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Intelligent Cloud Services: Too Smart for Their Own Good?

Grazed from Midsize Insider. Author: Doug Bonderud.

In 1957, prolific science fiction writer Issac Asimov penned "The Feeling of Power." In it, Asimov describes a futuristic world in which humans no longer have the knowledge to perform even basic mathematical functions, leaving the task to computers instead. When math is reintroduced under the name "graphitics," there is speculation about its authenticity, let alone the ability of any human to comprehend its myriad rules. Midsize IT professionals may be witnessing the start of a similar progression with the rise of intelligent cloud services ? are they too smart for their own good?

Going... Going... Gone!

While there is little chance the average IT admin will forget how to add, subtract or multiply any time soon, a June 18 Ars Technica article makes a good point: Software and applications are disappearing. Consider legacy customer relationship management (CRM) software, for example. Painstakingly designed in-house from the ground up, many legacy deployments are now being replaced with cloud alternatives. It is a logical move, since cloud-based solutions are faster, operate in real time and give frontline employees access to everything they need at a single glance. But what happens to the legacy? In many cases, it vanishes forever...

Cloud is fastest-growing segment of Oracle revenue

Grazed from ITWorld. Author: Howard Solomon.

Cloud computing will eventually come to dominate IT, so almost every hardware and software manufacturer has to have a cloud strategy of some sort. Oracle Corp.’s moves in this are have been paying off, according to the company’s latest financial report. The company said that in its fiscal Q4 total revenues were up three per cent to $11.3 billion (all figures in U.S dollars).

Of that software-as-a-service (SaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) revenues were the fastest growing part, up 25 per cent to $322 million. For fiscal year 2014, total revenues were up three per cent at $38.3 billion. SaaS and PaaS revenues were up 23 per cent to $1.1 billion while cloud IaaS revenues were $456 million...

Next-gen cloud services could save users almost $2 billion a year

Grazed from ZDNet.  Author:  Jack Schofield.

ElasticHosts is offering a next-generation cloud service that it claims could halve the cost of computing for Linux IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) customers. What's more, the change is relatively simple, and could well become widespread, thanks to Linux LXC containers and the Docker automated deployment system.

ElasticHosts' chief executive Richard Davies explained in a telephone interview that most IaaS customers pay for virtual machines (VMs) on contracts that run for up to two years. Because usage isn't constant, the VM capacity is mostly underused, though at peak times, it may not be big enough — see graph below...

Do Cloud Computing Services Make Data Loss More Costly?

Grazed from Midsize Insider. Author: Shawn Drew.

It has been repeatedly claimed that a migration to cloud computing services will bring with it productivity and collaborative gains at the expense of data security, since the data is being managed by a third party. However, the cost of that increased security risk has never been quantified until now, in a new report from Netskope and the Ponemon Institute. Midsize businesses should take note of the report's findings, but they should also approach these numbers with the requisite grain of salt.

Hidden Dangers With Cloud Computing Services

The data comes from a survey of over 600 cloud-aware IT professionals who attempted to quantify the "cloud multiplier effect," the cloud's added risk of a costly data breach. As detailed in a recent eWEEK article, the report found that in certain situations — for example, when there is a 50 percent increase in the use of cloud-based storage of sensitive information — the expected cost of a data breach can increase by more than 200 percent...

IBM Launches Direct Link Cloud Service on SoftLayer

Grazed from MarketWire. Author: PR Announcement.

SoftLayer, an IBM Company, today unveiled Direct Link, a new service that allows customers to establish a dedicated network connection from their own IT infrastructure to the SoftLayer private network and cloud services. With faster and more consistent network performance, and higher data security, Direct Link brings customers new opportunities for creating hybrid-computing solutions that merge private infrastructure with the SoftLayer platform.

"The power of a company's private infrastructure and internal applications increases exponentially when they are able to scale out onto the cloud. We have customers ranging from startups to enterprises, from SaaS providers to financial institutions that want to do just that," said Matt Chilek, chief technology officer for SoftLayer. "Direct Link helps them optimize their workloads and get more value out of their data. They can move both to and from SoftLayer as easily as if our bare metal and virtual servers and storage were part of their local area network."...

The impact of cloud computing on the supply chain industry

Grazed from CloudServicesWorld. Author: Claire Umney.

In an industry where collaboration and visibility are key requirements, cloud computing is a rather new business model with great potential. In their IT cloud services forecast 2013-2017, market intelligence provider, IDC, reports that on a global level only 20 percent of manufacturers, process agents and retail businesses currently use cloud computing. The same research stated that 75 percent of the companies surveyed were however looking for cloud solutions as an alternative, while projecting a growth rate of at least 7 percent for 2013. What exactly is it that’s driving supply chain professionals into the cloud?

Cost savings

The most obvious benefit of adopting cloud computing solutions is cost savings from deployment and the short implementation time frames. Unlike legacy systems, either custom–built or packaged software - there is no IT infrastructure to maintain on-site, no upfront licensing fees, and no software programmes to install and maintain...

AT&T taps into HP cloud

Grazed from Telecoms. Author: James Middleton.

US carrier AT&T has added HP’s offerings to its network-enabled cloud ecosystem, allowing customers to use their VPN to connect to the HP Helion portfolio of cloud services. AT&T said its NetBond tool creates a highly secure private path between a customer’s AT&T VPN and a cloud service provider, like HP, flexing and scaling network resources dynamically as a company’s cloud computing needs change.

The company claimed network elasticity which automatically flexes with the needs of the cloud service allow customers to save as much as 60 percent on networking costs. Moreover, the solution delivers as much as 50 per cent lower latency and three times the availability compared with the public internet, as well as isolating traffic from risks such as DDoS attacks...

Skyscape Announces Availability Of Services On G-Cloud 5

Grazed from RealWire.  Author: PR Announcement.

Skyscape Cloud Services Limited, the easy to adopt, easy to use and easy to leave cloud services company, today announced that its full range of assured cloud services will be available on the latest iteration of the G-Cloud Framework - G-Cloud 5.

"As a long-standing supporter of the G-Cloud Framework - which has succeeded in transforming the procurement of IT services for public sector buyers and has created a more level playing field for providers - we welcome the latest iteration and are pleased to confirm that our full range of cloud services, which have recently achieved re-accreditation by CESG PGA to Impact Level 3 (IL3), will be available via G-Cloud 5," said Phil Dawson, CEO of Skyscape Cloud Services. "In line with our ongoing commitment of continually enhancing our services and ensuring the best value for money for our public sector customers, we are delivering further price reductions, free PSN data transfer and have made a significant investment in our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering."...

Fujitsu Enhances Suite of Private Cloud Platform Products with Support for OpenStack

Grazed from MarketWire. Author: PR Announcement.

Fujitsu today announced that it is offering private cloud products and services that support OpenStack, the open cloud environment, to meet diverse customer cloud needs in the era of cloud computing. To support an open cloud environment, Fujitsu is offering a private cloud platform product based on OpenStack technology and an integrated service catalog management portal product for hybrid cloud environments that combine private and public clouds. The company is also offering support services for building and operating Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, the OpenStack distribution from Red Hat, Inc.

Fujitsu has long been an active participant in Japan's open source software (OSS) community, and it has a wealth of experience deploying cloud systems. With its track record in applying Linux and other OSS to mission critical systems, and with its development and support unit of 700 Japan based people involved in OpenStack and other OSS projects, Fujitsu delivers safe and reliable open cloud environments...

Amazon's Werner Vogels: Cloud services must empower the customer

Grazed from TheGuardian. Author: Werner Vogels.

We are rapidly entering into an era where massive computing power, digital storage and global network connections can be deployed by anyone as quickly and easily as turning on the light. This is the promise – and the reality – of cloud computing which is driving tremendous change in the technology industry and transforming how we do business in Europe and around the world.

Europe's fastest growing start-ups, like Hailo, JustEat and WeTransfer, some of the largest enterprises, like Royal Dutch Shell, SAP and Unilever, governments, education and research institutes, all are using cloud technologies to innovate faster and better serve their customers and the citizens of Europe...