Cloud Computing: DOD Unveils Bold Road Map to Modify IT and Cybersecurity Approaches

Grazed from AFCEA. Author: Sandra Jontz.

New document lays out plans for department-wide operating system, use of CACs, data center consolidation and migration to cloud services. The U.S. Defense Department unveiled Thursday a bold information technology and cybersecurity road map that modifies its approach on several efforts in the rapidly changing environments.

The guide positions the department’s IT infrastructure and processes for a broad impact, in addition to hopes of greater security and scrutiny, said its chief information officer, Terry Halvorsen. Outlined in the nine-page paper are a number of DOD efforts, from its crawl to a department-wide operating system to its plans to ditch use of the common access card, migrate to a cloud environment and consolidate and virtualize its data centers...

Cloud Computing: Governments are digitally immature, Gartner finds

Grazed from ITBrief. Author: Catherine Knowles.

Government digital transformation is still at its embryonic stage, largely because of shortages of skilled workers and rigid organisational culture, according to a new survey by Gartner. The 2016 CIO Agenda survey shows, analytics, infrastructure and cloud computing continue to be the top three technology priorities for government CIOs, but the skills shortage and unadaptable cultures are among the major barriers to implementing digital priorities.

The 2016 CIO Agenda survey asked 2,944 CIOs worldwide about their top digital business opportunities, threats and strategies, and includes responses from 379 government CIOs. The government survey data indicated that leveraging digital technologies to transform traditional operational and service models has risen to the top of the business agenda for many elected leaders and public officials...

Fulcrum’s Cloud Services Now on G-Cloud

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Fulcrum Worldwide, a global leader in Software Products, Consulting, and IT Services, have received Crown Commercial Service accreditation to operate through the UK’s Digital Marketplace; Fulcrum is listed under “Specialist Cloud Services” section as a provider of cloud management and deployment solutions.
Dhana Kumarasamy, Chief Operating Officer and EVP – Technology Services said, “Being a thought-leader in the UK's Higher Education sector, Fulcrum Worldwide has been helping many leading universities across the UK with cloud computing services, we will now closely work with public sectors to transform their IT landscape as well, he added...

DoD’s cloud policy rains some risks, IG says

Grazed from FederalNewsRadio. Author: Scott Maucione.

A new Defense Department Inspector General’s report found problems with the Pentagon’s cloud policy that may have monetary and cybersecurity risks. DoD does not maintain a comprehensive list of cloud computing service contracts because the department’s chief information officer failed to establish a standard, department-wide definition for cloud computing. In addition, the DoD CIO did not develop an integrated repository that could provide detailed information used to identify cloud computing service contracts, the report stated.

As a result, DoD has no way of determining if it is actually saving money by migrating to the cloud and may not be able to effectively identify and monitor cloud computing security risks, the report stated. “DoD’s ability to track cloud computing cost savings, and benefits is greatly limited if DoD is not aware what cloud computing service contracts exist within DoD … [and] unless DoD Components accurately classify their information systems as using cloud computing services, DoD CIO will not be aware what security risks are specific to those services,” the report stated...

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Only cloud could make citizen services at massive scales possible

Grazed from GovernanceNow.  Author: Shubhendu Parth.

How important a role do you see cloud playing while the government looks to transform IT as a means towards goals like Digital India? Traditional models of IT delivery are not in tune with changing times, especially when India is looking ways to go paperless and digital. In such a dynamic environment, seamless and timely flow of information is the need of the hour, which the cloud technology is capable of.

Governments across the world are on the lookout to host data on the cloud. Meghdhoot, Digital Locker and Meghraj are prime examples of the Indian government’s cloud-based initiatives. Given the limitations in scaling of National Informatics Centre and state data centres, the department of electronics and IT (DeitY) is aggressively working on accreditation of cloud service providers that will be used by central and state government departments and banks, for various e-services...

Cloud computing takes the lead in government IT spending

 Grazed from UnicomGov.  Author:  Editorial Staff.

The U.S. government has been pushing its cloud-first agenda hard in the past few years in an attempt to improve data center consolidation efforts as well as collaboration between government agencies. In 2011, The Federal Cloud Strategy proposed allocating $20 billion of the total $80 billion IT spend on cloud computing.

Since the release of the report, there have been numerous barriers to adoption, namely distrust of cloud computing among many federal agencies – despite repeated proclamations from federal CIO Tony Scott that cloud computing is safe.   A new study reveals that this may change in the not-too-distant future...

An Inside Look At Massachusetts' Grand Open Cloud Experiment

Grazed from TechTarget. Author: Kristin Knapp.

While public cloud adoption continues to grow in the enterprise, some markets -- such as life sciences, academia and HPC -- crave a different kind of cloud. And that's exactly what Orran Krieger, research professor and director of the cloud computing initiative at Boston University's Hariri Institute, wants to create.

Alongside other members of the academic community and the state of Massachusetts, Krieger is launching the Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC), a new flavor of public cloud based on an open and customizable model Krieger says contrasts sharply with the leading public cloud platforms today...

Cloud Computing: New DoD Rules For Contractors Focus On Enhancing Security and Incident Response

Grazed from CTOVision. Author: Bob Gourley.

On 26 August 2015 the Department of Defense (DoD) published a new rule entitled the "Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement: Network Penetration Reporting and Contracting for Cloud Services (DFARS Case 2013-D018). You can read the details of this new rule here:

This rule represents a significant expansion of the mandate on defense contractors and their subcontractors to protect information and report on breaches. The rule is in immediate effect. It was promulgated with urgency and all contractors and subcontractors are expected to take this with the required amount of seriousness...

What the FAA’s $100 million cloud investment means for the industry

Grazed from ITProPortal.  Author: Brian Brinker.

In a big move earlier this week, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) inked a deal worth more than a hundred million dollars with Computer Sciences Corporation to provide cloud computing services.  The deal generated quite a bit of news coverage earlier this week, but we want to take a moment to explain why this is such a big development and what it could mean for the cloud computing industry.

Over the past few years the Federal government has emerged as one of the most aggressive proponents of cloud technologies, and numerous federal agencies have begun to move data and services into the cloud.  It should come as no surprise then that the Federal Aviation Authority has a big interest in cloud computing...

DoD, GSA consider new contract vehicle for commercial cloud

Grazed from FederalNewsRadio.  Author: Jared Serbu.

The General Services Administration and the Defense Department are working together on a possible new contract vehicle to help federal agencies buy commercial cloud computing services.

Nothing’s final yet, but the talks, between GSA’s Office of Integrated Technology Services (ITS) and the Defense Information Systems Agency could result in a multiple award contract solely for cloud, perhaps similar to GSA’s Networx contract, which lets agencies buy telecommunications services with pre-existing service level agreements...