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Cloudistics Announces Record Customer Adoption of Disruptive All-inclusive, Pre-architected Private Cloud

Cloudistics, the cloud software platform company, today announced record customer adoption of its Cloudistics platform over legacy infrastructure. Cloudistics has gone beyond the limits of legacy virtualization and hyperconverged infrastructures with a full-fledged private cloud that offers a premium experience for organizations that want to escape the status quo and transform IT service delivery within their organization. The company saw a 400% growth in customer adoption over legacy models from last year to this year.

"Cloudistics is a remarkable shift in experience from what we had previously," said Phillip Langeberg, Corporate IT Director of Massanutten. "We needed something that would not only save us money but work for the long haul and coupled with the white glove treatment we received, it was more than what we expected. From accelerated time to value, less pressure on our IT organization, streamlined support, and better safety in the case of downtime, even our major updates take very little time or effort."

Five9 Delivers Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution to a Large Financial Technology Company

Grazed from Five9

Five9, Inc., a leading provider of cloud software for the enterprise contact center market, today announced that it has been selected by a financial technology company focused on providing affordable loans to consumers.

With more than 240 retail locations, the financial technology company is focused on providing loans to consumers with poor or no credit. The company's contact center agents provide customer service and in two languages (English and Spanish) related to loan origination, loan applications and credit-building programs.

Cloud Computing: Microsoft Is Bundling Office and Windows For Business Customers

Grazed from Fortune. Author: Editorial Staff.

Microsoft’s biggest selling software products are now being sold in an all-in-one package. The business technology giant debuted its Microsoft 365 software package on Monday that includes the Windows 10 operating system, Office 365 workplace software, and security software for mobile devices.

The new software bundle is intended to make it easier for companies to buy Microsoft’s flagship enterprise software products in one subscription as opposed to paying for them individually. Microsoft (MSFT, +0.62%) will sell two versions of Microsoft 365, with one version, Microsoft 365 Business, tailored for small-to-medium-sized companies and the other, Microsoft 365 Enterprise, for larger organizations...

The Benefits of Investing in HR Cloud Software

Technology has developed at an astounding rate in the last decade, so it is no great surprise that businesses are beginning to recognize the benefits of cloud software. Software can be used to automate business processes and streamline HR management. However, choosing the right system is important.

Important Questions to Ask

There are many things a business needs to consider before investing in HR software, cloud based or otherwise. Functionality is important, especially if a wide range of different employees will be accessing the system. Budget will no doubt be a key consideration for businesses with a keen eye on the bottom line. You should also consider how long it will take to implement the software, and whether training is included as part of the package.

Cloud Computing: Keeping Data Secure - A Happy Marriage of Hardware & Software

Grazed from InfoSecurity. Author: Mark Papermaster.

We've all heard the stories about being hacked - and perhaps even experienced it ourselves - whether by rogue individuals or organized criminal organizations. Cybersecurity anxiety appears to be the new normal for our times. It seems not a week goes by without news of another prominent computer security breach.

Like me, most of us have also received one or more notifications that our credit card or personal identity information may now be in the hands of these invaders. There's nothing new in this, really. Willie Sutton enlightened us all a long time ago. He allegedly said he robbed banks, “Because that's where the money is.”...

Xen Project 4.6 released with enhanced security to match challenges in cloud computing, IoT

Grazed from ComputerTechnologyReview. Author: Anna Ribeiro.

The Xen Project Collaboration Project hosted at The Linux Foundation released Tuesday Xen Project 4.6 focuses on improving code quality, security hardening, enablement of security appliances and release cycle predictability. It also comes with significant amount of contributions from cloud providers, software vendors, hardware vendors, academic researchers and individuals to help with this release.

The community continues to strive to make Xen Project Hypervisor secure open source hypervisor to match security challenges in cloud computing, and for embedded and Internet of Things use-cases. With this release, Xen Project’s Virtual Machine Introspection (VMI) is natively supported on both Intel and ARM chips, making it an ideal API for developers building monitoring and security applications...

Cloud Computing: How Open Source Is Changing Enterprises

Grazed from LifeHacker. Author: Spandas Lui.

There was once a time when IT vendors shunned the idea of open source. Why wouldn’t they? The idea of sharing their very own programming innovations with others was viewed as detrimental to any competitive business. But nearly 20 years on, open source is now in vogue and has been embraced by some of the biggest IT vendors and their clients. So what changed? We find out.

The popularity of open source, believe it or not, has little to do with cost. Yes, the free nature of open source means that vendors can acquire and build upon those codes at a lower cost but, first and foremost, it’s about consistency. Open source allow vendors to develop different software and platforms that are compatible with each other...

Why Cloud Computing Is (Almost) All Software

Grazed from Forbes. Author: Adrian Bridgwater.

Does anybody even make hardware any more? You’d be forgiven for asking the question, even if it does sound slightly ridiculous. But thinking about it… apart from the device you’re reading this on and the hardware in the server racks in the cloud datacenter serving this website, is anyone even making that much hardware?

The ‘trouble’ is, the whole world has gone software-defined and that means some of what we used to do with hardware, we now do with software. F5 Networks CTO Karl Triebes says that 90 percent of his firm’s innovation and development time is devoted to software, with the remaining 10 percent still focused on the hardware products that his firm is perhaps better known for...

VMware Integrated Openstack – VIO 1.0 – Why you should consider this for your openstack implementation!

Grazed from DailyHypervisor.  Author: Sid Smith.

If you have been looking into Openstack as a standardized api for your cloud infrastructure you have undoubtedly realized how complex it is to get an Openstack environment up and running.  VMware Integrated Openstack or VIO takes the deployment of Openstack and literally makes it brain dead simple.  I mean let’s face it, if I can deploy it then you know it’s simple ;-)

About a year ago started down the path of deploying open stack into the MoaC lab.  The project was very short lived because I just didn’t have weeks to dedicate to getting it done.  Fortunately VIO has been released and I can not implement Openstack in the Moac is about an hour.  No that wasn’t one of my many typos you may find in my articles I did mean to say “an hour”...

Salesforce, Workday Sales Grow as Cloud Software Shines

Grazed from TopTechNews.  Author: Jeremy Owens.

Silicon Valley's cloudy outlook for software Relevant Products/Services grew stronger in 2014, as Salesforce and Workday sales continued to pile up, and investors bet Wednesday that the growth will continue in 2015 and beyond.

Salesforce, a pioneer in software-as-a-service offerings, topped $5 billion in annual revenues for the first time thanks to a fourth quarter that exactly matched analysts' expectations for both adjusted profits and revenues, according to Thomson Reuters calculations. The San Francisco company reported a quarterly loss of $65.8 million, or 10 cents a share, on sales of $1.44 billion in its fourth quarter, which stretched to Jan. 31; after adjusting for stock-based compensation and other costs, Salesforce said profits were 14 cents a share...