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Cloud Computing: VMware Snags AIS as New Service Provider

Grazed from TheVarGuy.  Author: Michael Cusanelli.

VMware (VMW) announced this week that it is adding AIS (American Internet Services) to its growing list of service providers. AIS will take on the role of an Enterprise level member as the latest addition to the VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP).

AIS has been a major provider of VMware-based cloud services in the U.S. Southwest since 2012, most notably with the company’s popular AIS BusinessCloud1 IaaS which utilizes VMware infrastructure, according to the press release. AIS also provides resellers with client-specific network, compute and storage resources for virtual data centers on internet accessible secure platforms, making it a prime candidate for the VSPP. "...

Cloud Services Become, Quite Literally, A Commodity

Grazed from Forbes. Author: Tim Worstall.

This is pretty quick for a product that is so new. Cloud Services have only been around for a few years as the technology to make them possible began to exist (specifically, cheap enough servers and broadband) but they’re already just about to become, quite literally, commodities. For the commodity markets are about to start trading a contract in cloud services:

If you thought cloud computing was complicated now, just wait until next year, when pin-striped traders will buy and sell contracts in the stuff. At least, that’s the plan of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, which announced on Monday that it had signed a “definitive agreement” to build a commodity exchange dedicated to the buying and selling of infrastructure-as-a-service contracts whose value will be determined via a technology from cloud measurement firm 6fusion...

Verio Introduces New Cloudn Customer Management Portal

Grazed from PRNewsWire. Author: PR Announcement.

Verio Inc., an NTT Communications company and the leading provider of online business solutions, today announced a new Cloudn portal which makes it easy for customers to provision, configure, and manage their cloud solutions by putting everything in a single convenient location. Additionally, Verio and NTT Communications reduced Cloudn pricing by up to thirty seven percent for its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Cloudn offerings, effective May 2014. The price reductions are applicable to Cloudn virtual machine (VM) plans and existing customers will automatically be billed at the reduced rate, effective May 2014.

"By lowering pricing, Verio is demonstrating its focus to become a force in the North American IaaS market," says Fred Martin, Senior Vice President of Product, Engineering and Operations at Verio. "Customers do not like surprises and free bandwidth eliminates one of the largest, and most difficult to predict, expenses of cloud computing."...

Oracle Offers New Cloud Services

Grazed from ChannelPartnersOnline. Author: Editorial Staff.

If someone were to say, “Oracle is the most comprehensive cloud provider on the planet," would you believe them? Based on the company’s track record, probably not. But make no mistake, the company that makes the above claim – Oracle itself – is getting very serious about cloud computing.

This week, the Redwood Shores, Calif., company announced the availability of two important services that will be delivered as a service over the Web: the Oracle Database Backup Service and the Oracle Storage Cloud Service. According to Oracle, the new announcements provide customers “the flexibility to easily move critical applications and data from on-premises to the cloud and vice-versa."...

IBM To Acquire Silverpop, Enlarges Cloud Computing Services

Grazed from MediaPost. Author: Laurie Sullivan.

IBM reported Thursday entering into an agreement to acquire Silverpop, a privately held software company based in Atlanta, Ga., as it attempts to grab a bigger share of cloud computing to support marketing services. Big Blue believes combining its enterprise marketing portfolio with Silverpop's marketing automation and real-time personalization technology will create the most complete and advanced customer engagement solution for all types of businesses, start-ups to multinational enterprises.

Privately held Silverpop employs about 500. Founded in 1999, it supports email marketing, lead management, multichannel marketing and marketing automation. The company extends IBM’s client base to power the marketing capabilities of 8,000 organizations in more than 50 countries worldwide...

AWS Adds 12 Purpose Built EC2 Cloud Instances

Grazed from TomsITPro. Author: James Sullivan.

AWS is a beast that continues to grow, and this most recent expansion sees 12 new EC2 Elastic MapReduce instance types and an entirely new EC2 instance category, the R3. Amazon is also adding new regional support for several instance types. The AWS blog categorizes their new instance types into five functionality-based categories:

  • General Purpose (m3.xlarge and m3.2xlarge)
  • Compute-optimized (c3.xlarge, c3.2xlarge, c3.4xlarge and c3.8xlarge)
  • GPU (g2.2xlarge)
  • Memory-optimized (cr1.8xlarge)
  • Storage-optimized (i2.xlarge, i2.2xlarge, i2.4xlarge and i2.8xlarge)...

IBM Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Mainframes, Unveils Cloud Services

Grazed from TopTechNews. Author: Barry Levine.

This week IBM is celebrating the 50th anniversary of System/360 mainframes by announcing new cloud services for businesses. The new services include the first System z-based integrated system for the cloud, called the Enterprise Cloud System. The System/360 mainframe, first shown on April 7, 1964 -- when Lyndon B. Johnson was president -- was the first system whose processors could be upgraded while keeping the same software and peripherals.

The term "main frame" came from older equipment where extras were added to frames, as well as from the main frame telephone exchange that housed incoming lines. The announcements also include a pricing model where service providers can pay for mainframe cloud infrastructure based on computing load consumed...

Saas, PaaS and the Cloud? Part 2: Top 5 Considerations for Purchasing Hosted Services - Software/Platform-as-a-Service

Grazed from NationalLawReview. Author: Christine M. Wahr and Sarah T. Hogan.

You’ve read part 1 of our series, and you’re now armed with the knowledge about hosted services and cloud computing that you’ve been too embarrassed to ask. To help you bring it home – virtually – we offer our top 5 considerations when purchasing hosted services for your organization:

1. Implement processes for agreement to non-negotiable terms. Many lower priced hosted services providers will present terms of use in a “click-through” or “click-wrap” agreement. These “take it or leave it” terms are intended to avoid a costly negotiation over legal language where this is low profit margin for the services. While the vast majority of click-through terms will be acceptable for the services being purchased, your organization should make sure individuals with purchasing authority are trained to recognize provisions that raise your organization’s risk profile, and to escalate those provisions for legal review. For example, legal and IT security should review all terms relating to privacy and data security. Additionally, users should escalate for legal approval any provision requiring indemnification by your organization, as well as any provision purporting to claim ownership of any of your organization’s data or intellectual property...

Saas, PaaS and the Cloud? Part 1: Hosted Services Basics for the Sourcing Professional - Software/Platform-as-a-Service

Grazed from NationalLawReview. Author: Christine M. Wahr and Sarah T. Hogan.

In today’s world, it seems that virtually every business is using or offering some degree of online services. If you’re involved in making technology purchasing decisions for your business, you likely receive numerous requests related to purchasing hosted services, though the nuances of what a hosted service is and the particular legal considerations such a purchase raises may still be hazy concepts. If this resonates with you, you are not alone – even the most tech-savvy users can be left confused in this ever-evolving industry. To assist you in responding rapidly to these requests, we have pulled together a two-part series containing a quick reference guide of basics and top 5 considerations for purchasers of hosted solutions. Welcome to part 1 of this series, Hosting 101: The Basics.

What is a hosted service? The term “hosted service” is used to refer to a product or service powered by information technology resources that you do not own or control. Users are provided with access to the product or service without the need to purchase and maintain the necessary software,hardware, server space and other logistical and technical resources. You may run into hosted services that are provided on a dedicated server owned by the provider, but today, more often than not, hosted services are provided via the cloud...

Ingram Micro Selects Parallels Automation as Core Cloud Services Platform

Grazed from Parallels. Author: PR Announcement.

Parallels, a leading hosting and cloud services enablement provider, today announced a significant expansion of its strategic alliance with Ingram Micro Inc., a leading master cloud services aggregator and provider, as well as the world's largest wholesale technology distributor and a global leader in IT supply-chain and mobile device lifecycle services.

As part of the relationship, Ingram Micro will adopt and deploy Parallels Automation as the core service delivery platform for its new global Cloud Marketplace, which was announced today at the Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2014. Parallels expanded relationship with Ingram Micro also includes an equity investment by the distribution leader that demonstrates Ingram Micro's commitment to the platform and the alliance...