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Cloud Computing: Akamai service adapts websites for mobile devices

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: Mikael Ricknäs.

Content delivery accelerator Akamai Techologies has launched a service for adapting websites to the device used to access them, which it says also simplifies the upgrade to IPv6. The service, Aqua Ion, has been shaped by the increasing diversity of devices used to access websites, and is composed of technologies Akamai has acquired and developed in-house.

The most important addition is the front-end optimization, which to a large extent is the result of Akamai's acquisition of Blaze Software. "Blaze's technology has been re-engineered to have it scale across the Akamai platform," said Joel Reid, Akamai sales manager for Enterprise in the U.K. and Ireland...

Where The Cloud, Cars And The Mobile Meet

Grazed from CloudTweaks. Author: John Omwambu.

There is always a bridge between different platforms be they devices or networks. The same case applies to vehicles, handheld devices and the latest nebula in the Internet skies, cloud computing. It has become easier to communicate comfortably in the driver’s seat without lifting a finger courtesy of Bluetooth and other technologies that have hitherto been inherently mobile. It is also a show of coercion between the three platforms that makes it possible to call someone while using only the voice as the command for making that call. Here is a dissection of the thin line that separates the three platforms.

Mobile in cars

Mobile gadgets are becoming more of a non-entity inside vehicles. They may even lose the term ‘handheld devices’ because they are now customized into the system. They come with their buttons on the dashboard whereby if one wants to send a message or place a call, he or she will just have to turn on the button and communicate directly. Alternatively, one can decide to attach the gadget to a connector so that whenever a call comes through, there won’t be any need to use hands to receive it. The basic technologies that are now migrating from the phone to the auto industry include that of Bluetooth and wireless web connections...

Cloud Computing Certifications

Grazed from CloudTweaks. Author: Rick Blaisdell.

Cloud technology has created new opportunities and job roles. In order to be ready for them, we must enhance our current skills set to include cloud computing. The worldwide demand for implementing cloud infrastructure by governments, enterprises and educational institutions is a call for IT professionals to attend trainings and courses, in order to get better educated in this technology.

As the need for the development of cloud computing standards became apparent, major companies have launched cloud computing certification programs. These certification programs include cloud-focused training programs targeting service providers or vendors, operations professionals in the enterprise, as well as systems integrators who are trained to navigate, deploy and operate cloud platforms...

VMware chief claims cloud computing "changes everything" about IT operations

Grazed from Author: Daniel Robinson.

VMware chief executive Pat Gelsinger kicked off his first VMworld in Europe by re-iterating the company's strategy to deliver on the software-defined datacentre and radically reshape the way its customers operate their IT services. Announcing key updates to the firm's recently launched vCloud Suite, Gelsinger said that the IT industry was entering a phase of fundamental change, driven by cloud computing.

"Cloud is so disruptive as it changes everything about the way we operate the datacentre," he said, adding that IT departments have to make the transition from being reactive to a proactive state. "The goal is to make IT a platform for innovation rather than just about providing services," Gelsinger said...

Open vs. Closed: The Cloud Wars

Grazed from The New York Times. Author: Quentin Hardy.

For all the freedom promised by cloud computing, businesses may be really looking at less choice and more constraint than ever before. Whether that happens is the technology industry’s next great battleground.

On one side are large incumbent tech providers like Oracle and Hewlett-Packard, who already have broad portfolios of technology and deep corporate relationships after years of selling products. On the other are younger companies, whose products and services were built for cloud computing and thus may offer more innovative approaches...

Clouds gathering over the channel

Grazed from ITWire. Author: Stuart Conner.

At a recent IDC seminar on cloud computing Chris Morris, associate vice president, cloud technologies and services with IDC Asia Pacific, gave IDC's perspective on how the growth of cloud computing would impact the skills mix in the IT departments of enterprises.

The skills mix, he said, would shift from technical experts to manage in-house IT resources to those with a stronger emphasis on management skills to handle relationships with service providers as the trend to shift IT into the domain of cloud based service providers gathers momentum...

OpenWorld 2012: Oracle Reinforces Strategy with Cloud Computing

Grazed from PRNewsWire. Author: PR Announcement.

On day four of Oracle OpenWorld 2012, Wikibon cofounder and senior analyst Dave Vellante talked about the overall assessment of Oracle OpenWorld 2012, Oracle’s new strategy on cloud computing, virtualization, infrastructure as a service and who are Oracle’s biggest competitors are now. He also noted EMC’s strategy on the flash storage array.

EMC used much of its keynote time at Oracle’s OpenWorld conference in San Francisco on day four to talk about its forthcoming all-flash storage array, which is the result of its recent Israeli flash-memory startup XtremIO acquisition...

An ugly duckling no more: Why Platform-as-a-Service is poised for huge growth

Grazed from VentureBeat. Author: Sean Ludwig.

Platform-as-a-Service is part of the booming cloud computing sector, one area of the cloud that some analysts, companies, and developers have overlooked. But recent research shows that PaaS is no longer the ugly duckling of the cloud industry — and that it’s ready to grow quite a bit during the next few years. PaaS will make up barely 1 percent of the overall $109 billion cloud industry this year. But it will likely grow more than 30 percent annually over the next four years, according to research firm Gartner.

This could make PaaS a $2.9 billion market by 2016, or more than 2 percent of the $209 billion total cloud market. While small, it’s the second fastest growing “layer” of the cloud and one that cloud-watchers should be paying closer attention to...

5 Cloud Computing Companies That Hedge Fund Billionaires Love

Grazed from InsiderMonkey. Author: Marshall Hargrave.

We believe that a continued rapid consumption of network capacity, driven by a rising use of tablets and smartphones, will propel companies operating in the cloud computing and wireless network optimization space. In the interim, these companies are seeing a slowdown due to uncertainty in the economy, which has led to IT budget cuts. It appears that several funds are making moves into the cloud computing space in preparation for a future shift in enterprise technology that includes data center consolidation and virtualization. The five companies below are some of the top ways to play cloud computing—and include shareholders such as Jim Simons, D.E. Shaw, Steven Cohen and Ken Griffin.

The traditional data networking company, Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO), is in competition with server and computing players for market share in the cloud computing and wireless area network optimization—see our other thoughts on Cisco. Cisco, being a $100 billion market cap company, has attracted some big name interest, including Ken Fisher and D.E. Shaw. Also, as of 2Q, Cisco was an Edinburgh Partners’ Top Pick and saw five funds with over 5% of their 13F portfolio invested in Cisco—see all funds owning Cisco. There have been a round of insider sales of late around $19, which is where the company currently trades. With Cisco’s initiative to focus on data storage partnerships versus acquisitions, the company is expected to grow EPS by only 7.7% next year...

ICO cloud advice ignores the monster in the shadows

Grazed from CloudPro. Author: Davey Winder.

The Cloud Market Maturity study, a joint effort between the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and ISACA, has revealed the major areas where confidence in the cloud is lowest across users in 50 countries. The third biggest concern was international data privacy, followed by legal issues, contractual lock-in and data ownership/custodial responsibility. That I have focused on points three to six in a top ten list is no accident.

For a start, the Corporate Cloud Computing Trends report from The451's ChangeWave Research, apart from being a mouthful also surveyed more than a thousand business folk and discovered that the most popular use of public cloud services was in the software as a service (SaaS) sector,which should really come as no great surprise, yet it's exactly this kind of public cloud service usage that could cause problems of across-borders data privacy, legal issues and data ownership...