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Mirantis Secures $100 Million for OpenStack Cloud Development

Grazed from TheVarGuy. Author: Christopher Tozzi.

Mirantis, which describes itself as the leading "pure-play" OpenStack cloud computing company, today received its strongest affirmation yet with the announcement of $100 million in series B funding, which makes Mirantis the recipient of the largest investment of its kind in open source history.

Mirantis says the funding will allow it to double the size of its engineering resources for developing its OpenStack distribution, Mirantis OpenStack, which it promotes as the best vendor-neutral, lock-in free OpenStack platform. The financing will also support further investment in the company's other OpenStack products and services, including its rivate cloud-as-a-service platform, Mirantis OpenStack Express...

AWS is top enterprise cloud service - but beware the consumer threat

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: James Bourne.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most popular enterprise cloud service according to a report released today from Skyhigh Networks – but the research also fired a broadside at how companies are struggling to block consumer products. The reports, which are quarterly and based on data from more than 1.6 million users, noted a huge disparity in companies saying they block certain services and the amount of employees actually blocked.

Take file sharing provider Dropbox. It’s a very popular service to block, with 80% of firms surveyed saying they nix it. Yet only 21% of users are blocked. It gets worse the further you look. Half of companies claim to block iCloud, yet the actual block rate is only 9%. For Netflix (40% and 4%) and Instagram (48% and 4%), it’s a similar story. Only Facebook has a good hit rate – 50% of companies say they block it, and 31% of users are actually blocked...

OVH Fires Up Power8 Infrastructure Cloud

Grazed from ITJungle. Author: Timothy Prickett Morgan.

OVH, one of the largest cloud computing and hosting providers in the world and the largest hosting provider in Europe, has gotten a bunch of Power8 machines and is offering virtual slices of the machines for customers to play around with as it works out how to more fully commercialize the service.

OVH was founded in 1999 outside of Paris by Octave Klaba, and the name is short for on vous héberge, which is French for "we host you." The company built its first datacenter nearly a decade and a half ago in Paris, and now operates 16 datacenters worldwide. Notably, OVH has operations in North America and Canada now as well as centers in France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The company has over 180,000 customers that it is hosting, which to put that into perspective is considerably larger than IBM's SoftLayer customer count (somewhere around 27,000) and is on par with Rackspace Hosting, which has more than 200,000 customers across its cloud and hosting businesses...

Azure CTO Mark Russinovich's top ten public cloud security risks

Grazed from ComputerWeekly. Author: Archana Venkatraman.

Security on the public cloud is one of the most important concerns for CIOs. Microsoft Azure cloud CTO Mark Russinovich identified ten key security risks of public cloud services, including malicious insiders, shared technology, data breaches, artificial intelligence and data loss. He also outlined strategies and best practices for users and service providers to beat these risks.

“We are in the third era of computing – the cloud and mobile era – but security considerations on cloud are still not widely understood. It is important to address the public cloud security concerns to facilitate its adoption,” Russinovich told delegates at the annual IP Expo 2014 in London. “This is important because there is no cloud without trust.”...

Key considerations in cloud contracting when dealing with outside providers

Grazed from InsideCounsel. Author: Linda L. Rhodes.

The economics of cloud commuting are compelling, and cloud solutions offer customers the flexibility to rapidly provision and release computing elements. As a result, use of cloud services is clearly growing. However, buying cloud services is different from buying traditional outsourced services. Cloud providers are able to offer low cost, flexible solutions because they standardize their offerings for multiple customers.

Accordingly, cloud providers are less likely than traditional outsource providers to adapt their solutions to the customer’s needs or negotiate contract terms to meet the customer’s requirements. The key to successful cloud computing is to find the right fit between the cloud solution and your business needs...

SherWeb Launches High Performance Cloud Servers - Benchmark testing shows new pay-as-you-go cloud server outperforms competitors

Grazed from NewsWire.  Author: PR Announcement.

Award-winning cloud services provider SherWeb today announced the highly anticipated official launch of its Performance Cloud, which has been available on a limited basis since May. Included in this announcement is SherWeb's most recent industry benchmarking data comparing SherWeb's public cloud solution with that of Google, Amazon and Rackspace. SherWeb's UnixBench score of 2178 versus Amazon's 1444 for overall server performance makes SherWeb's on-demand cloud servers by far the fastest among market leaders.

The long-time hosting provider says its new Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution fills a major void in the market and that channel demand has been particularly strong. Unlike competing offers, SherWeb's Performance Cloud Servers do not make enterprise or SMB end-user organizations compromise performance for cost, or vice versa...

Plexxi Pulse—Adding Flexibility to the Cloud

Grazed from Sys Con Media.  Author: Michael Bushong.

It’s been a busy week here at Plexxi. On Tuesday, we announced our partnership with, a high-performance, scalable and flexible hosting platform based on Microsoft Cloud OS.’s newly released CARIcloud service is powered by Plexxi and uses software-defined networking to allow companies to automatically adjust to conditions on their networks and make sure that the most important applications are never starved for performance. The platform enables customers to manage organizations and scale their data centers without being restricted to a single cloud service provider...

CenturyLink Said to Seek to Acquire Rackspace Hosting

Grazed from Bloomberg.  Author: Alex Sherman.

CenturyLink Inc. (CTL), the Louisiana-based landline phone service provider, is seeking to acquireRackspace Hosting Inc. (RAX) to further expand into cloud-computing services, according to people familiar with the situation.  CenturyLink has discussed the possibility with San Antonio-based Rackspace, which last month said it is still conducting an internal review of its strategic options, said the people, who asked not to be named talking about private information. One of the people said a deal may not be reached for the company, which now has a stock-market valuation of $5.33 billion.

The deal would add more Internet and cloud services to Monroe, Louisiana-based CenturyLink’s roster of phone and data communications packages, helping it better compete against Inc. (AMZN) in Web-based services. Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) and Google Inc. (GOOG) are also vying for business as companies transition from owning and operating servers to renting space in the cloud...

Cloud host DigitalOcean catches Docker fever

Grazed from DigitalOcean.  Author: Joab Jackson.

One of the fastest growing cloud hosting services, DigitalOcean, now offers one of the hottest virtualization technologies, Docker.  Customers now have the option to run the Docker-friendly CoreOS Linux distribution as a virtual machine on the service. Running CoreOS "is the easiest way and most affordable way for developers to start experimenting with Docker containers," said Mitch Wainer, the company's co-founder and chief marketing officer.

Users can run a DigitalOcean virtual machine for as little as US$5 per month.  The hosted version of CoreOS also provides DigitalOcean customers with a way to rapidly set up clusters of virtual machines to work together on one large task, such as running a heavily used Web application...

Cloud Computing: Amazon’s Stock Can’t Defy Gravity Forever

Grazed from WallStreetDaily.  Author: Louis Basenese.

Amazon (AMZN) has been basking in the glory of higher sales and share prices, thanks to a phenomenon known as “showrooming.”  That’s when consumers hit their local stores to get an up-close look at a product, but then head home to purchase it online.

Chances are you’re guilty of this behavior, too, since an annual Harris poll shows that 46% of Americans admit to showrooming (up from 43% the year before)...