Cloud Adoption

HP CloudSystem Attracts 850 Customers (But Don't Ask About Autonomy)

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: Joe Panettieri.

Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) announced disappointing Q4 2012 results today, which included bombshell claims about the Autonomy business. But amid all that disappointing news, HP's cloud computing business showed signs of hope. HP CEO Meg Whitman, during an earnings call today with Wall Street financial analysyts, said:

"We are seeing strong growth in our cloud systems business. HP CloudSystem is the industry's first complete integrated and open cloud platform that enables customers to build and manage technology services across traditional, private, managed and public cloud environments. We continue to grow our customer base which now stands at over 850 customers."...

Gauging the Cloud Computing Confidence Level Among Businesses

Grazed from Sys Con Media. Author: Deney Dentel.

It's rather difficult to get a good read on public opinion, especially about things that half of them don't know about. Cloud computing is one of those things. How does one get a really good view on the overall public perception of particular things?

Sure, you've got your own personal opinions, but they may be years ahead or behind the bulk of the public, depending on what exactly the subject is. We're speaking very generally right now and philosophically at that, but this is a general topic that is extremely relevant. How can we really gauge things, and not just model them and pretend as if we're doing something real...

5 reasons why small businesses choose the cloud

Grazed from CloudComputingNews. Author: Britt Cooper.

It has recently been shown that 80% of private businesses involved in foreign trade are small or medium sized businesses and many of these are growing or looking to expand and develop. Expanding a business however means more people, bigger servers, more complex IT management, more computers and ultimately, more data to manage.

The solution to this is increasingly being seen to be cloud computing with its offerings ranging from dedicated servers, managed hosting and so on. Small businesses have embraced this new way of facilitating business expansion, using it to control data and finance management. Here are five reasons why small businesses are choosing the cloud:...

Status of Cloud Computing in the U.S. Army

Grazed from GovWinNetwork. Author: Alex Rossino.

Cloud work is progressing painfully slowly in the Army, but with the Army Private Cloud (APC2) contracts in place, a maturing Army cloud strategy, and additional work appearing at the Army IT Agency and related to the Distributed Common Ground System, we can expect it to pick up pace in the months and years ahead.

Stories in the trade press provide weekly evidence that federal agencies are in the midst of a government-wide shift toward cloud computing. For example, this week it is HP Enterprise Services which announced that it recently won a $36 million contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs to migrate the VA’s email to a cloud environment. Cloud efforts at one department, however, do not seem to be in the trade press very often...

Cloud computing IT outsourcing contracts triple

Grazed from ComputerWeekly. Author: Carl Flinders.

The number of global IT services deals with a cloud computing element have tripled since 2010, according to research from IT outsourcing consultancy Information Services Group (ISG). ISG used its TPI index to analyse IT outsourcing deals and found this year will see 300 IT contracts awarded which feature cloud computing services. This compares with 110 in 2010 and 220 in 2011.

Stanton Jones, emerging technology analyst at ISG, said the move to standardised platform-based services which are difficult to customise is a step-change for the IT services sector. “Cloud services, especially shared platforms, are a new terrain for providers and clients alike, as they are highly standardised and can’t be easily customised — the antithesis of traditional outsourcing,” said Jones...

Cloud computing: The semi-secret economic equalizer

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: David Linthicum.

UCSD's Guardian magazine reports on an often overlooked aspect of cloud computing. According to the university's researchers, "developing countries are utilizing the growing adoption of 'cloud computing' -- the use of consumer devices to access remote computer and information resources -- to expand their economic role in an increasingly global economy."

As the study illustrates, the cost efficiencies of cloud computing are the same in third-world countries as in the developed world, and up-and-coming nations can leverage data, applications, and infrastructure that were once cost prohibitive. In turn, this increases commerce by facilitating the countries' entrance into the global markets...

Cloud Security Not Really Slowing IT Adoption

Grazed from CIO. Author: Bernard Golden.

I find cloud computing conference chatter, concerns and presentations an interesting phenomenon. For the past five years, the No. 1 concern cited about cloud computing at conferences has been security—and it's probably going to continue for the foreseeable future as the No. 1 concern. It is, as I noted to one colleague, like living through Bill Murray's Groundhog Day. Every conference features the same discussions, the same solutions, the same sage nodding about the need to "address this and make users more comfortable."

The recent Cloud Expo was no different. It seemed like every presentation, keynote and conversation paid deference to the issue of security. However, I took a different tack—focusing on the revolution in user (i.e., developer) expectations made possible by cloud computing with a presentation on The Democratization of IT (summarized in this blog post...

Amazon, Atos and SAP working with EC to develop cloud strategy

Grazed from Author: Dan Worth.

Tech chiefs from major cloud computing vendors including Amazon, Atos and SAP have met with leading European politicians to guide the creation of the European Commission's (EC) cloud computing strategy. The EC wants to exploit the massive buying power of European nations, and ensure organisations can access cloud computing tools at low prices - a necessary step to improve services and reduce costs.

The meeting in Brussels on Monday, the first Steering Board meeting of the European Cloud Partnership (ECP), discussed their overall objectives for 2013-14, including raising public awareness of the benefits of cloud systems...

Europe taps Amazon and Telefonica for cloud push

Grazed from ZDNet. Author: David Meyer.

Top EU officials will meet with companies such as Amazon and Telefonica on Monday to discuss ways to set up a single European market for cloud services. The steering board meeting will be the first for the new European Cloud Partnership, which looks to take advantage of the public sector's buying power to influence cloud computing provision in the region. To do this, the group will try to come up with common cloud procurement standards.

Digital agenda commissioner Neelie Kroes said in January that the European Commission will put €10m (£8m) into the partnership, in the hope of eventually pooling resources between member states...

Platform-as-a-Service market to see sharp growth according to Gartner Research

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: Chris Kanaracus.

The PaaS (platform as a service) market will grow to $1.2 billion this year, up from last year's $900 million take, as vendors and customers seek easier ways to create new applications and customize existing ones, according analyst firm Gartner. PaaS spending will rise to $1.5 billion in 2013, while reaching $2.9 billion by 2016, Gartner said Monday.

The firm includes both broader PaaS products such as's, as well as discrete application infrastructure components, such as databases, messaging and "other functional types of middleware offered as a cloud service," Gartner said...