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Cloud Computing: Now AWS users get to deploy with Docker, too

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: Sedar Yegulalp.

Never let it be said that Amazon is falling behind in cloud computing. The newest wrinkle with AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a twist on a long-standing technology, Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon's application deployment and management system for all of its cloud services. Beanstalk has now been upgraded to support deploying and launching applications containerized through Docker.

Any Docker image can be deployed this way, whether from Docker's public repository or from one's own private store of containers. Users are left to create a .JSON file that describes the image to be used and a few other notations, and even that's not mandatory because an existing Dockerfile, as they are called, will typically work as-is...

Cloud Computing: FireHost raises $25 million in Series E funding

Grazed from FireHost. Author: PR Announcement.

The Stephens Group, LLC, has led a $25 million Series E funding round in FireHost, a secure cloud company. The funding will allow FireHost to invest in all aspects of secure cloud computing, including providing further separation in technology required to protect customers from evolving security threats.

FireHost, the secure cloud company, today announced a $25 million Series E funding round led by its longtime investment partner, The Stephens Group, LLC. The latest round fuels FireHost’s global growth as the leading secure cloud provider, helping customers with compliance and security needs – from healthcare to retail companies – protect critical applications and data...

AWS Adds 12 Purpose Built EC2 Cloud Instances

Grazed from TomsITPro. Author: James Sullivan.

AWS is a beast that continues to grow, and this most recent expansion sees 12 new EC2 Elastic MapReduce instance types and an entirely new EC2 instance category, the R3. Amazon is also adding new regional support for several instance types. The AWS blog categorizes their new instance types into five functionality-based categories:

  • General Purpose (m3.xlarge and m3.2xlarge)
  • Compute-optimized (c3.xlarge, c3.2xlarge, c3.4xlarge and c3.8xlarge)
  • GPU (g2.2xlarge)
  • Memory-optimized (cr1.8xlarge)
  • Storage-optimized (i2.xlarge, i2.2xlarge, i2.4xlarge and i2.8xlarge)...

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Continues Stellar Start With Windows Azure

Grazed from CloudTweaks. Author: Glenn Blake.

At last week’s BUILD developer conference in San Francisco, Microsoft announced major changes to their cloud computing platform, Windows Azure. These changes included added support for foreign languages and third-party tools, and the introduction of the Azure Preview Portal, which allows developers to build and manage instances while they are running. These improvements will go a long way to helping Microsoft compete with other cloud computing giants like Google and Amazon.

When Satya Nadella was appointed CEO of Microsoft in February 2014, the company was stagnant in terms of product innovation. The man Nadella replaced, Steve Ballmer, does deserve credit for raking in enormous profits for the company. But under Ballmer’s tenure Microsoft lagged behind the technology developments of its competitors, especially in the realm of cloud computing...

Ingram Micro Selects Parallels Automation as Core Cloud Services Platform

Grazed from Parallels. Author: PR Announcement.

Parallels, a leading hosting and cloud services enablement provider, today announced a significant expansion of its strategic alliance with Ingram Micro Inc., a leading master cloud services aggregator and provider, as well as the world's largest wholesale technology distributor and a global leader in IT supply-chain and mobile device lifecycle services.

As part of the relationship, Ingram Micro will adopt and deploy Parallels Automation as the core service delivery platform for its new global Cloud Marketplace, which was announced today at the Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2014. Parallels expanded relationship with Ingram Micro also includes an equity investment by the distribution leader that demonstrates Ingram Micro's commitment to the platform and the alliance...

Arab company Mobily achieves SAP certification as provider for cloud hosting services

Grazed from ARNews.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Mobily, a major enterprise-class cloud solution provider, announced that it is now an SAP-certified provider of hosting services for SAP Cloud technology.
This is in line with its strategy to become an ICT key player, Mobily stated, adding that it is among the first SAP partners in the GCC to achieve this certification from SAP AG.

This certification recognizes Mobily ability to deliver services for SAP Cloud with high-quality operation standards.  The company delivers cloud hosting services across the entire life cycle of the SAP Business Suite applications — test, development, quality assurance, staging and production by utilizing Virtustream xStream cloud management software and its µVM technology, which enables application-level SLAs to guarantee performance and availability of critical SAP Business Suite applications running on the platform....

Microsoft Shows Off 'Power Of The Cloud' With Azure Servers

Grazed from Forbes.  Author: Dave Thier.

In what could be construed as a response to some of the framerate and resolution differences between the Xbox One and the PS4, Microsoft MSFT -2.76% took the stage at the San Francisco Build Conference to demonstrate how cloud computing technology can enhance video game graphics. This is the sort of thing that Microsoft has been talking about since the Xbox One reveal, but we’ve yet to get much of an idea of how it will work when the rubber hits the road.

The video is a demonstration of two high-end gaming machines, one of which is connected to Azure’s cloud server, one of which isn’t. When the Microsoft presenter starts loading the scenario up with some complex physics, the unconnected machine struggles to maintain framerate while the connected one clips along at 32 fps. It should be noted that this is not Xbox One footage, but rather a PC prototype. The recording is courtesy of Arekkz Gaming...

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Interoute launches new VDC in Hong Kong, expands global footprint

Grazed from CloudTech.  Author: James Bourne.

Cloud services provider Interoute has announced the launch of a new virtual data centre (VDC) in Hong Kong, joining other vendors in setting up shop in the lucrative Asian region.   The company also announced that its customers can move data and apps across the entire services platform, across VDC zones, for no cost.

Lee Myall, the general manager of Interoute’s enterprise app store CloudStore, told CloudTech that while European expansion was still key, this was big news for Interoute on a global scale...

Microsoft Azure embraces outside technologies

Grazed from ITWorld. Author: Joab Jackson.

As it rolled out tools and features for coders at its Build developer conference Thursday, Microsoft showed that it is ready to embrace technologies and platforms not invented within its walls. Rather than relying solely on internal tools, the Azure cloud services platform has incorporated a number of non-Microsoft technologies, including popular open source tools such as the Chef and Puppet configuration management software, the OAuth authorization standard, and the Hadoop data processing platform.

The company has also taken steps to incorporate open source into its product roadmaps, by releasing the code for its new compiler and setting up a foundation for managing open source .Net projects. "Clearly Microsoft's message is its support of multi-platform. It will take any part of your stack, it doesn't have to be just Microsoft software," said Al Hilwa, IDC research program director for software development. "This is good for Microsoft and good for the ecosystem."...

Cloud Computing: Filling the gaps - Microsoft contest locates new prime numbers

Grazed from CNet. Author: Stephen Shankland.

Prime numbers are endlessly fascinating to computing and math fans, and there's an infinite supply of them. A Microsoft contest succeeds in fleshing out the list of primes that aren't actually the largest. A contest to promote technical education and Microsoft's cloud-computing infrastructure has turned up a previously unknown prime number more than 342,000 digits long -- and a bunch of other smaller ones.

The Microsoft Prime Challenge contest winner, a US resident who goes by the username PHunterLau, also turned up at least four other primes in the contest. The object of the competition was not to find the largest prime ever, but instead to find primes within the wide swaths of unexplored territory that current prime-number search techniques don't scrutinize...