Cloud Adoption

Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) publishes two new cloud usage models

Grazed from The DataCenter Journal. Author: Greg Schulz.

The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) has announced and published more documents for data center customers of cloud usage. These new cloud usage models for to address customer demands for interoperability of various clouds and services before for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) among other topics which are now joined by the new Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and foundational document for cloud interoperability.

Unlike most industry trade groups or alliances that are vendor driven or centric, ODCA is consortium of global IT leaders (e.g. customers) that is vendor independent and comprises as 12 member steering committee from member companies (e.g. customers), learn more about ODCA here...

From Ground to Cloud: What Facilities Pros Need to Know About Cloud Computing

Grazed from Data Center Knowledge. Author: Bill Kleyman.

There is now a direct connection between facilities teams and those engineers tasked with designing a cloud solution. Too often, the first response from IT professionals regarding the cloud is that of unease. The primary reason for this type of reaction is oftentimes the result of a lack of understanding revolving around cloud computing.

Remember, when we’re working with any sort of cloud infrastructure, we are effectively only transferring data over the Wide Area Network. There are, of course, accelerators, monitoring tools, virtualization metrics and other components to a cloud solution. But in its simplest form – it is the transfer of data over the WAN...

Look Before You Leap: Cloud Vendor Reliability

Grazed from CloudTweaks. Author: Rick Watson.

From the look of things, most individuals and businesses will have found solace in cloud computing, either due to personal pressure or public demand. In spite of the concerted efforts to outline the challenges and shortcomings of cloud computing, everyone knows that cloud computing is the ‘big bad wolf’ that’s going to swallow us all at one point. As a result, before you get in with both feet, it is advisable to appreciate the characteristics which indicate whether your vendor can deliver.

Changes in technology are bound to affect the ability of numerous vendors in the future, but the relativity of changes is of utmost important: if your vendor is not reliable as yet, they may never be!...

Cloud Computing: The Future Of Business, Or A Would-Be Relic

Grazed from Business2Community. Author: Ann Smarty.

The cloud is a very complex, and yet oddly simple configuration where there is a low likelihood of failure and a lot of speed and scalability built right in. But of course, just like anything else in the world, it does have some problems.

Among those problems is that it is not perfect, regardless of how much great talent, money, and time have been spent making it as close to perfect as is humanly possible. Additionally, cloud computing is also going to forever face the challenge of human nature. While there may one day be a better solution to the problems that cloud computing solves, it will most likely carry a great deal of staying power...

Local Governments Need to Catch up on Cloud Computing

Grazed from CloudTimes. Author: Zath Cruz.

According to a recent IDC research, the segments of the government sector that are least enthusiastic about cloud computing are the local governments, which is ironic at best as they are the ones who stand to benefit the most from a shared-resource model compared to on-premises IT.

Based on the research, which surveyed over 400 IT employees from local, state, and federal governments, it was the local IT guys who were “least optimistic” about cloud computing, with 14.7 percent of the group stating that cloud wasn’t important at all to them. When it comes to federal IT guys, there was only 10.4 percent who responded the same way, while defense department federal IT people had 8 percent, and state IT has the lowest at 7.1 percent who considered cloud as not important...

Cloud Computing: The Reality of the Four-Tier Architecture

Grazed from MSP News. Author: Shahin Pirooz.

Moving to the cloud can mean different things to different people, and it all comes down to what exactly is being delivered as a hosted solution. As CTO at CenterBeam, I’ve heard from a lot of customers frustrated when moving to the cloud because they ended up having to do much of the work themselves.

They thought the cloud was going to simplify IT management, but in many cases, the consumer-class solutions that are offered from companies such as Amazon and others that offer Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) only solutions created more work in terms of integrating all the pieces to ensure they worked properly together...

Securely outsourcing to the cloud

Grazed from: ITWeb. Author: Ugan Naidoo.

Cloud providers should have a documented process for handling access rights, including employees entering or leaving the company, or changing roles. Regular audits should be performed to confirm that all privileges match current roles and needs.

Once access security is understood, it is important to determine how the systems housing your most sensitive information will be secured and the data itself controlled. This will mean considering how to secure virtual and multi-tenant environments.

Access control tools can be configured to restrict access to individual virtual machines based on the privileges of each hypervisor administrator identity. This helps ensure that even in a shared environment, only the appropriate administrators have access to an organisation's virtual machines. Because virtual environments are so dynamic, security controls must be automated, and individual virtual machines must be managed in a way that conforms to their required security...

CSA talks up cloud certification scheme

Grazed from CRN. Author: Doug Woodburn.

The industry body behind a new security stamp for cloud computing providers is confident it will carry the same clout as an ISO badge.

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is rolling out what it claims is the world's first security-focused certification scheme for cloud computing providers, in partnership with the British Standards Institution (BSI).

The CSA Open Certification Framework is divided into three tiers: a basic, self-certification tier that is already available; a second, independently assessed tier set to go live next year and that draws on ISO 27001; and a top tier structured around a continuous monitoring-based certification that is still under development...

Cloud development software firm Typesafe raises $14M

Grazed from PRNewsWire. Author: PR Announcement.

Typesafe, a maker of application development software and services with offices in Silicon Valley and Cambridge, said Wednesday it’s raised $14 million in a Series B venture capital round.

The company’s platform combines the Akka middleware framework and the Play web framework with Scala, an open-source programming language developed with cloud computing in mind. The stack “can scale to the largest workloads in cloud computing and virtualized enterprise data center environments,” while still integrating “seamlessly” with Java infrastructure, the company said.

Typesafe was founded in 2011, and in May of that year raised a $3 million round. Company co-founder Martin Odersky, who serves as the company’s chairman and chief architect, is the creator of Scala...

CompuCom Taps BMC Software to Help Clients Ease the Journey to Cloud Computing

Grazed from BusinessWire. Author: PR Announcement.

CompuCom Systems, Inc., the leading IT outsourcing specialist, has formed a strategic relationship with BMC Software (NASDAQ: BMC) to deliver the business benefits of cloud computing and accelerate the speed with which a client can realize its value.

The cloud is not just an IT strategy; it is a business strategy. Organizations have many things to consider as they contemplate migrating applications and services from traditional data center environments to a cloud delivery model. CompuCom’s 25-year history of building intimacy with clients while maintaining technical excellence was the catalyst to incorporate BMC’s industry-leading orchestration and automation platform into the company’s innovative IT Service Management model...