerings, improving supply chain performance, detecting fraud or discovering security risks more efficiently through the new service.

Dragan Rakovich, chief technologist, Information Management & Analytics of HP Enterprise Services said: "Harnessing the value of information is a top priority for our clients and a Big Data solution is a significant investment of time and money for any organization, regardless of industry. HP Enterprise Services has leveraged HP HAVEn's unified approach to Big Data to provide a low-risk, simplified and accelerated entry path to addressing key client business problems."...

IBM, Racemi Partnership Automates Migrations to IBM Cloud Services

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: CJ Arlotta.

IBM and automated server migration software developer Racemi have partnered to provide customers with a free automated migration path to any IBM cloud offering for a limited time. Racemi’s Cloud Path software automates migration of existing Microsoft (MSFT) Windows and Linux servers to public cloud services. Infrastructure to deploy or manage is not needed on a customer's site with this software as a service (SaaS).

Customer data is secured and compressed using AES/RSA SSL encryption over firewall. Racemi Product Management Vice President James Strayer said in a prepared statement that the partnership "ensures there is a fast, easy way to move existing workloads to IBM’s cloud computing platforms."...

SDN Growth Fueled By Efficiency Needs, Cloud Services

Grazed from NetworkComputing. Author: Brian Prince.

A new report from analyst firm Transparency Market Research predicts the global market for software-defined networking (SDN) will reach more than $3.5 billion by 2018. According to the report, the SDN market is driven primarily by the need for efficient infrastructure and mobility, as well as the increasing demand for cloud services. "Nowadays, many organizations are storing, computing, and networking through cloud-based infrastructure.

They are doing this for more agility, flexibility, manageability, and programmability in their network infrastructure," the firm said in a prepared statement. The report breaks out four categories of SDN technologies: SDN switching, SDN controllers, cloud provisioning and orchestration, and security and services. Cloud provisioning and orchestration dominates the global SDN market and also is expected to be the fastest growing area as it helps to design, optimize, secure, and monitor the network, according to the research firm. SDN switching had the second largest revenue share of the SDN market in 2012. The firm forecasts an overall compound annual growth rate for the SDN market of 61.5% from 2012 to 2018...

NWS getting out of commodity IT through cloud, shared services

Grazed from FederalNewsRadio. Author: Jason Miller.

The National Weather Service recently migrated its high performance computing to a new capability in a private cloud. Instead of running its own hardware and software, NWS moved to a managed service from IBM under a $19 million-a-year contract. "We have more than doubled our capacity from 90 terabytes to about 213 terabytes a second.

This is potentially a game-changer what we are looking at to be able to provide better services," said Iftikhar Jamil, the associate chief information officer for weather at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. "We want to be able to do complex computations at a much faster rate, and this is the capability that will provide more accuracy, higher fidelity and in a faster processing time so people will see the results faster."...