Cloud Adoption

Educational Institutions and Cloud Computing: A Roadmap of Responsibilities

Grazed from The Huffington Post. Author: Daniel J. Solove.

Increasingly, educational institutions and state entities handling student data are hiring outside companies to perform cloud computing functions related to managing personal information. The benefits of cloud computing are that outside entities might be more sophisticated at managing personal data. These entities may be able to manage data more inexpensively and effectively than the educational institution could do itself. In many cases, cloud computing providers can provide better security than the educational institutions can.

The risks of cloud computing are that educational institutions no longer have as much control over the personal data. They must rely on the cloud computing provider to have the appropriate practices and policies to ensure that data is properly maintained, handled, used, or disclosed...

What HP's cloud chief wants you to know about HP's cloud

Grazed from GigaOM. Author: Barb Darrow.

Zorawar Biri Singh, who leads HP’s cloud effort, says the company’s vision aligns nicely with what enterprises want. HP will fill in check marks to its OpenStack-based game plan next month but the big question is whether HP’s brand still carries weight.

The controversies that have afflicted Hewlett-Packard in the past few years has given even the most loyal customers and partners pause. This is, after all, a company that has gone through a half dozen CEOs in 6 years. That uncertainty doesn’t help the company’s cloud computing strategy, which had so many moving parts that the company launched yet another reorg to rationalize the effort two months ago...

Cloud Computing: The Great Arms Race For Virtualization Security

Grazed from CloudTweaks. Author: Gavin Hill.

Since its infancy in the early seventies when the first computer virus was created, the malware and anti-malware business has grown into multi-billion dollar industries. No longer are script kiddies creating malware for notoriety, instead the malware industry is run by organized criminals who invest time and money in new technologies and methods to compromise systems for profit.

The evolution of malware is the driver for the progress of security. Malware propagation has gone from floppy disks, to email attachments, and on to remote exploits of vulnerabilities. Malicious software itself has become more sophisticated by using kernel-level code to hide as rootkits, effectively moving down the stack. The result: an ‘arms race’ between organized criminals and security vendors. Each party reacts to changes in the industry to gain the upper hand. Take for example the growth in broadband adoption since the early 2000’s. As broadband adoption grew so too did the number of endpoints in botnets...

EU cloud computing committee launched

Grazed from NewEurope Online. Author: Editorial Staff.

For the first time, the Steering Board of the new European Cloud Partnership (ECP) met in Brussels on 19 November, kicking-off the process to help building an EU Digital Single Market for cloud computing.

The board, which aims making the most of the public sector's buying power to shape the growing market for cloud computing services, brings together tech Chief Executive Officers and government representatives with responsibility for IT procurement. Besides, the committee is Chaired by Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President of Estonia, and will deliver strategic advice to Vice President Neelie Kroes...

Cloud computing brings big data to the masses

Grazed from TechTarget. Author: Beth Pariseau.

As cloud computing evolves, one particular use for it is beginning to stand out: big data. What exactly big data means and how it fits into the cloud conversation, however, are questions not easily answered. Medio Systems Inc., founded in 2004 as an application service provider (ASP), has recently reinvented itself as a cloud-hosted provider of big data analytics, with a focus on mobile platforms. The company is also marketing its inGenius Software as a Service, traditionally aimed at enterprise customers such as T-Mobile, Verizon, Disney and CBS, at small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs).

Brian Lent, co-founder and chief technology officer of Medio, and Ivan Sucharski, Medio's data strategist, spoke about big data, the evolution of cloud computing and how the two trends affect each other...

Lockheed Martin Expands Range Of Cloud Computing Services For UK Government

Grazed from PRNewsWire. Author: PR Announcement.

Lockheed Martin UK has expanded its offering of cloud computing services available to the UK government after recently being selected to provide G-Cloud 2 IT support. This new contract succeeds the previous G-Cloud 1 program and will run for 12 months, allowing Lockheed Martin UK to provide an even wider range of services that includes infrastructure, software and specialist cloud capabilities.

Under the G-Cloud 2 framework agreement, better known as CloudStore, Lockheed Martin will now offer support such as computing and storage, e-mail and collaboration, cloud strategy and integration; cloud security; mission centric activities; green IT and energy optimization; cloud brokering; virtualization consulting; assessment for Oracle virtualization; and virtual desktop as a service assessment...

Citrix - Open platforms will win cloud race

Grazed from BusinessTimes.  Author: Amit Roy Choudhury.

OPEN platforms will win in the cloud since they were born out of the innovations and foundations of open source. Unlike previous generations of computing, this cloud computing build-out will be led by technologies that were first proven at scale in large production clouds such Facebook, Zynga, Netflix and Google, then made available to customers of all sizes under an open-source licence.

Sharing his thoughts on this subject, Citrix' Peder Ulander notes that everyone stands to benefit if they apply cloud computing in the areas where it makes sense...

Barriers In Cloud Computing Adoption

Grazed from CloudTweaks.  Author: Abdul Salam.

Though cloud computing is largely considered as the future of enterprise and consumer computing, it is not without its drawbacks and flaws that would prevent those with really special needs to adopt cloud computing into their business or organization. The cloud delivery mechanism, the internet, is leading to new and somewhat questionable revenue streams which are fraught with uncertainty, complexity, and have different privacy and tax compliance depending on the location and this is boggling the minds of users and providers alike.

So let us look at some major problems that inhibit the adoption of cloud computing in some IT organizations...

Firm with roots in Cebu delivers top-class cloud solution

Grazed from  Author: Max Limpag.

FOR a country like the Philippines, which has high power cost, the cloud computing solution developed by a company that was incubated in Cebu is a cost-efficient solution.  “It’s the most power-efficient cloud platform. That’s important because in the Philippines we have among the highest costs of power,” Morphlabs co-founder Winston Damarillo said during an interview last Friday.  “It’s best in class, better than anybody else by 1/2,” he said.

The private cloud solution, mCloud Helix, is now available worldwide through a partnership with Dell, the world’s third largest PC seller according to Gartner. It’s being used by Media Temple, one of the world’s top web hosting companies...

How to Build a Secure Cloud Environment

Grazed from CloudTimes.  Author: Saroj Kar.

Symantec has presented its vision for a secure, agile and efficient cloud. Within five years, companies would operate in a world of cloud, virtualization and mobile computing, converged IT; a world in which the cloud will be much more secure.

Today, cloud computing technologies are changing rapidly. A survey conducted by Symantec reveals that 23% of the information of companies around the world is currently stored in public, private and hybrid cloud. Sophisticated cyber-attacks so far launched against governments or entities will be targeted at data center with high profitability and high profile cloud. In the face of these new challenges, companies of all sizes will need a rigorous approach to the cloud and leading technology partners that can help them navigate through the complexities of the cloud.  To remain secure in the face of such new challenges, Symantec defines a ‘safe cloud‘ vision to help companies to successfully migrate into safe cloud environment...